Merging souls/becoming one with a demon

How would one go about this? I’ve discussed the idea of it before with a friend of mine and he referred to it as becoming a ‘shade’
It would eliminate all potential for mistrust of the demon as you’d be the demon. I’d imagine the process might be painful for a human soul depending on what kind of demon to Be merged with but the power gain would be incredible, especially if it was a king or queen demon with legions of underlings. Has anyone here done such a thing!

Take a look at these :

Soul merging

Merging with an entity is attainable ,though since you decide to actually give them full access to your mind and consciousness ,you should be 1000% sure of the entity’s trustworthiness and good intentions.

Even if the spirit wasn’t completely on the up and up I still feel that there wouldn’t be a lack of trust, if it was atleast legitimately willing to merge, you wouldn’t be giving it acsess as an other the mind would be one and the same

And what if it was a parasite?

I would definitely make sure to know the identity of the spirit before attempting to unite with it, I feel the worst risk would be picking one out that had a toxic/ugly mind. Even some parasite spirits are quite powerful though and if you merged you would become a parasite yourself… though that’s not what I’m after. I want to become one with a more autonomous demonic being, though I still don’t really know who specifically. I’m going to be starting an evocation practice and once I’m in stronger contact with the demons I will approach ones I like and work well for me with the proposition to become it’s ‘shade’

If a demon agrees to merge itself with you, you become the demon however it’s usually always advised to ground out any stagnant energy you may have in your system prior, you can also ask a deity to oversee the process so everything goes well. From my experience with tinkering with this “practice” it can easily go wrong.

However no the “power” wouldn’t be unimaginable you’d have to practice still because if there’s a gap in energy between you, that energy doesn’t just “shoot you up” and the legions and such from the being doesn’t automatically go to you unless said legions choose to follow you, the demon in a way reincarnates with that merge so past ties may or may not remain.

However, merging with a fragment of a being isn’t the same a fragment doesn’t make you that being so if you’re aiming to merge with a well known demon among the goetia that’s a whole different story. To become the being you merge with it’s the whole of the soul merging together.

My goal is to be 100% of me and 100% of the entity as one, I don’t want to just be an ‘extension’

Then yes, get a deity to oversee it and a demon who will agree to do it. If they want to experience here without going through the full reincarnation cycle. Usually once it’s done you’re not suppose to do any energy work for atleast a day because your souls become one along with your energy body chakras and so forth. So it needs to adjust, at which point after you manipulate your energy like the basic workouts like psiball and such that just helps see the difference.