Marbas and Clair abilities

So I’ve thanked Marbas once before in the Thank You spirits thread, but I figured to point anyone else who needs help with developing their clair abilities in the right direction.

I’ve been working with Marbas on a little something-something, and I’ve found that he is excellent in figuring out what practices would suit you best.

So if you wanted to, for example, develop your clairvoyance and clairaudience skills, contact Marbas and ask him to help you out.

Soon enough, you will stumble upon a course or practices that will suit YOU specifically, and your energy system, the best.

It’s like going to a suit tailor.

He is able to see the tiniest details of your energy system and see what you currently need to work on to get to your goals.

So, if you are stuck and don’t know what to work on next, or you don’t know what practices to use, Marbas is your man, and you should contact him.

Thanks Marbas.



Thank you for this - he is pretty awesome and yes, I’ve noticed a serious uptick in the clairabilities although my rational being kept interfering and telling me I was hearing/seeing/smelling etc things…

Excellent post - thank you again.


Thank you Fire.
It is one of my fears as a noob, to discover one day, no matter how much I work, my Clair abilities would never be opened enough.
I had some glimpses, but I want it all,I am obsessed by it, and really needs to calm my mind down,
It is just, that it is taking so long…:neutral_face:
I will learn more about Marbas, and one day try to see if he shows any interest in helping my case.


Trying too hard is a great way to setup a failure. Next thing you know you’ll be making excuses and avoiding meditation.

Got to let go. Let go on every single level you can think of and true visions, untainted by your ego will reveal themselves.


Last comment I wrote was for you, but I replied to the whole thread. My bad.

Thanks Rahnoren, I understand, but the let go is really hard, I need to change my mind set up again, lol…Obsession is never really a good think, and it is just showing me I am focusing too much in the wrong actions or direction…

Btw, before your advice, yesterday I decided to not think about any demon,spirits and spend a night with " my own"
I thought" hey, why not watch a series?"
Well, I finished my night with Supernatural,lmao,
Lots of Lucifer and Hell people,:joy:
(This was one of the fackest let’s go of my life)

Last summer I tried as hard as could to let go, but each time somethings happens and here I am obsessing again over Clair abilities and full contact with demons.
Anyway, thanks for sharing about you and Marbas,
Each time I read this kind of topic I think there is still hope!:wink:

Who is marbas

Goetic demon

Please don’t take this the wrong way…


Helping in any way makes me happy. Of course there’s hope.

I wrote this a few months ago:

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Thank you so much for this, have spoken with the great President today and asked him for assistance with these abilities and telepathy, was told to try it out… I did on the Beloved’s soul.

Thought I was hallucinating/talking to myself initially but we have sweetly funny and mundane conversations about things that are going on in life and feelings so I’m pretty sure because the Beloved keeps asking “How exactly are you doing this”, that something is definitely happening at some level.

Ended up having a long non-candle telepathic skype session, this time only looking at his image.

@anon20147451 - Thank you so much I would never have considered doing this before and it might push things along


Can I work with Lucifer and Marbas?

may i know how can i contact marbas? beginner here🙂