Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


I want to thank Lucifer, King Paimon, Azazel, Belial, Anriel, Thoth and Lumimous because when I got suddenly ill and spiritually attacked, they rushed to helped me personally and they had their armies near too.

Because of them, I feel better now and the enemy has kinda fleed. Of course, except from thanking them in public, I promised them another offering as well.

I should also mentioned that I don’t work with Belial and Azazel, but while I was feeling very weak and I called their names, they came to help me right away.

I have to say that all these spirits are amazing and I’m glad it was them who helped me!

So, thank you great spirits, for helping me when I needed your help!


LERAJE!!! With a vengeance!!! Thank you great Marquis! The results were immediate, accurate and lasting. The evocation was powerful and short. I thought the petition may not have been accepted and was going to evoke again and ask about it later that day and literally heard a voice laugh. I let it go and woke up to find out it had been done since before I made the petition. I intend to spend more time with this spirit and I encourage everyone to do the same.


Best dude, 10/10, GG,would evoke again :100::100::100:


Thank you Asmodeus, your support and guidance mean so much to me.

I’ve been going through a tough time emotionally lately and healing a lot from my past. I’ve doubted myself, my power, my worth, and many other things these few months. Everytime I started to feel sure about anything it was stripped away. Sometimes gently lifted off, and others swiftly and painfully torn down.

As I was brushing my teeth the other night and staring scornfully at myself in the mirror, I heard “You want proof, certainty?” I laughed to myself and gave a weary and sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?” I answered out loud, as I often talk to myself when alone.

Today I went for a walk, nothing strenuous, just around my apartment complex. I was drawn to the back of the parking lot near a hillside. There I found mint growing wild surrounded by yellow mushrooms in a makeshift faerie ring.


Thank you Lucifer for appearing to me this 3am to accept your offerings. Pure,white light and energy flashes. Beautiful.
I am always in awe when you make your presence known to me



again and again he puts up with me being a pain in the ass… always guides and helps me.
So much love!!!


Dear President Marbas, a dog of a person I know was dying, I simply asked for help from you, I can not know for sure if it was you,they said would not have passed the night, if it was you, if you heard me welcomed my request I would like to tell you infinitely thanks … and thanks for helping me with the depression that had returned to knock !!


thanks to Tzaphkiel ,Phorlakh, Aspadi, asinel,capipa, Jromoni for 38000 dollars in 4 days, very thankful…


A quick thank you to archangel Raphael - my grandfather had surgery complications earlier in the day, and I invoked Raphael and asked for his help… None of us thought he was going to make it through the day, especially after further complications arose, but, about an hour ago, I got news that the doctors said he had made a “miraculous recovery”

I can’t say for sure if what I did had any influence, but if it did, I dearly thank Raphael for his help in this :slight_smile:


I want to thank the demons: King Paimon, King Amaymon, King Oriens, King Egyn, and Bathin for helping me with enchanting my necklace, which is now greatly powerful! (didn’t realize this didn’t send months ago lol)


Amducious you came in and kicked ass, like a fucking sonic boom you cleared bullshit attacks… healing is occurring and i hear music in a silent room. Its a brand new day a brand new me …


Thank you for a cool first Evocation Glasya Labolas . I hope you enjoyed your offerings and I hope to meet again with you very soon. Hail Glasya Labolas


Thank you for showing up, Earl Raum. (But also: WTF, Earl Raum?!)


Thank you Sitri for giving me EXACTLY what I asked for. :joy:

A couple of days ago, my request to Sitri was, “My ex asks me to have sex with her.”

A day later, my ex calls me and asks me to have sex with her. I agree and we hang up. I said to myself, “Wow, this was quick! I’m gonna have sex tonight!”

Minutes pass. Then she calls me again and tells me she’s out with a friend drunk, and that she was kidding.

Friends, be careful how you word your requests, because you might get exactly what you ask for. :joy:


I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to King Paimon for helping me out with the test I thought i was going to fail; I got an A!
I’m so happy right now.
Hail the Great King Paimon.


Thanks to Marquis Leraje for having my back and for letting me know.
You’re the best and your game is always on point.


Thank you Lilith, for everything you do for me. Thank you Belial, you’re so much more than I expected.


A huge thank you to the great Duke Bune, an amazing encounter during my spell work, a quick manifestation to accept and empower the spell work!!! Hail Bune!!!


Big thanks to Lord Asmodeus for he has carried my lust from my heart and made me pure. More specifically, taught/teaching me how to control lust


you did it then? great!