Mastering communication with spirits using the pendulum

For over three months I had tried to use the pendulum almost daily to get answers from the spirits. I tried to clear the pendulum with 111 surya every day. I can’t go into a trance, but over the past few weeks I’ve been able to completely quiet my mind. But I’m still not entirely sure about the answers I got. I’m trying to use a pendulum board, it looks like it will be ok. How can I be properly sure of the answers I get? Is there a ritual or spirit you recommend for blessing , exorcism , validation ? I summon Luna and i using bornless rite , star ruby ​​etc. Every advice is valuable to me

Practice. Using a pendulm, imo, is about getting the info out of your subconscious.

To get your accuracy rate up, try this:

  1. Calibrate the pendulum by asking it to “show me a yes” … wait for the response, then, “show me a no”, wait for the response. They will be different.
  2. Get a batch of pictures, shuffle and put them face down.
  3. Pick a picture without looking at it, hold the pendulum over it and ask a yes/no question, like, “is there blue in this image?”
  4. Record the result, and whether it was right.
  5. After 100 of these, take the percentage accuracy. Do another 100, and your accuracy will probably have increased. From here ask more complicated questions.

Here’s a useful free list of online images you can use.


I use a printed Seal, consecrated with blood/spit - placed on top (sometimes beneath) the Ouija board and call in that spiritual entity. You can design and print off your own board.



Ive been working on something latley that has been scaring the shit out of me (in a good way!) I’ve been wanting to practice on my clairs, so I would choose a spirit (I’ve been doing the goetia demons) and I would only get the enn and sigil, I would disregard any other information as we should be able to find it out from the spirit we a contacting, For example, I just did a evocation on Duke Argares, I try to picture what he (she to me) is trying to appear to me as, I invisioned a blonde lady riding on a hawk, I then asked my pendulum if Duke Argares is with me, and if this image i saw is her, I got a yes, I asked a few other questions, but I wanted to confirm if my contact was accurate, sure enough I go to see what Duke Argares appears as, can appear as a woman, or man riding a crocodile holding a hawk. I think its safe to say She/he can appear the way I saw her given that description.
I recomend you give this a go its really helping alot