Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Big thanks to King Belial for finding a house for my son’s father, it took a while but now it’s fine :slight_smile:

Thank you Flauros for giving me the scariest nightmare ever, Thank you Glasya Labolas and Agares for helping my boyfriend in his destruction endeavour.

Thank you Father Lucifer for showing me some new tools.:love_you_gesture:


Hail the ever amazing Bune. You saved me again. The new work that came through I am so grateful.

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa :metal::heart:


Big results from King Belial. Thank you and I am making you your own Altar space. My life has improved so much since I first evoked you. x


I like to thank bune duchess for being their when i needed her she so powerfull and loving and very responsive specialy if you put your heart and intent to it hail bune …love you bune with my heartr body mind and soul i did a pact wirh hwr for a year shw is awsomw in every aspect best spirit i worked so far Hail bune duchess.


Thank you Raphael for helping me ease my pain earlier today. It’s been better ever since. I was looking for a healing ritual and found a quick one by @Lady_Eva and it worked. So thank you both.


So much thanks to Lucifer! He has done so much for me and taught me so much over the years. The most recent thing he has done was this week. He sped up a loan process to the point the loan officer was confused as it never processes that fast and we received more than we had asked for, also confusing the loan officer. He also lined up things extremely fast for us purchasing a new home. Seriously, constantly just moves and aligns things for me. Unless he drops things out of my life but that always circles around the best for me lol. He is just absolutely amazing.


Sorry, aren’t sure how to post it?? Do i click on REPLY and then add my Thanks, How do i add it without having to go thru reply??? Thanks for your help in advance.




Thanks so much.


Belial helped me with a hearing to get out of the mental hospital, and is continuing to help me wiht my ascent. I just hope i get cut some slack.


Thank you to Lucifer for healing me. He came through in a big way and it is much appreciated.

Hail Lucifer


I thank-you Satan the 9th gatekeeper for teaching me and giving me the keys and instructions to Black Enchantment for building a Enchanting Amulets and inverted pentagram of Demon arts which now ive successfully Enchanted colossal % stronger in Dark magic and times more powerful in Dark magic at a never before in massive fortified magnitude, and again i thank Satan. Hail Satan


Praises for Belial


Ahhh so wish i could make altar spaces or buy sigil plates or sigils to wear


Okay so i think its time i thank Bune.

Earlier this month i paid someone to make a pact with Bune for me to help me make money.

I got my tax returns but since it was my first time with a job i didnt know what it was. I thought it was a statement of a kind that showed me my hours and how much i made etc so i just left it on my dresser and it was sitting there for about two weeks. So about a week after making the pact with Bune, my sister (who is always in my room) came out of the blue and said “oh you got your taxes. File it to see how much youll get.”

I asked what do you mean ? She said “file it to get my money.”

So i filed it and im getting 457 i got 258 from federal tax returns today im waiting for my state taxes.

Thank you so much Bune i hope to get much more from you !!! Thanks alot !!!

PS: if you want the guys name pm me.


I want to thank King Paimon for helping me get an assignment at my uni. It’ll really help me to pass that subject easier.

Also, I want to thank King Paimon and Lucifer for helping me out today. The schedule was a bit tough, but with their help, I was just fine!


Thanking King Paimon those books selling i can fill my fridge with food add an add on credit for Internet. Credit on smart riders (travel cards its cheaper than cash). :heart:


I want to thank Lucifer from the botom off my heart for giving me the opportunity to use a spell giving from him to use to my advantage to stop a manipulating person. Thank you Lucifer! Hail Lucifer!
Here is the spell, if you feel like using it:


I like it. Hey congrats on success. I wondered sometimes what our lives would have been if i had embraced this 20 years ago (sigh. Oh well).
Weird deja vu


Hail to my Infernal Queen Hecate!
Hail to Lord Belial!

Will be forever grateful for the given favors and compassion.