Money is best for easy ascension?

Also many attunements work on chakras. Especially the palm chakras

But the actual attunement does work on things. It allows you to channel that energy, but it also works on chakras.

The one doing reiki is channeling that energy through them to heal another, that’s what that means. When you channel energy it’s not just going one place. Angelic reiki is channeling the energy of a specific or group of angels into your own body and you’re directing it to someone else, or if they are physical through your palms and other parts of your body…

There are also thousands of different types of reiki.

I am not talking about when you are sending reiki. i am talking about the actual attunement.

You’re only further proving my point :man_facepalming:

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A reiki attunement is sending reiki, lol my god mate. You have to send the energy to attune them to it…are you sure you were actually attuned? it seems you know nothing about reiki or reiki attunements lol.

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someone else is sending reiki to you during attunements. You are doing nothing but allowing the energies to flow through you.

I am not talking about you doing the attunement. i am talking about you getting attuned. i think you misunderstood that part.

I just said that…the one doing the attunement is sending the energy to you, your system either accepts it or rejects or fails at rejecting it and cause stagnation.

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Yes, but if it agrees with your energy body then it can do what is partially programmed to do. Which is help psychic abilities

reiki is meant to heal the energy body, not help psychic abilities, that’s an indirect product of the person who was healed taking that healing and putting the work into practicing.

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Actually…no, there’s not. There is only one Reiki, that founded by Miko Usui. “Angelic” Reiki and all the other ridiculous versions out there, are nothing but New Age perversions of the current.


It is stated in the official reiki documents/videos that the attunement process helps with psychic abilities. it is standard protocol that it includes that.

but they still work at least.

So let me get this straight, you believe that once a person gets reiki done on them that they’re instantly able to develop their psychic abilities without doing anything? didn’t you get reiki done on you? how’s that working out for you?

I never said that. i am saying it boosts your energy body so it can channel more energy. As well as it partially works on psychic abilities.

at least that is the modern standard procedure in reiki attunements.

It doesn’t boost that’s the thing, it cleans up any stagnation and such that would cause development to muddle up. The rest is the individual putting the work in. If it boosts then many would be further along than they are. Reiki is a healing practice not a ability booster.

Reiki has went through many changes and additions to better pull in either the lazy, the gullible, or those who just want to experience it. All the additions to reiki that’s been added by new agers (like DarkestKnight just said) it won’t boost anything, it’ll clear out gunk, but people often forget that it isn’t permanent, and their emotional, mental, and spiritual state will just gunk it back up if they are going backwards.


I don’t think they advertise it as a big boost.