Magick no longer works?

A while back i lived in a 4 storey house (including basement and attic,) i lived in the upstairs part, and i got really into ghosts and the paranormal. I started trying different spells in order to make different things happen. One time i took a Styrofoam head and a singing bowl, and in my own words i kept telling the head to move and striking the singing bowl. I began to notice that every time i would do this, strange things began happening. I heard and saw small objects such as beads and bottle caps fall by themselves, and a lot of synchronicities would happen. Manifestation also worked really well, sometimes i would be writing a specific thing down, only for it to show up somewhere else, such as on the tv, or someone else would start talking about it.
I began writing my own incantations to summon and control thoughtforms.
I would begin to read aloud paragraph after paragraph of these incantations, and everytime i did, i would hear papers sliding by themselves, and lots of synchronicities. Sometimes i would also see a paper or plastic bag forcefully move by itself, as if someone slapped it with their hand. I once read some incantations with the intent to slam my bedroom door, as i was reading them, a draft came through and forcefully slammed the porch door (not too surprising as it happened quite often, but it still startled me because everything was so quiet.)
Anyways, time moved on and i eventually had to move to a new house which is what I am living in now, a crappy one-storey house.
Now, whenever i try to perform any kind of magick in this house, nothing ever happens. I have tried many different spells, incantations, and chants, but for some reason, it is always dead silent, and nothing ever happens. No synchronicities, no sounds, no movement, and manifestation never works. It’s actually kind of freaking me out that nothing happens, as i was so used to it working. Does anyone know why this is; perhaps it can be fixed? :star_and_crescent:


It is probably that in the last house you made the ground fertile for work. You practiced and a little at a time, the works accumulated in the area, and you had good results.

You’re in a new area now, so, you have to start from zero.

It’s the same with soil, most soil has to have stuff added to it, to become fertile for growing plants. So you add stuff like vitamins, minerals, etc.

Do your process again here.


I get what you are saying, but i have been in this new house for about 9 months now, and tried a lot of things. Wouldn’t it work at least a little bit by now?

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Try doing mundane things in the home to ground you into the space around it. I have had similar issues with projection and lucid dreaming in new homes.

Basically I can project on will to anyplace I’ve had my hands in the dirt (like having a plant in my window, garden in the yard), had a pet or child or worked on the home, or cared for it by cleaning it in ways others didn’t etc.

Places I just stayed for a year or two and it was just a place to lay my head, and I only did what I had to because it was temporarily- I can’t project to as easily or easily lucid dream about.

I actually tried to figure this out a few years ago and didn’t realize until I moved into the last two places what the difference was.

Basically I claimed space and then I cared for it. The nature and land spirits, house spirits and those who died in those areas noticed it and responded.

I don’t have issues with my other senses however, I can see or hear something weird in Walmart.

My noting of it was actually related to why the hell does my dream scape consist of partial towns from all over smashed into one making a whole city (that doesn’t make sense outwardly of course)…I finally realized it was this, but I had to really think about the difference and what I did in each place to get there- particularly like childhood homes, some show up I don’t expect and others I do expect don’t, but even if I cared in mind for a place, it doesn’t it seem to hit my dreamscape like those I put physical energy into.

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As @DebiDenice talks about, it des sound like the manifestations before were due to the existing presences and energy already in the house. Basically I suspect the house was haunted and the ghosts did the work for you, but they didn’t follow you out of the house.

… It doesn’t really sound like you’re doing much that by itself should make any particularly noticeable manifestations under regular circumstances, with the exception of your writing, which is a known technique to leverage the law of attraction to create change on our life.

So as Keteriya said to get manifestations happening you have two options, you can summon random entities that will start messing with your space as you had before, which I don’t recommend: it’s fun but not useful and can become harmful if they feel entitled to to start feeding off you (this is called parasitism and we have plenty of tutorials to stop this) and the 2nd is to develop your own astral / psychic abilities to do the work yourself, developing telekinesis etc.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


I agree with you, but to be fair I didn’t take into consideration that not realizing what was going on actually hinders you in the fact a person didn’t learn how to do what the spirits around them did for them so they’d be pleased they got a result.

I was looking it like a kitchen witch who loves all her little plant and animal spirits and works with them. :rofl:

I’m not a fan of poltergeist activity either though and essentially have house rules, though I don’t usually feel the need to have to like scream them out every time a new little seedling pops up, because I know my intentions are clear and I have servitors that pretty much… police it for me so that I really only have to worry about it when issues come up.

Basically I didn’t think about it like you did. :rofl:

Another thing to consider is when you have spirits around you like this on purpose like I do, they kinda get upset when things upset me.

A good comparison is when I had a dog. She considered me the pack leader and if someone upset me, she got upset about it. If something even seemed to threaten my children (like someone else playing too rough) she would get between them and snarl and growl until they left my kids alone. It was always just playing too rough, but it was never between me and them. I assume because I didn’t play that way and don’t like it.

I’ve had spirits do the same/similar thing to people who came into my home and disrespected me or who were trying to be a bit rougher in play or mock situations that I don’t like.

I get upset then the offender gets hurt. I’ve had to be very clear with my thoughts as magic gets easier and I see how thoughts influence my reality, but I’ve also had to tell my really close protective spirits that hey, just because I got upset doesn’t mean they deserve whatever, it doesn’t help the person understand me or relate and I don’t wish them harm even if I’m angry.

I’ve had it happen even when I had absolutely no Ill thought to the person and just had hurt or angry feelings that would on their own soon reside.

So just another, yeah thou should be wary and be sure your intentions are clear with spiritual interactions and local spirits.

I’ve had no such thing happen when I wasn’t working closely with local and natural spirits- like when I’ve done intensive periods with a pantheon and ignored those completely, it’s not occurred at all.

So I do relate this particular protective phenomenon to only occurring with spirits that reside in the same or near space as us on the physical.

My servitors don’t do it either so it doesn’t appear to relate to simply having a vessel. To date it appears to be related to whether or not they have an organic presence in my life, but I could simply be making that factor when there isn’t enough data to determine factor/non factor too.