Samael the Black


Samael the Black is the Executor of a family curse laid on a grandparent by an experienced magician who is now deceased. Samael the Black agreed to make a deal with me to lift the curse. On my side, in part, I am to make certain information public.

This series of posts on Samael the Black will cover:

  1. Who is Samael the Black?
  2. What are his powers?
  3. What are his affinities?

First, I will clarify who I am speaking of when I write the name Samael the Black. He is Samael pronounced Sa-may-el(*a). He is not Sammael, Satan, Samuel, or Samael the Archangel of Tuesday, nor is he Lucifer, Abaddon, or Azazel. He existed before the Hebrews wrote Sin(*b) Mem Aleph Lamed, letters that have been interpreted every possible way, and none of those interpretations describe Samael the Black.

So, (1) who is Samael the Black? (Henceforth, simply Samael). I can not yet fully describe Samael, but will begin with these ideas:

He Initiates Transcendence.
He Instructs one in the development and use of Psychic Powers.
He is a Dragon King and the Leader of the Army of Black.
He prefers Ice over Fire and Water, Rock over Earth, Space over Air, and, oddly, Day over Night.

End Introduction.

(*a) Many pronunciations for this spelling exist, like samell, samill, samul, samuel, samial, etc. Samael the Black confirmed to me that he prefers (ipa symbols in brackets): Sa-ma-el [sæ-meɪ-el] which is; s [s] like sun, a [æ] like cat, m [m] like man, a [eɪ] like hay or eight, e [e] like met, and l [l] like leg.

(*b) Sin or Shin or Samekh. All three S-like ancient Hebrew letters have been used to produce interpretations of his name.


An Initiation

Among Samael’s strongest Powers are the Initiation and Instruction of Ascending.

Ascending sounds wonderful, but what is it? Words are tricky. In Modern Demonolatry the purpose is to “Ascend to the demonic plane” where one can communicate freely with Demons(*a). On the Atlantean Path the purpose is to become “a newly forged God”(*b). On the Draconian path Ascending is the successful working of each step to become enlightened in this life (My interpretation from the Introduction written by Asenath Mason for *c).

Samael uses the word Ascending (also, Transcending) to mean working with Psychic Powers. I asked him to explain further. He said he would do so inside a meditation meeting (*d).

I meditated, arrived at the agreed upon location, and Samael was already there, waiting, along with three others. I walked out to meet them. They were hazy, and I am used to being able to see spirits much better in this place, so I stood there and waited in silence (I am annoyed because he put me on the Army of Black’s Spirit Blacklist and then tells me to meet him, but will not come in clearly, right? Right. (Also, there is a snake-lizard thing way behind them up against the rock wall that whirls the sand around while burrowing, thus making its presence known. Why is that here?)).

They all seemed to be wearing something historical style Military. Their posture was that of strong men ready for battle, or at least to supervise a battle. They felt armed but did not hold weapons in their hands. One gleamed silvery and was definitely wearing chain-mail (scales?). One was white, but white like he had cast a thin ghost over himself as a disguise. The other seemed yellow and had only enough visual form that he/she might have been mist in a vague human shape. Samael was wearing black, but was not black, and I could not make out any details.

They surrounded me. I waited. Finally, they said, “Hold out your hands.”

I did. It occurred to me that they might attempt to pull me apart as some kind of test. I brushed that thought away. Nothing in their demeanor was threatening. There was, in fact, nothing except stillness in their demeanor. Their hands, at least, felt far less hazy than they appeared, and like the hands of a person. There was not a talon, hoof, fin, or slither among them. One hand was smaller than mine (yellow’s I think) and none of them were overly big. I imagined we might fly somewhere abyssal or primordial or maybe to that river of lava I went to a few weeks ago while I was first angry about being on Spirit Blackout to root out some black fog spies. Or, maybe to some Kingdom in an astral mountain for show and tell. I reeled my imagination in and focused on holding their hands firmly, on being able to feel their hands, two holding each of mine. I had quit trying to see them. (We are indoctrinated to an extreme degree in magic that we must visualize. Sometimes, that might get in the way.)

What happened then was so unexpected. When everything is not what you could ever have imagined, you get that it is real.

