Money Spells all tested and have worked

These Money Spells all have been tested by me or someone I work with in Magic and all had success at least 4 out of 5 times.

  1. Cash Spell
    Needing any type of coin, Examples - Penny, Nickle, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, Silver Dollar
    ( Must be real Money ).
    You must have a need for money. Spell is a everyday spell, and may cast several times a day.
    Place the coin in your hand and close your fist around it. While thinking of cash money falling down around you. Chant: Money shimmer, Money shine, Let it fall on me all the time, Don’t look back just give me my money, It’s sweeter then sugar, syrup and honey.

  2. Chanting money spell with bowl and coins
    Once a day spell, to attract more money into your life.
    Take a Glass bowl, and get 5 Nickles, and every time you Chant: Trinka Five, toss a nickle into the bowl. Do this till all the Nickles are in the bowl and place the window for 24 hours then remove the bowl. Do what you wish with the Nickles. You will need a new set of 5 Nickles each time you cast the spell.

  3. Lucky Money Chant
    Chant: 9 times fast – Lucky Lucky Lucky day let me find some Money today. After the last (9th) chant say NOW ! Can cast this spell once daily.

  4. Simple Spell to gain more Money
    1 red pen, and a piece of white paper, blank or lined Paper.
    Simply write the symbol of money example ( $ ) Once or as many times as you like, for 15 days straight, and the spell will bring you luck of getting money when most needed for one year.

  5. Money Spell
    You will need Dollar Bills or Coins ( Higher the bills and coins ) the more you receive in return.
    Have the money in your Pocket ( Chant: Once or as many times as you feel fit ) Once a day spell.
    Chant : Double the Money, Double it Quick, Double the Money, Double it.
    Use new money every time you cast this spell.


Does the money isntantly double for nimber five? Also can the luck day one work for lottos?

Dude, how many times do we have to repeat ourselves? This isn’t like the movies. You’re not going to be “instantly” accomplishing anything. It’s a simple chant used to manifest more money, but it’s not going to suddenly appear in your pocket out of nowhere. It will come through normal means.


Jesus im sorry, Im so new to this, forgive me for being curious.

@NewYorker Yes the Lucky one works for lotto plays and instant daily plays and scratch off tickets.
and the double your money seems to work best in small amounts 100 and under and usually delivers within 2 to 3 weeks, but your energy must be strong and your belief.

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the billionaires are obviously using real magick, which is completely hidden from regular people like us.

Just getting an extra 100 or 200 dollars, that is nothing. How does one become a millionaire or billionaire thru magick? Adrenachrome?

How many times would u reccomend doing the lucky day chant for the best results

I bet almost no millionaires even practice magick

This isn’t true. Sometimes, 100 or 200 dollars are the difference between homlesness and having a roof over your head.

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I know millionaires and billionaires, and another group I’m a part of used divination and such to see if they were protected/had powerful spirits around them. They did, from what we saw, and they were generational. They’re using magic that’s not mainstream (aka, anything you can easily research or has been studied in depth). And we surmise there’s one person in the family (or a few) who takes on the burden of studying up on their craft and diving into it, while the family benefits and does their part in ways they’d describe as being mundane, not magical.

I further tested this hypothesis by trying to mess up a rich person I knew and my spell backfired big time. The cause was some powerfullllllllll moon spirit that seemed far more ancient than I could even catalog. I tried finding more info but was promptly blocked. It seems these entities have no names (besides basic, but descriptive calling cards), have no affiliations nor boundaries (thus, can move in ways the spirit most here know can’t), and are elusive.



To be honest with ev1 here, Millionaires and Billionaires, use magic of the Moon, but this magic is owned by the Devil, also known as Satanism, they sell the Ol Mighty Soul, and do the bidding of the Devil, in return for protection and greed ( wealth ).

Assuming that is true (which in my opinion I’m not sure) it sounds like a real stupid deal

If you look into reality humans aren’t that smart as most think they are, look at sex booze and drugs, they influence into the lifestyles of rich and famous and not rich and famous. So a deal with the Devil for riches beyond your wildest dreams, maybe with the kick to it of famous. Doesn’t sound so bad till the Devil comes a knocking for his deeds to be done.

@NewYorker, Here is my opinion to this question of yours, do it for 5 days straight, Pick 5 to 10 sets of lotto numbers, but don’t actually buy the tickets. Just look at the winning numbers drawn to see how close you have come. This will determine how well it’s working for in a weeks use of the spell. If your not close then, I would recommend lighting a white candle with it, and chanting, and use the same candle for a period of 5 days, then play your chances.

Added #2 to my morning ritual and 20 days in I got an unexpected check in the mail for $470.26


Sounds like something primordial…


Even Bill Gates went to India before he made it, he went to India and made all kinds of rituals he said himself! And also if you find any biography of him you can find for sure that he went with some friends to do some rituals there

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I will try all of them! Thanks a lot!