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Oh interesting, so the Chinese also have it in their mythology, which is one of the oldest known, that a serpent being created two races, a more perfect race and humanity.

This site tells the story in a satirical way but I think it’s honest.

The “reptilians created humans as slave GMO primates” theory is supported again. I’m a tad fed up about this. It’s so… plebian.


Interesting and corroborates common sense and what I’ve read in other books, even by therapists dealing with issues caused by ghosts getting attached to people in the hospital.

Includes babies getting attached earthbound spirits that affects their whole lives.

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Shiny. I just stumbled on the work of Dr Jacobo Grinberg experimenting with telekinesis and telepathy, who got close, though he and his family went missing. He wrote about 50 books that I’ll have to check out.

Documentary (in Spanish, have to use auto subtitles for other languages)


Shiny! Ithink I read this lady’s book a while ago, and lost it in a move and could never remember the title or author, and the yt channel “New Thinking Allowed” (always a good listen) has found her for me… I’m happy. :smiley:

Very interesting journey of a therapist who realised some of her patients were being influenced by spirits and/or past lives.

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A delightful description of how a human’s psychic system receives information from Clif High.

I’m not a linguist, I just really enjoy language, especially when people are precise and accurate with beautiful words, and Clif High IS a linguist that is both.

Humans walk around with very exquisitely sensitive, micro-crystalline antenna surrounded by wave guiding, resonating chamber (brains in skulls) on top of their necks. Further, humans have long threads of radiation receptive nerve fiber throughout their torso, the Vagus Nervous System. These receptive nerve fibers connect into their brains.

As some humans as scientists such as V. Vernadsky, and R. Sheldrake, have confirmed, humans are highly efficient, selective receivers of very weak forms of radiation. It is a survival factor, an advantage provided by universe, that, thanks to social engineering, is mostly ignored, and denigrated out of our life experience.

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I don’t think there’s any need to go there

If you want to take energy from another human, for one, you can already do it, you don’t need to ‘be a vampire’.

Either knowingly or unknowingly, I totally agree with that

They’re not a different species, they’re human too.

It’s just a state of mind

they get diagnosed with illness after illness and treatment doesn’t help - it’s really sucks and some get actually very insulted when non-vamps ask then to ‘turn them’. Some see it as a curse.

I have this Asian vampire movie, with a 9 year old kid who plays the vamp, they call him “ding dong”. (ya, I know, it’s tacky)

I like paragraph 4

Always. E. A. Koetting has a yt vid up interviewing one called Charles that explains that you could feed of the Dali Lama and still need to filter it.

It would be like drinking Kool Aid

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Shiny: Symbols of an Alien Sky :flushed: :exploding_head:

anthropological research and musing into where the snake/dragon symbolism seen worldwide came from historically. There’s on focus on lightning, which is interesting to me as in studying Taoism dragons are considered conduits of energy.

This provides a completely different idea for who the gods where, particularly Saturn, that the skies were different once, allowing for Saturn to be called the Sun, but the “better” sun, and that it’s Saturn that is Ra, Yhwh, Moloch and other old gods.

Saturn is the god that devoured his own children and this also makes the connection with the sacrifice demanding yhwh, moloch and aztec gods etc.

But about 55 minutes in I’m seeing the massive influence and astrophysical appearances of Venus and why there’s a link to Lucifer that could be more than the the one reference as a mistranslation of the Morning Star (Venus) in the bible. Which reinforces my feeling that Lucifer and Satan are in no way related, not in energy when evoked, not historically and not biblically.

I have to wonder how much of modern western occultism is merely ancient stories turned into superstition turned into romanticized allegory, and taken much too literally today, making a million cultural egregores of something really much more solid.

But nothing like what all this was based on exists today, the solar system changed (which it does a lot and is why astrology should be taken with a grain of salt. Astrology seems to be an art fixed in time and partially obsoleted by now, and we have no way to update it.
No wonder we make up stories to explain the myths and don’t consider them as history, when that may be exactly what they are. Humans really don’t like unanswered questions and will make up answers rather than leave it alone when we don’t actually know what we’re talking about.

The bull of heaven here also looks a bit like the Irminsul, a very old symbol of fertility of ancient Norse myth. This is the sun with mars in front and plasma streams, the divine thunderbolt, reaching Earth. 53 minutes in.


Nothing is as it seems.


