Making Pacts

Making a pact with a spirit seems fine. .However, what about making a pact with 4 of them? If, say, I make a pact with Satan, Lucifer, Lucifuge and Belial, what would the effect be? Would it be more powerful or less? Is it wise to even consider such a thing? I’ve been having sort of “vanilla” talks with some pseudo-warlocks and though they are not well versed in Satanism nor Paganism, they say “give it a shot! What would happen if you DIDN’T make a pact with the 4 listed above”?

I hear that and truly understand their naivety, however they believe that they are speaking the truth- if fact they are mostly authoritarian, and if you disagree with them you are considered an enemy. That’s just plain ignorant and I laugh at them openly. But they don’t give any warnings or heed to advice. I just don’t have anyone to talk to “live”, so I bounce some, not all, thoughts and ideas off of them. Some answers I get are absolutely rediculous, while others seem to have a kernel of the truth, or so it seems, reasonable answers.

What would the folks here in the forum think? What advice, warnings, well-wishes and cautions would you give me? I understand it’s dangerous, and possibly life-threatening, but it is something I am considering, but have no guidance on this.

Oh yes, does anyone have thoughts on being patient?


Pacts or agreements are very personnal and should be done with much thought as to the final outcome as once you make that pact it is very difficult to recind, always be a 100% sure of your intentions, and do not cast anything with doubt in your mind as once it is cast it is cast.

Before you make important occult decisions conduct some research. There are dozens of links on this site about making a pact with the demonic or google it and you will have hundreds of answers, YouTube also has many vids and instructions, check out this link for starters:


There are far more experienced people here than myself, but is it something you want to accomplish/acquire you feel one alone would be unable todo?

To answer your question, I must say that I want results not a emaciating wait for what doesn’t give me the results I desire. For 40 years I thought Christianity was THE answer… i.e “sometime’s God’s answer is No”, well for me it was always no. I have big ideas for my life and I have gotten nowhere time and again ultimately bringing me to realize that “God” is fabricated and a form of authoritarian rule.

Also, my patience is tested and as a result of No after No after No from “God”, I either had to just accept that my thoughts weren’t important enough for “God” to answer affirmatively. Its much easier to say NO. Yet after years of disappointment and sometimes heartbreak, I felt like I was the failure, I wasn’t worthy enough or my desires were grandiose. That I may have those types of thoughts were alarming, yet it was failure after failure and not a peep from a sentient divine creator. So, what am I left to do? Sulk and wallow through depression and turmoil in my life (and those around me- my family actually “disowned” me due to the fact that I brought so much pain to them because I wasn’t what they wanted. So my patience is at a minimum and I think, correct me if I am wrong here, but a life full of NO wears on a man’s psyche and outlook- I want results, and of course right now would seem to be the case, that I can see right away- PLUS the fact that I cannot go make a sandwich as E.A. suggested, I’m constantly looking for results- maybe that’s the issue, but how do I forget about something that is near and dear to me?

I do realize that I ask a lot of questions. a priest once called me “needy” simply because I had a lot of questions? Needy? Damn right I am… I want answers god-dammit! He wasn’t willing to help me and suggested that I wanted for him to teach me how to be a man, and he flat out said “I’m not going to tell you”. It wasn’t that at all! I had a lot of questions about origination, supernatural occurrences, the uncorrupted saints… he blew me off. I’m now wanting to find truth, results and I want them now! LOL, it just doesn’t work that way. I intuitively know that in my soul, but a little something to show that I’ve been heard would be nice.

Not wanting to take up ALL the space here, but BALG was immediately convincing to me, and it has been all I had been looking for in my life, I just don’t want to make a dire mistake. Maybe I am needy- I just counter with "HELL YES I’M NEEDY- I’ve been looking for something that actually works, and I have a lot to ask! My research has convinced me that I have a major role to play in my successes, I’m just so fucking frustrated that I’m not able to totally let go and wait until I forget I even said “so mote it be”. Ugh. Any thoughts would be appreciated from all members, even if you do call me needy.

