Mind Control thoughts/paths

Hello all, I was curious to what your experiences have been regarding mind control. I have a fascination with it. I have read many things about Dantalion and King Paimon being knowledgeable. Satanachi and Sargatanas being good options as well on this forum. What are your experiences? What path did you take to get there?

Dantalion and King Paimon seem easier to use via the Gallery of Magick books. Not sure the safety precautions that could be used in calling the other two.

This conversation isn’t inherently sexual in my asking. Although. I would imagine it used quite frequently for such a purpose. Please lend me your knowledge in whatever form.




I haven’t used the GoM books so I will refrain from commenting. However I’ve had great success with King Paimon and Duke Dantalion. I would highly highly recommend them. Make sure you research them thoroughly and what they like etc. I would use the standard Evocation techniques laid on this forum. There are several.

I used the following technique

1a. Thorough research on the Spirits of choice
1b. Extensive Preparatory immersion. To me this is the most important.

  1. Banishing/clearing your area
  2. Circle
  3. Opening the sigil by gazing/chanting Enns
  4. Once opened closing my eyes and going deeper, that’s when contact happens. For me it’s visuals, telepathic thoughts and sometimes just visual but I’ll have a conversation with myself, but it’s not with myself because the thoughts and words are not mine. It takes a little practice to tell these apart. This is when you state what you need help with and what you’ll do in return.
  5. Offering
  6. Once done, you may tell them you’re done.
  7. They sometimes stick around for a few mins and you will feel them leave. Usually when the incense is burnt out or whatever. You’ll distinctly feel the energy change in the room.
  8. Banishing/clearing the area of unwanted residue. This isn’t about Banishing the entities. More so about if anything else came along and stuck around.



Thanks for the advice Kindraathe. Do you have a particular banishing you use? Did you have to do a lot of meditative work before you could properly communicate or more a natural? Would you be opposed to talking about some of the manifestations or epiphanies you have had? I always thought banishing an entity after evoking them was a little rude. I appreciate the feedback.

I’ve been using the Demonic LBRP, but since today I’ve had more inputs that other versions are not as potent as the original one. However I’m still trying to come to terms with using the GD LBRP as it has Angel names and I’m a hardcore LHP’ER. @DarkestKnight and @Mike_Bee did a wonderful job of explaining it on another thread.

You may also have a look at @Mike_Bee Evocation thread. The method I use now uses a lot of elements from his method.

I’m not sure iyf how naturally open my abilities are/were. I used to have ADD and it made it harder for me to focus and discern what is what. However I started Evoking back in 2004 and then I never saw or heard anything, I however felt the energies strongly, I had dreams after and other physical signs, I did get concrete results of very difficult and next to impossible things. This was when I had ADD. Then after a couple of years I was off of Goetic work and started with Tantra and Aghora practices and LHP Hinduism in 2013. I’ve worked with Kali, Bhairav, Ganesha and Shiva. That’s when I started hearing things and the visions started as well. I however doubted myself a lot, wasn’t sure because of the ADD. Then in 2017 I was on the Zen and Traditional Spiritualism, non duality path. I meditated regularly and pulled it up to an hourish every morning and about 30 mins at night on most days. This is what helped quiet my mind and skyrocketed my abilities. I restarted my Goetic work this year and I’ve seen an astronomical rise in my senses with each evocation.

I can say without a doubt that meditation is the single most important thing if you want to communicate. Once you quiet your mind (yes if I can anyone can) it’s easier to communicate. Also we need to drop the fear of the spirits. Once you drop the fear communication is more concrete.

I don’t banish the entity. Only what’s not desirable.


Here’s a link to the Evocation guide if anyone is interested.

:point_up_2:This is true.


Thanks Mike I was just looking for that haha.

As far as what kind of meditation is best for evocation, opinions?

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While enns chanting I go into a light stage of trance with rhythmic breathing and imagining myself descending in an elevator. This produces for me the alpha state I need to make a quality psychic connection for the Emma chant and opening of the seal.

Here’s a link to a great tutorial on trance work.


Going to re-read it.

I want to find the incense types they like as well as the appearances nd energy they give; and their ranks/titles I can locate.


@Nightside The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia - #44 by Mike_Bee

Here are the incense, color and other Goetic correspondences I use. Hope it helps.


Do you mean influence or direct magickal control? I’ve seen both. I recommend exploring both powers.

Why would you need the skill of influence if you can magickally mind control people? That’s just not how this works. Even if you do put someone into a highly suggestable state or implant things into their mind with magick, you could still fuck up your spell with your own actions, which is why influence is an important skill.

Mind control I think is less popular than the get laid get paid spells because it may be difficult to believe such a thing is possible. If you summon demons often enough, you are very likely to see these things happen even if you don’t outright request for it to happen for a specific purpose. I believe mind control is often integral to the demons’ powers, even if it may seem unrelated to this.

Even if you understand the “theory” behind why this could happen, it is truly a wonder to see it happen right before you, unexpectedly, but so very magickal there is no other reasonable explanation perhaps aside from intense drugging or intensely specific ADHD that just so happens to bounce attention around in a way that is very good for you.

That is something important to realize. Even demonic mind control is still controlling a human mind, and from my experience it will work with the natural mechanics of the human mind to achieve the intended effect. You know how they say that cops have to get tazed if they want to carry one around? The demons will do something similar to you if you choose to go down this path.



And this, I’ve literally seen this happen before my own eyes, imagine this happened with my first Evocation. Takes less than a second for the doubt and list for results to vanish.

Yes when you ask a Demon to control someone’s mind for an end goal, there are instances when they control the operator’s mind as well, to ensure you don’t fuck up what they’re doing and play your part. I’ve experienced this.

@shinri such a fantastic and insightful reply :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


@COHL This thread is GOLD. I highly recommend reading it in its entirety. A lot of questions that one may have are already answered here.


Neuro Linguistic Programming for in person stuff. It’s extremely powerful conversational hypnotherapy

Unckle Chuckie’s stuff works without the tech

Then there’s always Ross Jeffries magick material. He’s… different, but he’s absolutely on to something


I have heard of NLP. It just strikes me as something to good to be true. Is there anything specific that has worked for you? There are a lot of bad or untalented actors around that space.

Unckle Chuckie and Ross Jeffries? Those are new name for me.

Definitely gold. I have read through a couple times.

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I am not being clear. I am not really opposed to how it gets done necessarily. I do however think that doing a whole ritual would not be practical in every day life to change things on the fly. I don’t want to have control over everything that would be boring. Although turning someone into a slut as if they were given an aphrodisiac would be great. I like the idea of taking what someone already is and turning the volume up to 10. Seeing the real person uninhibited.

I feel like if they control me to make my endeavor come true then they are still working to what I wanted.

I haven’t heard from you on how you go about summoning. I have only worked with the Gallery of Magick books because of their simplicity and supposed safety with shem angels being summoned as well. Do you use a different system? What precautions do you have in place? Or who would you recommend even for such an endeavor.

I appreciate the detailed answer/questions/wisdom.

I really need to work on hearing the spirits.

All effective communication is NLP. There’s no difference between describing something and leading a persons mental experience. The skill is in orchestrating an inner experience without losing them

Ross Jeffries puts off a freaky vibe but his stuff like his dream vcr works incredibly well

This guys stuff screams schizo as hell but it works. Several people I highly respect are well versed in his material

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Yes, but NLP still requires you to be able to lead a persons mental experience and to do that I would think you would want to learn certain techniques.

Ross definitely puts off that vibe. Smart people often will. Just the book titles alone. Where is the dream vcr?


Indeed, I’ve gone through probably 10 or so courses and just naturally speak that way now. I never really tried techniques and practiced, it sort of just woke up by sheer immersion

Igor Ledochowski, Dave Riker, David Snyder, Bandler, Erickson, Stephen G. Jones

It’s in his magick and remote influence course. You can probably find the PDF floating around somewhere