Ah ha! I finally found why magickal manipulation of your DNA works from a secular perspective that my conscious mind can understand.

I’m taking it a step further: rather than using water carrying frequencies from original DNA as the medium to cause the building blocks of DNA to form a copy of the original DNA (real experiment by biochemists) I’m using my mind and qigong (energy working) to change my frequencies to cause my DNA of my whole body to change.

I feel quite encouraged finding this to redouble my efforts. I’m mostly just looking to remove methyl groups from healed sites ad lengthen the telomeres right now, but I also want to switch that gene that makes me allergic to lectins.


Sometimes, when I’m occupied with something relatively mindless, like a simple phone game, it’s like I can hear my subconscious dreaming in the background while I’m awake. It’s a semi trance state but one I’m not directing… So I though it would be fun to start capturing the rambling crap I overhear from time to time. The nothing I heard was:

Wet, are all the knives surrounded by a short jar.

Ok never mind :joy:



Thank you Computerphile! The alarmist romantic nonsense of AI being even able to become “sentient” any time soon, if at all if you ask me, is sooo dumb. The fluffy anthropomorphizing is really becoming irritating to me. It doesn’t matter if it 'passes" the Turing test on a pretrained script you set it up for that morning.


I really love the subconscious so I usually might enjoy making sense of its nonsense. The sentence you heard, I’m sure, was your subconscious mind doing its thing but I had to :joy:!

I could have chosen the King of Swords for “all the knives” but 10 felt more fitting.

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Ooh that’s a good idea, to see if images from Tarot and other divination systems I use ring a bell. :slight_smile:

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Some interesting analysis from cliff high on the Elohim, under the Ancient Aliens perspective, not new in it’s entirely but with a couple of newer aspects that nicely clarify the philosophy. Clif is a linguist and reads the original texts to gain info hidden in modern translations.

Paraphrased or quoted and reduced to the bit I’m interested in, minus politics, but the original article is here.

So, the Elohim, “are those beings who came down to earth 6000 years ago, and by power of superior technology, …conquered humans for the genetic experimentation that produced modern humanity. The Torah, and Talmud, Zohar, and other jewish religious books are all about the Elohim & their adventures here on earth.”

I note, in this time period it has been about 4000 years since the last pole flip, civilization relied on psychic senses and siddhis, and not technology, which becomes a crutch that causes the atrophy of psychic ability, but very few has regained the abilities available to those that built the pyramids, which may have been done by Altanteans, who came here as an entirely different group of ETs.

“The El (one of the many Elohim) who was in charge of the jews was known as YHWH, or Adonai. He, and his wife/mate had help in organizing, and leading the population that they controlled. Some of this help came from those of the Elohim who were titled as “BAAL”. All of the Cananite tribes used the word ‘BAAL’ to mean ‘Lord’. So it was BAAL YHWH to his tribe. There were also traveling ‘Lords’, such as BAAL ZHBB, [lord who flies/soars] which, with the vowels put in sounds out as ‘BAAL ZhiBuB’, or ‘Beelzebub’.”

“These traveling ‘lords’ are thought to have been inspectors, or assurance officers of the Elohim organization. Their jobs were basically quality control, as we may understand from ancient writings. Thus Beelzebub gets a very bad rep with the Adamites (those people from the GAN Eden genetic experiment laboratory complex) as he is in charge of making sure the genetic experiments were up to specifications required, or terminating them.”

:thinking: Makes perfect sense actually. The flying balifs (pural) would be hated. He still presents as vermin today. My feeling is the Baal Zebul we work with is easily an egregore, as there were historically many with this title and none of them gave a fuck about helping humans.

“The descriptions that we have of the Elohim include a range of ‘types’ that included androgynous beings that the religious literature refers to as ‘arch angels’ in the christian translations. These many classes, or types, of Elohim are also described in Vedic, and Sumerian, and other historic texts from around this planet”

"It is assumed by scholars that the tribe of Jacob, as primitive humans, ruled by YHWH, from whom judaism derives, were victims of a sort of ‘cult of personality’ in which ‘all things Elohim’ were to be imitated, and emulated. This desire to elevate themselves to the status (and technology) of the Elohim is a dominating theme within the Talmud. This proclivity is discussed, and alluded to constantly, with discussions about the Elohim taking their leave of our planet. This departure left a big power vacuum within human society that was filled by people we came to call ‘the priest class’.