They began to feed energy into my hands. It was a dense, powerful infusion that moved up my arms within a few breaths, met at the center of my chest, and from there went up into my head and down my torso and legs. It was spectacular and extraordinary. The most vibrating, floating, deep meditation x 20. They kept pushing it in. I felt the energy push stuff out of my head. I wondered if it would get to be too much. Would I catch on fire, have a stroke, explode? No, it never became uncomfortable. It was just overwhelmingly beyond. And they kept pushing it in.

I was not meditating deeply enough to be unaware of the physical. I had to focus to stay with them because the energy was in my alive body and that pulled at my attention. After some minutes, they eased off and let go of my hands.

Then, they said, “Welcome.”

I felt them smile. It makes me smile and feel kind of giddy to remember it as I write this. They did not mean “you’re welcome,” they meant “Welcome.”

I sat up. My body felt full, smoothed, eased, and energized, everywhere. I was warm enough to have a few beads of sweat on my upper lip, but no warmer. My hands and forearms were especially heavy and vibrating. I couldn’t sleep until dawn.

Initiation over.

(*a) Modern Demonolatry; S. Connolly.
(*b) The Scorpion God; Mark Alan Smith.
(*c) Visions of the Nightside; Black Tower Publishing.
(*d) Divination Communication. Explanation of method forthcoming.


Please post more about Samael. Your experiences with him, his personality, his preferences, anything you feel is important. And does he want to work with humans and be evoked? By psychic powers do you mean like astral senses or shooting fireballs? He interests me, and I am seriously considering working with him. Thanks.



To work with Samael one can Ceremonially request his guidance or one can initiate into the Qliphoth and walk the pathways. Your relationship with him will be stronger if you choose to perform a Ceremony. You should know him before you choose to do that.

Samael the Black is a Draconian King and the Leader of the Army of Black. He will not hold your hand, sooth you with feathery wings, protect you, or respond to your questions just because you asked them. He does not like to talk. Then again, some of his shells will sooth you with feathery wings, answer anything you ask, and act like your guardian angel. He is complicated (*d).

You know if you are drawn to him or not. That is the deciding factor. After you know this, then working with him is only a matter of when and how fast.


The popular version:

  • He will crush your enemies, and teach you how to crush them.
  • He will show you how to protect yourself. He will not protect you (so it is said).
  • He can teach you how to hide yourself and your work, to operate in secrecy.
  • He is highly talented in curse-workings.
  • He is known to be (at least considered to be) just and trustworthy.
    * I cannot know what He may Be or Do for one with whom he has a special bond. See references. Ravenberg claims to be protected by Samael, who is his sole patron.

My Version:

  • He is extraordinarily powerful. He can determine and enforce who and what one may work with. Other powerful Beings work with him.
  • He is a Draconian Path Initiator and Guide. (The current is amazing.) He will direct one on the Draconian path as needed, without a special bond in place.
  • He made a just decision on my behalf (I think), has acted honorably (though often by devious means) and been true to his word (so far).
  • He has great patience, and, it turns out, unbelievably, that he has a sense of humor. A Severe One.
  • I like a challenge.

Day. King. Black. Dragon. North. Flame. The Emperor card.

Daytime. Face North. Light a candle. Offerings appreciated. Sigil appreciated. Call to him. Speak.

Samael is Day Being. Any Hour of the day will suffice, though he has a stronger preference for hours not near dawn or sunset. It Must Be DAY. The weekday, the planetary hour, and the phase of the Moon are irrelevant to him (though these things might still be relevant to your working).

Face North
He is King of the Cardinal North point in at least two of the seven planes(*a).

Yes to Frankincense, Dragon’s Blood, White Copal, and Amber.
No to Myrrh, Benzoin, Pinion Pine. And most other incense forms.

For those that cannot create billows of smoke with charcoal and rock incense where they live (and it is far from necessary to evoke as A.E. Koetting to communicate with any Being), Samael indicated that a simple candle and no incense is acceptable.

He definitely wants a Flame to be present.

For other incense, no to all the typical odors: Cedar, Sandalwood, Mint, Patchouli, Celestial, etc. He does not like sweet or green odors. (I am a Yankee Candle fan, however, and he seemed to like Sun-tea and Sea Harbor, which are notably without floral or spice accents). The single floral scent he gave a Yes to was Jasmine, which is very tart and sharp (and in Sea Harbor). Whether or not I light up a Sun-tea, I always have a simple, long-burning, unscented candle lit when I reach out to him.

