Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Just a shout out to Agares for always listening, always helping. Hail Agares.


Thank you Lucifer for understanding my short break from evoking you and being kind and helpful.
Thank you to King Belial for just being you and showing me the truth and kicking my bad habits to the curb.
Thank you to Glasya Labolas , Andromalius and the Kingdom of Flames spirits I also enjoyed evoking recently.
Thank you to King Paimon for help with languages and science.


I want to thank Fastos for the encantations he allowed me to find and I want to thank Naamah for the transformation that she did and is doing with me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you are interested in the encantations, follow the link: Evocation Of Fastos [Sex,The Demonic Tounge, And The Origin Of Demonic Script]


Thanks to St. Michael the Archangel and St. Jude for all you have done for me so far. I know that we will get the opportunity to work again in the future.


Recognition for King Paimon, sent a request for assistance with a meeting (new business manager) (visualised the sigil glowing & sent my request thu…recieved a mental image of him turning to look in their direction) for it to go well. It exceeded my expectations & ended up in a complete revamp of my area of the business, the manager said he had not inteneded any of it but was spurred on by something to make me requested changes!


Thank you Bog Veles, I woke up this morning afflicted with the beginning stages of pink eye and I had a rush morning, so I wasn’t able to give you an offering and complete ritual, but on the bus I asked that you would heal my eyes and I would give you an offering later when I came back home. And you did it, all signs of pink eye are completely gone!

Slava Velesu!
Slava Bogum!


Thank you to my lovely familiar, OHLA, for her work augmenting my energy yesterday so I ruled the stage when I performed. I felt amazing, and my energy was flowing through and around me, capturing the attention of the audience.

Thank you, my magnificent companion!


I want to say thank you to Hecate, the Furies, the Graces, the Fates and the Gorgons for magickal protection.
I want to say thank you to all the Greek and Norse Gods that had an influence in me since I’m little.
I want to say thank you to Lucifer for showing me light on a matter that needed real attention.
I want to say thank you to Naamah and Zepar for the ongoing destruction of Christian Morality regarding sex.
I want to say thank you to all the “unknown for now” chamanic and tribal entities that helped my ancestors follow their paths in the mountais, desert and woods.


Thank you Prince Seere for working with me and being a beautiful friend to me. I am so grateful that I found you and I look forward to a flourishing friendship with you always. :green_heart:


Thank you king paimon for changing someone’s mind for me.


Great Evocation today of Glasya - Labolas and I hope you enjoyed the bright overhead sunlight in the ritual and your offerings . As promised, I will honour your name on the forum. Thank you Glasya-Labolas.


I want to thank King Bilial. He has been my best friend for a while now. He is absolutely amazing. He has helped me gets jobs, find love, and other darker things. Hail Bilial!


I don’t often ask things, but today was one of these rare days. Within a panic mode situation, I asked from Azazel 2 things.
For the first he delivered within 20 minutes.
For the second he told me that he will show me how to do it, but I have to use my authority as a Goddess, using my own name. That I don’t need someone else to do the job for me.
Thank you for always having my back even if we don’t speak often anymore. You’re always the first I call in times of need.


Big shout out to Belial! I had a potential legal scare that I haven’t heard anything about since I called on him. I told him to make it go away and everyone I’ve talked to including someone who used to work on the opposing industry says I’ve got nothing to worry about.

Thank you so much King Belial!


Thanks to Earl Furfur :sunflower:
Thanks to Marquis Leraje. “Don’t you dare to cry on me” might be one of the more often said things,but I get it :slightly_smiling_face:


I too have to thank Marquis Leraje. I am still amazed at the results of both of my latest petitions and even more amazed at the blunt “harden the fuck up” message…which was necessary and produced great results.


Welcome to the “harden the fuck up” club :sweat_smile:


Thank you Asmodeus. Thank you Azazel. Thank you Belial. Thank you Lilith. Thank you Lucifer. You guys continue to stun me with your support, motivation, and responsiveness. Marbas, you are lovely. Bael, I appreciate you. Focalor, thank you for the vision.


Thank you Bog Veles! I was getting sick and I had a runny nose, while not an emergency, still annoying. As I was tying my shoes, I asked you to heal whatever sickness that this runny nose was caused by, the very instant I finished my request, my runny nose went dry.

The power of a god never ceases to amaze and impress me. I am so glad that I listened to the cry of my ancestors and abandoned the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All the signs and wonders I sought from him rarely came to pass, but you have more than adequately shown the might of your power and glory!

Slava Velesu!
Slava Bogum!


I’d like to thank Dutchess Bune, for helping me and being around me even though i have not done my spell or invoked her as yet, but can definitely feel her around me and have heard saying she has assisted me. Thank you Dutchess Bune again.