Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Hail and thanks to Belial who helped me succed in being a little sneaky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you Bune for everything.


My many thanks to Lucifer and Lilith for making my parents holiday trip safe and enjoyable :heart::heart:Hail Lucifer, the father of darkness!!!


Thank you Andromalius for always arriving when I call you. I know as soon as I have passed over things to you that they will be dealt with swiftly and effectively :heart:.


Thank you Naamah.
Thank you Lilith.
Thank you Azazel.


Praises King Paimon sold a book last night for double what i advertised… bless those wiccan gullibly buying these books and those who want to buy my novel collection.


I want to thank Letana for allowing me to use her incantation for courage which you can find here

Also, I want to thank all the entities that participate on the creation of this talisman that I can just ‘smell’ the power of it


Thank you to Marquis Leraje. I asked him to continuously and permanently destroy some relationships to clear my way. Those relationships are clearly annihilated permanently and he exposed some pretty profound narcissistic behavior in the target that reveals a clearer picture of the battlefield. It also highlights that people can cause havoc through introversion and weakness as easily as being aggressive and extroverted.

Thank you to Marquis Forneus, Earl Halphas and President Foras.

Thank you Price Sitri…our work continues.


I second that


I wanted to give thanks to Amon for his help and say that ever since I contacted him (well four days ago…) I’ve been feeling a lot more positive and I believe it’s because of him and wanted to thank Amon for that too


Quick thanks to Marbas and Raphael I constantly get ingrown toenails and this last one I have had for quite awhile but these two have helped me fix it finally.

Also there was a thought constantly in my mind that I had a brain tumor and have called them for it and since I havent felt it or thought about it

So big thank you to these two (although my inuition is telling me that marbas helped more)


Thanks to Belial, Azazel, Amaymon and Abaddon for opening up the lake for me months ago. It truly is an unique and beneficial experience.

Also thanks to Glasya-labolas and Vine for aid in divinations.

Glasya-labolas, Abaddon, Andras, and Foraclor for the timely death.


Thank you Azazel for giving me the oportunity to use this mantra to achieve my goals! Truly a masterpiece!


Hail be to the King Paimon who has helped with my clairaudience


Thank you, Marquis Leraje.
Talking about a damn quick result just in time.
You are the best.


Hail to Duke Dantalion!

About a month ago I asked him to help me get a gf and here it is a month later I have 3 girls that I know like me and 2 more that I don’t know who they are,like me.

Ave Dantalion Ave Ave!

Thank you so much!


Thank You Sobek for letting me realize that there is no such thing such as good or bad and that even demons are needed for balance. Thank You Lamat for giving me a chance to work with you. Thank You Master Kongming for giving me a best friend. Thank You Lucifer for continuing to give me knowlegde, even though I don’t call you often. Thank You Lilith for appreciating my work with sexual spirits and my bravery in proving that sexual spirits and spirit lovers aren’t evil. Thank you past life husband twin flame for your continuous love and support. Thank you spirit companions for your constant protection and guidance. I’m back after a long time has passed.


Thank you President Marbas for healing my dog so quickly. Within minutes of my petition she was able to rest and woke up normally this morning without a sign that anything was ever wrong. I am forever grateful!


Thank you, Belial, for opening me up, and removing the blocks and limitations placed upon me.

Thank you, mighty archangels for surrounding me with your presence, and helping to clarify my desires.


Thank you Azazel for making sure i received my copy of the compendium of Azazel Deluxe edition, and again Azazel thank you very much.