I do not have a comprehensive list of offerings. Food and drink are not his highest priority, nonetheless, they are and will be appreciated (I think all Beings appreciate offerings).

YES for Offerings
Eggs. Pig, Cow. Mustard. Cinnamon. Honey. Tobacco leaves. Black tea leaves (unbrewed). Coffee Beans. Seeds. Crushed Red Pepper (but not black pepper or the peppers themselves–Crushed Red Pepper is the seed of the chili pepper–yes, there is a theme here the that goes far beyond–and has little to do with the concept of–just anything ‘hot’). (*c)

NO for Offerings
A big NO to Sheep. No to Chicken, chocolate, butter, jam, claws, teeth, other bones, wood, leather, and most spices and plants. He does not seem to like liquids, including alcohol. No to all metals (yes, really). Although, if you disbelieve, I doubt a metal offering would offend him.

The sigil of Samael the Black is not the sigil of the Archangel of Tuesday who is another Being (or Shell) also spelled in Hebrew as Samael but pronounced Sam-yule who actually prefers the spelling Samuul. Many have used the Tuesday Archangel sigil and contacted Samael OR Samuul OR any another Being who filled the needs of the ritual purpose. If you have a sigil for the Draconian King Samael the Black, good. Please share it. V.K. Jehannum posted his sigil for this Black Draconian Samael (see references). Samael also authorized me to share my wedge-tipped Sharpie hand drawn sigil for this post (*b). See at end.

In the Details?
Samael is not concerned about the perfection of your work space, your offerings, or yourself before you seek to evoke\invoke him. Do not get hung up on making everything just so. He is more interested in getting to work than waiting for the right incense to arrive from some online-store-dot-com.

References for Getting Started in Working with Samael

The Qliphoth and Paths
I strongly recommend Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason and other works produced by the Temple of Ascending Flame.

I also recommend V.K. Jehannum’s rites.

Ceremony of Dedication
Write your own, after you have met him. Since no one listens to that advice, see the references for examples and/or further guidance. You could be chanting hymns to Samael tonight.

(*a) The seven planes have different Cardinal Kings. A Cardinal King may rule in more than one plane. I am pursuing but do not yet have all the details on the seven planes.
(*b) My sigils are based on a two-dimensional representation of physical sounds in linguistically correct spatial locations as vocalized with human anatomy. A work in progress.
(*c) There are specific materials, flowers, berries, and stones that he likes as well. I will post as he answers.
(*d) How complicated? Next Post.

References to External Posts by Those That Work With Samael

Note: I personally disagree with several of these practitioners methods, beliefs, and morals. These references are for your exploration. --a practicing black magician whose patron is Samael. --read Aunt Clair-7th entry --Leitch seems to be a popular resource --her conversations with those she evokes are quite good --a recovering Niner. This post includes his Samael sigil.

My Sigil:


I cannot define the Draconian Current. Others with more experience than I have already. I am going to share the ways I have been changed by it, thus far.


Physical Energy

  • Increased vigor and stamina
  • Faster recovery of energy after exhaustion
  • Significant recharge of energy via meditation

Emotional Effects

  • Renewed sense of purpose in life
  • Instant alleviation of mild depression.
  • A smoothing out of mood swings. (average everyday bumpy bio-chemistry moodiness.)

The Kundalini Serpents

  • Prior to the energy initiation, those rising, sinuous twins were about the diameter of my own forefinger (middle phalanx, not joint). They were smooth snakes with pit viper heads and forked tongues. I read conflicting sources on colors, so one was usually silvery and the other dark.
  • Afterwards, whoa, they had been royally enriched. They were huge, at least twice the diameter in size. One was a gleaming, rich gold and the other a lustrous, pitch black. They lost the pit viper heads and seemed to be sentient, as if they had become familiars.
TLDR Details
  • For instance, they took up a more complex route that included the hara (Golden Stove) between the Sacral and the Solar chakras and hit the Granthis points, which I always felt the traditional winding path of the serpents should not ignore.
  • I used to have the other ones hit the top of my skull at the crown chakra, then dip back down to the Pineal level. My new glossy ones did not do that and when the thought arose in my brain at noticing that they did not, they both swiveled their faces around and looked me in the eyes, from the inside somehow, and swayed “no, you do not want us to bang anything in your head.”

