Money is best for easy ascension?

So, the entire financial system is a form of global sorcery.

[@cyberseeker is sounding like Alex Jones]

Money (as currency) is a tool of the mind used to control the minds of the population. Why do you think it’s called “currency”? A current of psycho-sexual energy is being controlled/manipulated to benefit the elite classes that have the real power.


The goal in money magick is to tap into and control the frequency, that is energy of true wealth. The wealth that this so-called money or currency is supposed to represent. The money is a tool of exchange, not the actual wealth itself.

Whether it is gold, silver, platinum, rare gems, credit or bitcoin, it is just a tool.

The love of money is not the “root of all evil” because it is evil. It is because the people are loving, or should I say worshipping a tool, an illusion of power.

Do you love your hammer? Your phone? Your car? Your computer? No!

You should love yourself and each other. It is only through self-love and self-knowledge that true wealth will come.

Know thyself, work hard, save and invest.

This is what Duchess Bune, King Paimon and Lord Belial is trying to teach me and share with you all. Oh, and Jesus. And, Mr. Jones too.



I was just joking, it was a reference to Star Wars.

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I know, but you were also stating a powerful, undeniable truth.

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@Lady_Eva, any thoughts on this topic?

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None I can really share without breaking rules… :smiling_imp:

Suffice to say money and the financial system should be the servant of mankind, not its master.


But Man has the habit of slaving for its desires instead of turning desires into something useful.

We should enslave mankind to liberate them from themselves…it is the only logical thing to do.

Get E.A here so we can start the party of conquest!

I literally cannot reply any more without breaking multiple forum rules! :rofl:


I feel like I should do a serious post before bed.
Money is, as many already have said, a tool.

You get stuff for money, that is about it.
It’s just a middle-hand of getting what you really want, no point saving it up or amassing it…that is just weird.

You are not gonna reach ascension by spending money, if you can’t figure out the way for free, then a billion dollars won’t help you achieve enlightenment.

But, it makes life a lot funnier to live.


I was a person who did things for the money and tried to ignore who I am. That did not end well.

Yeah, no energy, no money.


I’m pretty sure you can spend money to get some kind of Buddhist style enlightenment, if you can actually figure out how to spend it properly. (and not on some fraud or charlatan. ) I don’t recommend poor broke folks go worry that they aren’t achieving their spiritual goals cause they don’t have tons of money to throw at something. Remember there is an old saying time=money.

I don’t know–seems risky. Why put so much faith in a stranger who could potentially hijack your ascent with foul energy?

Or, depending on your own spiritual state, you could potentially harm them. Now you’ve made an enemy. Just use the money to improve your quality of life, which will help your magick. Everybody can’t help you, even when you’re paying.


I mean people do reiki attunements all the time.
Also ritual for hire

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Definitely; I’ve done so myself. I just wouldn’t rely so heavily on ritual-for-hire.

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lol money can’t buy you psychic abilities :laughing:

And half the time the reiki attunement doesn’t work because some people aren’t compatible with the energy that the one doing it is channeling. I also tend to notice a lot of reiki attunements are full of frontload and them telling you what you’d feel or how they’re going to do it. There was a whole discussion on one forum about how some of them got attunements that caused their energy system to stagnant.

Money can help you in getting books and ways of getting material to further expand your knowledge, but money alone is pretty useless. You can use money to buy books, pdfs, and so forth, or travel to locations where you can learn about it’s history, culture, and the occult side of things, but again useless alone.

What about rituals for hire?

Didn’t say it can give you abilities. I said it can make them much easier to get.

There are also people who got a lot of their psychic abilities from attunements. everyone is different.

That’s not how abilities work, are you sure you aren’t still stuck in newb syndrome? attunements can help open way but they don’t give you something you already have and simply have to learn to work with. You view magick and the occult as some weird handouts, are you sure this isn’t why you haven’t made as much progress towards your goal as you want?

Literally reiki is nothing but an attempt to heal by calling on an external force to channel through you, nothing more nothing less. You can’t get abilities from that.

As for the “everyone is different” you literally just said what I said, not everyone is going to get good results from attunements due to incompatibility with their energy and their energy system, you’d need to be able to scan or even feel energy to really get what I mean.

It’s the same thing, it doesn’t make “getting abilities” easier, it helps gaining knowledge easier, your abilities are things you NEED to practice, money can’t make you not lazy.

Ritual for hire is a 50/50 chance of working, getting a stranger to do a ritual for you when you’re the one attached to the outcome means they arent as attached to it as you, your attachment is what can fuel a ritual, the emotions and work you put into it. Don’t always be so gullible to trust a stranger with your workings.

It is more than that. it opens up new energy pathways that are closed off for many people. It is known to help awaken psychic abilities. I have heard too many testimonials and have experienced it myself.

No it’s not lol, reiki literally means energy healing lol. Reiki clears out stagnation and heals the energy body or helps heal the mind if the person is skilled enough. It’s not “more than that” lol. Everything else is from people actually making use of the healing to put the work into practicing. I’ve done reiki, it’s literally just healing, all that extra stuff is what I just mentioned lol. Psychic abilities are never “sleep” psychic abilities are just like your muscles they require practice, not someone who sits on their ass wondering when their abilities are going to show up lol.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.

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