Just one thing more- I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and disabled. I live now on a fixed income and feel as though I went straight from school to retirement. I have had amazing experiences in life, but they are all memories! I want to make new memories, have a full life of abundance and by my own design. Being raised in a Southern Baptist church who told me I was immoral because I didn’t follow all their precepts, and the hypocracy of the Roman Catholic church drove me further into mental, physical and spiritual malaise. Some thing no one should EVER have to live a life of continuous defeat and demoralization. So I’m here now, and want to give this my full attention and respect.; Other’s write about their successes, just once I’d like to give a great testimonial and even more as my life turns around into whagt I want it to be- that’s the goal of being a Living God, right?

Some comments, suggestion, admonishments, whatever would be greatly appreciated for which I will be eternally grateful.

I read everything you wrote and I want to read it again and think and really absorb what you said. Stick around its 8pm here and I will hit you up tomorrow afternoon if you haven’t won the lottery by then LOL


Oh yeah- any insight into making a pact with 4 spirits rather than one, and who those 4 are: Belial, Lucifuge, Lucifer and Satan will similarly be appreciated no matter the slant. I’m just at the end of my rope- and Mammon, the great destroyer has left me alone now for a few days… I understand that he must tear me down in order to build me up- not much different that boot camp in the US Navy! So, while I’m on the lookout for his antics, I must forge ahead and take my lumps as they come. I’ve been in a living hell for over 40 years, now anything is desirable in contrast to that aspect of my life. In most cases I can understand and accept the breaking me down part, not much further down can I go, really! I won’t whine or gripe any further, but I am actively looking for whatever can help further my growth and ascencion.

FANTASTIC! I will make myself available for the 8pm window to float around. I look at my clock and it’s nearly 10pm. I’ll make it a point to be available! Looking forward!

I wanted to get over someone. I’m doing it. I didn’t make a pact, I just kind of proposed something to King Paimon, so it is more of an understanding between us, like old pals (what we are NOT, since I’m new to this).

If you’re curious, I just told King Paimon I would write about him, not just in the forum, but as a form of art. I think he may have liked that.

I didn’t offer anything to Ganesh, I just told him how awesome he is and how much I needed his help, that was my first time actually seeing results using magic (and my second attempt to anything).

Bune is being different. But I just meditate on her sigil, told her stuff about me. I was reaaaally sad, to the point sad isn’t the word; is just that I don’t know the correct word in English (for any Spanish speaker, is the equivalent of angustia, so just fill me in if you know the right word). But now I’m feeling actually ok, in just 15 minutes.

So, if you want a total noob opinion, just go for simpler stuff, while keeping your dialog with the four of them. Just don’t promise anything you won’t be able to do.

Thanks for your insight… I am known for very large things to happen or “arrive” in my life. I’ve found a pedestrian way of going for things one at a time, but it’s such a paradigm shift for me is, or rather seems, to be only mediocre or mundane.

I apologize for the obscure words in this post, I don’t speak Spanish, at least not yet. I am going to the root of the Latin which should help me greatly in learning both Spanish and Italian as it comes time to do so.

And, lastly I really appreciate the responses I’m getting gratis! I am feeling like this is more than just education, but indeed like a community of like minded people, and it feels more like family then the family I once had, the family who disowned me and only want to control me and my future after my father dies. Its such bullshit, but also, it is what it is. It just is. So, I’m renouncing the “inheritance” I will receive and sending it straight to a botanical garden which was my mother’s ( my only ally ) to commemmerate her memory and to have something of beauty to last in perpetuity. And, I will also place my dad’s name on whatever plaque or symbol of recognition of the donation as I know he did only what he could do regardless of my own issues with the family.

I don’t want the proverbial “biscuit” for doing and announcing my plans to keep my mother and father’s memorialized in the botanical garden… I’m looking at it as unfinished business that I need to accomplish, and for atonement for my past transgressions and missteps.

All the best to you, and, again, thanks for responding to my post!

Hello again,
Sorry it took a while to respond. Keeping in mind that I’m not an expert in such matters.
My thoughts on working with Belial, Lucifuge, Lucifer and Satan as you propose only gives me a spot of concern in the sense that in a small way that could be offensive. IF! it’s sort of insinuating the one alone didn’t have the power to bring something to bear. I may be misunderstanding you on that point. Gotta see the right demon for the job as it were :slight_smile: I’m not always good at explaining myself.
Lucifuge I have no experience with, but the other 3 I have and I’m better for it.

Reading thru the forums here I have found these resources to be very helpful on my journey: