Lucifer's Father

Interesting subject


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The latter.

I refer, to the fact, that the Name “Lucifer” didn’t exist before the invention of Latin Language,
and that being / mask, had been invented somewhere between greek and roman culture.

The original being, the name refers to,
was the first Angel,
Which is Samael.

At least,
that’s most accurate towards the written documentation,
and where most people agree upon it.

I figured, however,
if i had written “the heaven of Samael”,
more misunderstanding had spawned from that,
then with pointing back from todays view.

because those names have been attached into various deprivations and different storylines,
and from today,
non can really provide an accurate view,
of what happened back then.




Maybe @C.Kendall wants to share some of his insight. :roll_eyes:





But Ithe refference material is insufficient…
It took listening to the last video for me to see past the other shite I was forced to absorb in pre to mid teenage years.
:spider_web: Samael as Lucifer. That ok.
Bel Zebulon as Enki well that’s what he called himself and Bel Zebulon as an aspect of Lucifer which is ruler or kingship. :snake::dragon:

The biblical still fills me with the urge to destroy.
Belial turned my mind inside out.
I met a circle of 9 Light Being and a circle of 9 Dark beings.

Fuck. Delete rewrite delete and repeat.

Yeah ok and some of this. Nope.


@C. Kendall
Good ideas and

A discussion from both may produce curious results.

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Awesome thread!!! I am totally interested in all 3 of them Lucifer, Samael, Beelzebub :heart_eyes:

PS it seems there is a strong correspondence Belial - Beelzebub

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Lucifer and Samael are two different spirits , however I doubt most of trained themselves in astral projection to the point of being able to report experiences of these places


They may be separate but there’s aspects that can make them very similar or one in same or masks of each other. I believe I’ve seen a post about the different masks and aspects of Lucifer. If I’m not mistaken it is a C.Kendall post that talks about it.

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I liked this a lot.

I guess i missed the fact of that conversation going on.

Thanks to all who participate in there.

@Lady_Eva can this topic me made into a reply over there,
to merge the two topics?

I figured they are debating about it already.




Done. :+1:

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That doesn’t mean that they’re masks of each other.

Two people having similarities =/= them being the same person.

I’ve been around both (and have had the two of them in the same room) and their energies are very different.

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I think the term mask has been used in a way that it means something it’s not suppose to mean, like how Godform has been used in a different way.

Sharing similarities seems to be equated with mask now



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Samuel is, definitely not Lucifer… But I believe Lucifer is, Enki and, belzeebub is Enlil…and somehow that, beekeeping is Baal… Read somewhere that, Baal, means, “lord”…and there is, an entity called Baal-berith

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Belzeebub is, Baal… Lol

I believe this, however I do believe Beelzebub held the title Baal, as in lord.


@samael-azazel - i’d love to hear your view on this.

Much apriciated.

  • i do agree with that, it’s what i been told by spirits aswell.

I figure this sigil might be interesting for clearer views. :smiley:

Dear Velenos,

I want to clarify that i’m not bringing this back up because i have bad intentions your way.

It’s quite the opposite! I feel a great deal of familiar Energy when percieving your spirit astrally, and i seek to understand your view better, so i can give clearer and better answers myself aswell.

Theogensis says thesis and anti-thesis combine into synthesis.

So maybe we get it to be less of an UPG with a bit comparising and looking at both viewpoints.

After all, if your view is valid and the Balg Teachings are different from it,
there may be value in why those differences came up.

After all,
there’s been reports about Belial being different other beings aswell,
mainly - i personally think - because people associate familiar messages and energies to beings they categorize by frequency.

But do you judge music based on an isolated frequency range? by single notes?

So it’d be fascinating,
to have the different opinions exchanged,
and thereby ideally get a clearer view for those who seek to work with these beings.



Bump, very interesting stuff most of it’s over my head, I’m still simply trying to form my bonds with Lucifer just being Lucifer but do have the want to find out from him what is older names are so that will be an eventuality.

I do wonder about him being Samael because I asked to be a child o Lucifer and Lilith and from my readings it was Samael she ended up with way back then.

Has anyone here ever asked Lucifer any o these types of questions when his spiritual presence is strong enough to do physical things?

Also another sorta off topic question what type of stone or crystal does Lucifer prefer so I can get one and use it to further our connection.

A newb question but figured you all ouldnvmind answering or will just ignore, if I’m trying to strengthen my connection to Lucifer mainly wanting to communicate better I’d do an Invo or an Evo? I want to make sure he always hears me and I’m more able to feel his love, I sorta had clarity and told myself invo him befor but I’m confused because I have almost no experience with invo or Evo I mainly just call out to him.

Another simple question if I leave an offering for him that’s not secure and he doesn’t take it while I’m talking to him should I leave it there knowing some animal will get it or should I consume it with the intention he taste what I taste exc.

Sorry to newb up a super intelectual conversation.