Money magick

So my biggest thing has been candle work + alchemy + spirits. I work with planetary spirits mixed with vodou and have seen amazing results. I’ve also seen the results as I wanted them, when I wanted them (and this happened before I even used candles and all that, for a manifestation that occurred last year).

I’m always baffled when people say you have to do it on the universe’s time. If you’re in alignment shouldn’t you be in tune with the universal flow and you can connect to a reality where you’re as rich as you want, and you start pulling that into your current reality?

Either way, that’s what I’ve always believed and it hasn’t failed me yet.


I can testify to you about Clauneck. There are several specific details to request your help, and correspond if there is an alinza purpose:

  • Lucifer loves him very much. Through the complacency of the great emperor, he is immediately accessed, proposing to the Great Lord and Father his purposes for Clauneck with great precision.
  • CLAUNECK has power over goods and wealth; Bring money from a distance. So literally, his maneuver is so efficient that he must be objective with him, without ambiguity or ambush he loves the honesty of the summoner and does not take pleasure in bothering him for another casual that is not the specialty of his office.
  • For being very demanding with the honesty, sincerity and transparency of the caller, if you pass that test, just expressing your motivation will not pass it to the test. What is the test? Your integrity in your desire, if you look at cunning or feigned thought to use your great deity from reprobate, will show you what to do, do it! The rule is obey it and he will obey you.
  • Take into account: Clauneck is the demon of wealth, known for being obedient to his summoners, but only to those who show him due respect.
  • In addition, it is regularly conjured to promote health, wealth and well-being. Remember: Promote!
  • Clauneck falls under the planet Mercury with Virgo as his sign of the zodiac (27 °), which means limb, in other words when he favors with his intervention he does so with abundance not with meanness.
  • It is a demon by day, and it is called from midnight onwards it is fabulous, since it works under the lord of the great Duke Syrach is actually one of its 18 servers.
  • Offerings: alcohol, wine and candles. Also pig! He loves pork!
  • Claunt is fabulous call him by his enn: Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar
  • Finally: Keep in mind that while Clauneck is open to working with you, your assistance methods can be frustrating for you if you expect an easy trip. He is expected to “pull his own weight” and make a great effort. You must be willing to concentrate on your own. and then Clauneck will help the goal manifest. Be honest!
  • a hug

thanks so much for this great information, I’ll try and make contact with clauneck

I’ve performed 3 rituals for Clauneck, and one paid and bloody. And nothing, no manifestation !!! It would be too much to ask you to indicate the ritual that you had succeeded with Clauneck, thank you. or PM

me too I thought of asking this, but I am preparing to perform petition spell posted by Darkest knight, I need to petition clauneck for some money. But which ritual did you use for working with clauneck

One ritual I found here on the BLG forum,
second here
and the third paid one that has a blood curse is Seigrefrid Willims, but so far unsuccessful

alright bro, let me go ahead and do petition spell, I’ll let you know how everything goes.

Start again, but this time be strategic.Learn personal finance basics first, then money magick.

That’s not even close to true. You can find it or you can win it. One former member of this board did Robert Anton Wilson’s Exercize 1 from chapter 1 in Prometheus Rising for a year and found over $6k worth of $20s and $50s just lying on the ground.

Sometimes you have to call a spirit more than once to get them to respond to you.

Start by learning to really use a daily planner. Learn personal finance and the basics of money magick and the practical LOA from the links i put above. Understand what money means to you and plan your finances.

After you’ve taken time to ground your money magick in reality, THEN do the magick. Write a petition paper if you don’t know how to conjure. You can learn how to conjure for money by reading this book, or this one.


brother your tips are very helpful, big thanks I love you so much.

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Let me take this chance again, still on topic of money but it’s all about gambling, which demon/angel or any spirit can me to win this games of chances for example on Sunday Manchester United is playing with arsenal which team will win. Which spirit can predict this

I have try a lot of money magic, / spirts ir works yes but i need $1200, invest, in a opportunity. I will do a reading, i have, a few in mind, i work, etc but wen opurtnity knok in u door, better, invoqe all u knw

I will post my results in, 3 weeks

@zorrito how did it goe

Ok. I got a loan from a bank. Half for wat ineed, learn a money spell, invoqe a godes, king paimon and another spirt, but wat i was looking to buy its gone forever, so i can say. Goid results in a month but i lost my opurtunity, but im hapy, its alnost a month and waiting a few days i can it works,

Guys its a book by jean luc caradeau, whicj have a spell, but it need 30 days pray and blood to sign a pact. Nothing dangerous,. About sigrid wills he has a book in Amazon Kindle, but never read it. But black wotch coven
.youtube has 3

Cuervo i tnk u speak spanish the book i mentioned is in Spanish /french chkout.

Title of the book is?

Its about magia, the only one. Bcse he has about salts, numbers, herbs, etc but its the only one, its whit anither persina his wife in spanish has a pentagram. In french diferent cover, any new or old editicion has ut, i tnk is the pratica guia magica

Title guia pratica de magia