Money is best for easy ascension?


Money is good for ascension. Most magicians won’t care much about money. You can go online and buy energy for yourself. You can go on some website and find someone who is willing to send a ton of energy into your chakras for a small price. Is that a easy way for ascension?


Money is no match to who you truly are: no Self no money, experience or anything. How could it be an easy path to ascension, i.e. true Self-knowledge? It can be a temporary tool–that’s it. Know thyself is the only worthy instruction anyone can give you.


Money does not = ascention. Hard work = ascention.

Sure someone could stuff your chakras with energy but if you know nothing about how to use it youre not ascending.


Money buys you time and options if anything to an extent


An even better note is without proper training stuffing someones chakras with too much energy for too long will fuck them up badly. Not just training on the part of the one doing the stuffing but also training of the one being stuffed. If their chakras are not conditioned properly a lot of damage can be done.


I’m afraid if you think that way, you are wasting your money on nothing.


I would say you buy money with your precious time. Only humans can be fool enough to exchange precious life for something as common and artificial as money. But that’s the way humanity wanted it to be.


Money is just a root to a new balance. It’s symbolism of power, therefore you think you are powerful with money. Social status would be the only guaranteed ascension to someone who has attained wealth. If they dont bother educating themselves on their new reality, they will still be a weak mind floating.


Money is only energy. Fiat money is totally fake with only the believes of humans that give it any worth. Fiat money used to be a receipt for gold and silver back in the day. Thats a secret…


Yup. i know. That is why I keep my money in silver.