“Cult of personality” is exactly what I call these as well. Unfortunately once culturally entrained to control the minds of the masses, when Christianity came along, which is a completely different philosophy, it was infiltated and corrupted, got the old cult texts tacked on as the “Old testament” and turned Jesus into the cult leader he never wanted to be. They did it to themselves.

The phrase “Jesus is Lord” directly evidences this. I think Jesus/Mithras would be insulted by this, he was never an Elohim, never a Ba’al, and it’s the opposite of what he told his disciples to do: find god within as he did and tried to show us how to.

“The priest class, from all religions, are human bullshit artists who walked into an already sweet set-up & took over when the Elohim bugged off planet. These bovine excrement spewing priest people have been able to keep the scam going up to this present day, though it appears to be falling apart now.”

This is pretty much in alignment with my UPG and analysis of the state of the JCI religions. There’s very little spirituality in the old texts, which are not the Kabbalah. I’m suspecting at the moment that the Kabalah, which has a hidden understanding of sacred geometry encoded within it, was plagiarised off older sources, probably salvaged from Atlantis as well. We see repeating patters of heavy plagiarism, “name stealing” as Clif puts it, and then hiding true history with these JCI type peoples.

At this point, I think, Kabbalah is … not originally Jewish.
It makes me wonder what parts of it were edited out, sanitised, translated wrong as usual and generally messed up?
That info may only remain in the Askashic records now.

I haven’t decided if I agree that arch angels and Elohim are the same species. If they are, the angels are not friendlies, they stayed aligned with the controllers, or Elohim, and most of the lesser angels are Archons. The “fallen” that tried to help humans are the friendlies.
In that case we are probably just working with egregores and human projected expectations for the most part all round. How the physical appearance of the Elohim and the interaction with aliens as discarnates through CE5 and journeying works needs thought.


So I got into the work of Drunvalo Mechizedek, which is interesting with ifo on energy working in respect of creating the lightbody aka merkaba aka torus, lots of agreement but also some ideas I haven’t seen elsewhere yet. Some things “didn’t age well”, shall we say.

I seem to have found the source of much material in his workshops around the history of humans and it’s working on this planet, as coming from Edgar Cayce, and verification of Cayce’s prophecy coming out of the group or order, “The Children of the Law of One” some of whom are ascended masters including Mithras/Jesus who showed up in Zoroastrianism and it’s later plagiarisation, the new testament, before it was lost and rewritten in a highly coded and distorted way by the sons of Belial.

Long analysis over 11 videos in this playlist, still easier than reading the Cayce material, but that seems worth doing. Melchizedek claimed Cayce’s visions were no longer accurate after 1972, for reasons of some big merkaba being created over the Bermuda triangle, I have yet to corroborate that claim myself and I’m skeptical, as Cayce was reading the Akashic records, not divining, and so, would have seen that too.

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Well this is very fun.

What I get out of this, is basically Latin squares were a trendy amusement during the 17 hundreds when many Grimoires were written (or rewritten), in a branch of maths called “recreational mathematic”… basically they’re medieval sudoku.

They are an artifact, just like sigils, they have no inherent magickal properties, they are what you make of them. They have attached to them energetically the energies of all the people who have also used them throughout time, forwards and backwards, though the Akashic records.


"Having eyes, do you not see? "

That’s odd. The “First Emanation of God” has nothing to do with humanity, fictional horror games, and not gendered. It doesn’t have big titties either, before you ask. :woman_shrugging:

I’d just ask you to stay on topic,and not be random then. I don’t really consider Silent Hill to be on topic though. There are games with really interesting pantheons and a lot of complex history and lore developed for them, but silent hill isn’t one of them :slight_smile:



Uggh, so I’m woken early by hearing two sms pings on my phone…
except my phone is silenced before 7am.

So I open my phone and it’s 5:55am.

There are no texts.

Ok. This is the 3rd time that’s happened, that I get woken by a text ping and no text, I figure some entity wanted to talk (didn’t find out who yet, maybe me.) But not at 5:55. Maybe at 3:33, I’m fine with 3:33.

It’s funny because we JUST talked about Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers two days ago on here,and I used the 5:55 example of always meaning change. I was thinking it was nice to not see that for a while. Unless I’m making changes I don’t want to see it really.

So… something changed in the matrix. But what? Hmn.