Belial and lucifer made me earn an impossible money

I at 4 months leave work, here in Brazil has a law that if you worked for a few months and was fired the government gives you a value x, which will take into consideration the time you worked, correcting that amount in dollars, would give something around 1899.70, this amount is paid installment up to 5 times.

When I looked for Belial and all his legion was to help me with study, it turned out that with some results I decided to strengthen our bond, through a blood bond, a bond with no specific deadlines to finish.

I’ll get right to the point now.

This amount paid by the government when you leave the job is only paid with some conditions, and I was not qualified to receive this help from the government because I while working had a company in my name, this fact voids you to receive the benefit , so I went on the federal revenue and the federal revenue agent explained to me that I was not fit to receive since I had a company on my behalf, although I gave it down, he said that I would only receive it if I had closed the company before to enter the work, and there are several people who were in the same situation as mine and did not receive this money from the government.

Then I went to Belial and asked him to change it, to go and remove this company by name, even if it was a temporary one the day I went to the entrance to gain this benefit, and spent a few days, I talked to lucifer as well and asked him also give a force in this process.

When the blood moon arrived, I sensed the secrecy of Belial, put a drop of my blood and asked again to go to this organ of government and make the name of that company vanish from my name even temporarily until I entered the process to receive this money and I did the same thing with Lucifer, I asked that a force come down too, that was on 20/01/2019 for the 21st, when it was on 21/01/2019, I was in the government organ for the entrance and receive the money, and to my surprise the girl had told me that they were without a system and in whole Brazil this organ was without system, because due to the change of status of this organ of government, and reaged me to 23/01/2019.

At that moment I stopped and it came to my mind, “Belial and Lucifer did something, I will succeed” I shivered when the girl said that she was without system in whole Brazil.

Because when it was 23/01/2019 (yesterday) the girl entered the process and with 30 days I will receive the first installment of this amount.

The value may seem little to some, but to my financial situation is a salvation, because I need this money to be able to study what it proposes me with the help of Belial and Lucifer.

I am very grateful to Belial and Lucifer, and if you have something impossible, look for them. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg, because I want to get much further with the help of Belial and Lucifer.


Brilliant result! :+1:


Nice story to share hail Belial and Lucifer


Did you give blood after you got your result or before?

I heard you must wait till the success of the operation before that. Great story tho thank you !!


So my story with belial is a few months, about 2 months ago and I called lucifer, the first time I gave my blood both to Belial and to Lucifer, I already intended to get a bigger bond with the two, so that we may be connected, so I never gave my blood to them. I summoned Belial two times before my blood, but before sacrificing animals, incess, wine, after some things he did, was that I began to trust him more to the point of my own blood and even semen, lucifer with the evoquei and he did something fast back to lust, and I liked the result, then I decided to create a link with him with no deadline to finish, I gave blood and semen. So every time I evoke Belial and Lucifer, I use a needle to pierce my finger, put the blood in the sigil and meditate, and I speak what I always desire in a very respectful way. So I conjure them and offer blood as a way to increase our bond and obtain the result that I hope, I trust in them to the point of my own blood before, for I am sure they will do as I asked. Then it goes from person to person.


Awesome! Ya I wait to do the blood till I get results but I always will keep my end. As of now I have asked Belial for assistance and gave a alcoholic drink for thanks for coming.

Once my desire is fulfilled I’m gonna offer blood in thanksgiving. Otherwise I’ll feel I’m being pushed to do it AND I won’t beg for manifestations anymore. Just do the evocation and ask and keep up my end. Thank you for the story!


Before I began to perform evocations I stopped waiting for a physical manifestation of Belial or Lucifer in front of me, I always tried to explore their manifestation in the fulfillment of my desires, also whenever I meditate on the secrecy, I ask for the ability to communicate with them, that I prepare for it, give me the senility to listen to them and communicate with them, so I created the bond with the blood, and asked for things that are yet to come.


Yes I sometimes can’t feel them and question if I hear them but with the things I desire I Believe is dual beneficial so they would help. But, I have had to much of “waiting to see results” and messing with my relationships with the Gods.

But once they come thru I’ll do the blood connection!


That’s fantastic!!


Very, very fantastic.

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Impressive! Congratulations!

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Thanks, I’m very thankful to the big Belial and the big Lucifer.