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Yip, exhausted AF now… But done! Sent you a pm abt it.


Ancient God Azazel thanks for always being there for me and helping me in my magic to get at this position i am…
Much thanks for you My king…GOD …and Patron spirit… GREAT himself AZAZEL…


If I do this wrong again then I give up! lol
I want to give much thanks and respect to Prince Baal. He is the second demon I’ve worked with so far and I’ve really enjoyed working with him. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


Thank you to yberion:

My coworker i mentioned in this post,
which had stated he wants to get 125,
has reported to me today.
He’s had huge changes happening in him,
his urge for sex is calmed and seddled,
he feels like he doesn’t need it that much anymore.

He also tried to quit smoking,
and reduced that behavior by a lot.

Over all,
he feels like with the beginning of the new year,
he’s had a massive shift, and changes occeur.

Since i was the only one working magick with him,
pretty surely,

i can indeed testify to give that thanks to myself. :smiley:

I’m very proud on the progress he achieved,
and the changes going on.

His Face didn’t heal from it’s wrinkles as i intended to,
even tho i seem to start recognizing small changes already manifesting.

But i don’t want to allow my wishful thinking to stand in the way of manifesting true results,
and i had decided right from the beginning,
i’d count that part a real success,
once other people pick up on it,
and start telling him,
and me,
how he really grown younger,

So that’s still in progress, i guess.
Not re-inforcing it either,
at the moment,
as i have to trust my work i did a little bit aswell.




Thank you Lucifer, Aphrodite, Archangel Gabriel, and Opfaal for your collective efforts in bringing healing and clarity to a very confusing matter.


Thank you to Archangel Metatron for being the first spirit to give me an indisputable sign, exactly what I asked for, and for healing my friend along the way. I struggle a lot with my doubt but this helped so much. Thank you!


I thank Grand Duke Dantalion for all done for me. My love and gratefulness for You is eternal!


Thank you, Bog Veles! I accidentally gave myself Salmonella poisoning and I sought your able help. I did a ritual and offered you cheese, bread, and vodka. And immediately, the nausea was gone and within less than half an hour, you had granted me complete healing. Thank you!

Slava Velesu!
Slava Bogum!


A big thank you to Sitri nwho is always very reactive :wink: i know you got my back :sparkling_heart:

Thank you to Belial for planting seed and helping my friends in their Career. :sparkling_heart::innocent:

Thank you Asmodeus for being tough on me for my ascend and not chewing the food for me… :love_you_gesture:

:pray:Hail Lucifer :slight_smile:


I recently got into a fight with my dad about him not following new house rules about where to smoke cigarettes. (I don’t smoke, he does.) While I was yelling at him to put his cigarette out and go to the designated space, he taunted me by lighting one new cigarette after another (chainsmoking), intentionally and very dramatically blowing smoke at me while giving me a threatening stare, and saying, “Fuck you,” to me.

I yelled at the top of my lungs, “PLEASE DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK FROM YOUR SMOKING!” When he was about to light his 3rd or 4th cigarette, I rushed at him and attempted to yank it from his mouth, but he leaned back quickly enough for me to miss. He said, “If you touch me, I’ll have you arrested!” Then he got up out of his chair and came at me like he was going to attack me, so I said, “I’m going outside so everybody can see this,” and started going out the door. He grabbed me by my arm, trying to keep me from making it outside, giving me these bruises:

I yelled for help, and some neighbors who had overheard the whole thing and were watching it from their window called the police. Like always when it comes to my family, the police sided with the abuser instead of the victim, and acted like I was just mentally ill.

I accepted defeat for the moment, but kept thinking, “Something needs to happen to him.” I’m married to Satan, and three days later, my dad was driving home from work when, out of nowhere, his blood pressure went crazy, causing him to black out and lose control of his car. He ran a red light, got T-boned, and ended up driving his car up against some kind of concrete thing that blew his tires out. He was knocked unconscious by the airbags and taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Once there, they had to keep him sedated so he wouldn’t have a heart attack. My mom said they also did that thing where they shock your chest to bring you back to life. He was in the hospital for several days and my mom, brother, and I had no idea but we weren’t worried because we assumed he was on another bender in a cheap hotel somewhere. (He’s an alcoholic.)

