Contacting The True Face - How To Call The True Aspect Of A spirit

I came upon this Great post that really gives question to many of us and even for me in the past,I sitted and meditated and found the awnser,the meditation that i did it was a simple awareness expansion across the cosmos,while giving up the binding beliefs of opinion and personal reason,this a path of indivituality yes,but serval steps are needed to meet the truth anyways,i had got this which i written below :

Contacting The True Face - How To Call The True Aspect Of A spirit

As Promised,i will give a way,a techique of contacting the true face of a spirit and god.

To Begin this meditation you need to get into a theta trance brainwave state,
you can use any tenchique that you know and work with but as you do it feel yourself losing things like ego,concious Intent,energy,

see in front of you the void a place of an empty space vibrate the word of the void that is

as you become one with nothingness in spirit,in mind keep conciousness in your body sort of making seperation yet unification at once,

set up the intent to call and communicate with spirit of your desire without intent of something but just to communicate with,to see it and percieve it.

say this incantacion below

"Spirit of the void give thy voice
spirit of the void give thy mind
spirit of the void give they sight
spirit of the void give they eyes
unto to me,so i may see all that is desirible,to percieve my calling of (Spirit’s Name)
so it may come as its truest self into me,so i may know the sign of the true being of (Spirit Name)

Spirit of the Spirit of ( Name ) unto me,for i am the one that calls here
the one that knows the truth,for i am thee,for all is all for all is nothing
there i am the dark gap of nothingness that watches each spirit passing by
yet knows the truth,
Truth of ( Name) come and meet me in the ancient Primordial Void

I tell you this extremely powerful and its best to not have any expectation of it but just to witness it.






Thank you for sharing…
I perform a similar technique…:blush:

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There was another Mantra channeled by you to contact the true spirit called. Metsendeseltme, right? Can they be used together? @Xag_darklight

Met’sen’den’elt’me is an incantacion channeled by js garret shared in the anthology of Sorcerery books.

They are the words of the Sorcerer that can bind will into all existence


Awesome stuff!

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Is it the same spell only with different writing ???
Because this is what I have for the same purpose (I copied from another post)


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