Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thank you King Beleth! I got refused a raise at work and after asking you for help, my boss had a change of heart and came through! You are amazing to work with! It was my first time calling upon you but you came through quickly and did an amazing job!

I would also like to thank my usuals…King Paimon, King Belial and King Lucifer. You three always have my back.


Thank you Goddess Danu for aiding my uncle during his surgery today, it was a sucess thanks to you. I look foward to more workinga with you in the future :heart:️:rose:

Hail Goddess Danu!! :ocean:


King Stollos, i petitioned him to aid me in the keeping of an aged pony who had particular honour with me. I told him some plans i had and asked him to aid in anyway he could. I said i was not sure if he could alter things already set in motion but if he could work with the nature spirits to assist me i would be most grateful.

He instructed me to feed the (wild) birds.

And so i did, and am, faithfully.

He, in return, held back the winter for me.i have never in my time known such a mild dry winter, the firlds had no mud- for her. The air was warm- for her. Rain has not fallen from the sky - for her.

Last weeked her brain tumor took her. And Stollos released winter.

Thank you king Stollos. I still feed the birds.

I am humbled & and honoured by our pact.


Thank you to President Marbas for his ongoing help in healing and strengthening me. After a really bad time with some old injuries, I have felt better than I have in years.

Thank you to Earl Halphas for the wonderful help in growing my organization. Within three days of my petition, there was 150% growth in size of the organization and in the weeks since, there has been a steady stream of people getting involved. I’m forever grateful.


Thank you Nergal and Ereshkigal, although our time together was very painful and cost me dearly, i’m quite pleased with how events are proceeding. :metal:


Thank you Lilith, for guiding and comforting me through the shadows of my mind and traumas. Thank you Lucifer for your never ending illumination and kindness. Thank you to Asmodeus and Belial. For pushing me, for teasing me, for always having my back and letting me know I’m so much more than I wanted to see. Thank you King Paimon, your taste is exquisite. Thank you Baal for the well timed rain and gentle prodding. Thank you Azazel, I’m not even sure what you’ve done yet but I can feel it.


Thank you, Prince Orobas! That was just so nice! :blue_heart:


Thank you Duke Dantalion for convincing a couple to get back together for me :heart:️ You never fail to amaze me.


Thank you King Lucifer, King Paimon, Queen Astarte, King Asmodeus and King Belial for helping me last year with protection despite it being my paranoia. Unfortunately because I had to change paths, I cannot do the invocations as promised so instead I’m gonna recommend these deities to begginers in Demon Magick. They are amazing and very wonderful to work with :heart:

I also wanna thank every Demon from my pervious path. Even though I’m leaving now, I am grateful for the lesson I’ve learnt and I really don’t think we’ll work together again but thank you❤️

To my new path and deities, I strongly look foward to our path. Everything is telling me this is the path for me and I do feel at home. Thank you father Enki for protecting me, Thank you mother Danu for healing me. Thank you Lord Hanuman and the Hindu pantheon for welcoming me back with open arms despite my horrible mistakes and thank you to the Anunnaki which I am working with. I love you all and appreciate it❤️


Today I thank the hydra’s teeth for springing me up from the dogma.


Thank you Seere for helping me choose the right place to invest my money and for the money discounts!


I’m honestly unsure of who to thank at the moment. A large issue I’ve been dealing with for the last two weeks has managed to dirty itself out in the midst wonderful of ways. A necessary medical procedure without the funds for it has been approved. I have screamed, cried, begged, and politely asked for help from many from Lucifer to Satan to Azazel to King Belial and more in between. My eternal thanks and love to all that have helped with this issue!


trade scans anyone ,i will return it after you scan me…


Thank you, Marquis Leraje.
This too shall pass.


Thank you Prince Seere for turning a bad situation around in mere hours. I am grateful and humbled.


Thank you Asmodeus. Thank you Belial. Thank you Lilith. Thank you Lucifer. To you four, I’ll never stop being amazed by how willing you are to kick my ass when I need it. To push me forward even when I’m kicking and screaming and dragging my heels. Nor at how quickly you help me stitch myself back together and remind me that I’m more powerful than I often choose to see. I know many others help me, and I am grateful for everything. Thank you.


Thank you King Belial for making sure the very mighty grimoire Belial without a master got delivered safely to my home, and wow that is a very powerful talisman, that grimoire gives me great memories, of a movie i watched the evil dead Belial without a master compendium is like reading the necronomicon exmortis, not far off. Thank you.


Thank you to King Belial. I was called to you for a long time and I like your ‘take responsibility for yourself’ wisdom and support when I needed it. You amaze me


Thank you Kali Ma for comforting me in this scary time❤️ thank you for helping me in destroying those disturbing thoughts and feelings.

Thank you Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman for being by my side as well❤️

Thank you Prince Enki for the happiness you bring me and protection too❤️


Two really major events manifested yesterday!

  1. A person close to me was in danger of losing a limb—things were spiraling so I didn’t even think about doing a formal evocation for King Paimon’s help–I just called out to HIm for help and within a very short time everything turned around and the person was able to keep their limb! The doctors and nurses were amazed because they had all thought there was no hope at first.
    Hail King Paimon! Thank you my King!

  2. Last summer I was having a very hard time with someone so I did an obra (work) in the cemetery at an ancestor’s grave and called on my ancestor to assist me in overcoming this person who was seriously messing me over. So I did the work and forgot about it because I knew it would hit when the time was right. Things came to a boil for the person and I got to witness the whole thing.
    Maferefun Egun!