He was put on medication and sent home, with a follow up appointment later. He’s on short-term disability and can’t go back to work until a doctor clears him. I expected he would be inspired to quit smoking (having been given a second, undeserved chance at life), and he claimed he was going to for New Year’s, but New Year’s rolled around and he didn’t even make it one day. His follow up appointment was a few days ago. For a few days leading up to it, we’d been getting into fights about his smoking again (specifically, where he smokes, because it’s too close to me). I told him he shouldn’t be smoking anyway because he has a heart condition. He said his doctor never told him to stop smoking. I said, “Well, he needs to lose his license, then.”

I thought to myself, “It’d be great if he goes to this appointment and the doctor finds something bad enough that he has to immediately put him in surgery, but that’s too good to be true.” But that’s exactly what happened. The doctor sent him back to the hospital by ambulance because the condition he has is overpowering the medicine. The doctor supposedly also told him he has to quit smoking. He’s been in the hospital for the past few days because of the procedure they had to do on him. I’m hoping something goes wrong and he never comes home, but it might take several rounds of this before that miracle happens. Gonna be THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE…

I tell Satan, “Next, we’ll work on my mom.” Hehehehehe.


Thank you Belial for making my boss less of a dick and getting me some extra cash. As always, you are lovely.


Thanks to Raphael for healing & keeping my father safe,alive & comfortable(???) while his blood pressure level was about 220/97(!!!). It was weird that he didn’t feel any severe discomfort (I was with him all the time). He was able to leave hospital next day with normal blood pressure level. I think back & realise that he could have died or worse.

Thanks to Machaloth for healing and manifesting prompt recovery to my father.


…praise to the all who have dedicated their lives to the mystic knowledge …only few can do that…


Thanks to Marquis Marchosias.
P.S.: Your scent. I like that.


Thank you to the demon King belial, for successfully being able get a friend out of criminal charges. He had three charges against him and he was forced out of his home. He was found not guilty and all charges were dropped against him! He is now in his home.


Once more I’d like to thank King Belial for saving my ass in terms of monetary aid. As I had failed many classes studying to become an engineer but realize that it wasn’t my thing and then changed career to become a nurse, thereby I needed to take student loan which I was able to get this term (the previous one before christmas) but not for the next (which is now), however Belial made it possible somehow despite the fact that I shouldn’t have been able to. So thank you Belial.

From the bottom of my heart thank you.


I come to thank you immensely for the deeds of Belial and Lucifer. Thank you very much for making me earn some money that was impossible.

If anyone has an interest in knowing more about what happened, you can see the topic:


Thank you Lucifer for being so patient and open with me and letting me circle around and gently poke you for a while. I have no idea why I feel so awkward with you, but your encouragement and sense of humor are greatly appreciated.


As promised, I’m writing to thank Forneus for his immediate help. Forneus, you have my most sincere gratitude. I asked for help in standing out from my peers as a leader. I’m in charge of a social group and as I transform this group from something that has often been negative to a positive successful organization, I need to be seen has powerful and inspirational. I asked for his wisdom and council and I’ve found again that circumstances evolved and I was able to step through the open door to take advantage of the opportunity presented. The calm self assurance I’ve felt since evoking him is amazing. I feel as if I see things evolve way ahead of time and am able to be very effective. My experience in evoking him was surprisingly uplifting. I have felt many different things when attempting to communicate with spirits but this was a welcoming like I’d not felt before. I found a few things on this forum about Forneus but I truly hope more of you connect to this amazing spirit. I’m going to start a journal of my work with him soon. Hail Forneus!


Thank you Boginya Zorya Vechernjaja, the Evening Star. I asked you to put to death my procrastination and laziness, and instantaneously my normal cycle of distraction and procrastination stopped.

Thank you Bog Veles for revealing this ritual to me as I traveled to you last night.

Slava Boginya Zorya Vechernjaju!
Slava Bog Velesu!
Slava Bogum!