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Wonderful romp through the historical sources of modern Vampire lore:


“We are a race of avatars.”

I enjoy this because it backs up my view of humans as what I call, “composite beings” a mix of animal, spirit and in a connected network of human consciousness, as well as the out network of all consciousness, which also aligns with the lightworker view of humans as higher beings incarnate as human, and the Norse view of humans having many parts including the fylgia and the spirit incarnating at a given point when we’re babies.

Oh lookie, Alex Collier leads me right back to J Z Knight who’s work I’ve also been following.
It’s really time to step up my research into what they’re saying. This is really old, I’m so behind.

Amazing maxim I need to meditate on, this this will suck, I think…

“The love that you withhold, is the pain that you carry, lifetime after lifetime.”