Energy Usage

  • My hands and arms up to my elbows charge up very significantly. I am able to make pain in other people go away. I have not had much opportunity to test what else I might be able to do.
  • I feel the current in my body, just by turning my attention to it. The second I think to meditate, it fills me. I do not know what I should do with it, or if it is doing something to me.
  • When I perform a rite of any kind, I sense the presences within 30 seconds.

Any suggestions on things to try with energized hands would be welcome.

Charging Ritual, off topic

I had been working on charging my hands before the initiation but had only tried a few things with that energy. The same ritual I still works. I am not sure if it is the same energy source, because the ritual is one I made up and not specifically Draconian. If anyone is interested in trying the ritual, let me know.

Back to Samael next time…


Severe Humor

Samael had agreed to a list of items he wished for me to share, but it was often challenging to obtain the information from him.

  • He is a Day being. I have some good day hours, am often awake all night, and my current living situation is full of unpredictable interruptions during the day.
  • I was restricted to communicating only with him. All the information was obtained via a solid but slow divination method.
  • I could not always interpret his sparse words (with no surrounding context) accurately, so would have to ask tedious questions to clarify. He had less patience with that process, and those sessions often devolved into zero content.
  • I asked him to meet with me in meditation and explain things. He refused. I have no idea why.

He was often difficult beyond reason. At least twice a week, because he was feeding me garbage, I would give up and in the middle of my divination notes write all the things I wanted to yell at him, and remind him that he had to hold up his part of the deal or he had no honor. (I was afraid that he might cause the deal to fail just by withholding information that said deal required I make known. I would have asked any Being that I could, first and foremost, how to best deal with this difficult side of Samael the Black, but I was not allowed contact even with my own Guardian). Several times, I meditated and went looking for him. One of those times, we got into a fire fight. Yeah. I went to where I knew he was and waited for him, to try to talk to him. He showed up as a dragon and attacked me. I fought back and went on a rampage. I was afraid he was going to come after me for that one.

I asked many times, even begged, for him to allow a trusted Being to communicate with me at night on his behalf. It was almost three weeks before he agreed to that. He gave me this name: ABSRDNS(a*). Everyone reading, guess away at who ABSRDNS is.

It required quite a bit more divination to decipher this name. The name began with “Absu” and the rest of the letters were nothing I recognized. Sometimes additional letters are just an addition to the name, and sometimes they are the Beings name from another language/civilization. Google gave me: Absu, also Abzu, Sumerian, Babylonian, and a Draconian spirit. Perfect. It made sense that Samael would refer me to the Fresh Water Dragon of the Babylonians (Tiamat was the Salt-Water Dragon) who are the Chaos and Abyss of the Draconian Nightside ideology. I decided to begin working with Absu and decipher the rest of the letters another time.

It was another week before I tackled deciphering the rest of the name, and then I realized I had received what is probably a rare honor, that of being the target of a Samael the Black joke. After obtaining a few more vowels with Absu I guessed Aidoneus. It is a somewhat rare Greek name for the Being usually referred to as Hades. Absu confirmed he was Hades. That Absu was also the Greek Hades made sense, too(b*).

So, Samael had told me, “go to Hell.” This amused me for days.

I verbally acknowledged that Samael referred me, literally, to Hell, as I was verifying with Absu that he was also Hades. Samael presenced(c*) behind me (fast; he must have listening in), looking over my shoulder, with the faintest smile. There is no mistake that he understood exactly, precisely the dry irony, and was pleased that I pursued the name challenge and ‘got’ the joke. He really meant it, too, on many, many levels.

I was delighted to uncover this wit inside the silent, rock that Samael usually is in our interactions. It meant, to me, that working with him was going to work out, and I do not doubt his word anymore.

(a*) When spelling via divination: Since most Beings have documented names, it is usually quickest to skip vowels. I allow for an initial vowel, then ask for consonants only. This works fast… when they spell their current, common use name. Unless I specify, however, I might receive a very ancient favorite name, or two overlapping names from two different languages (not fun to untangle). I have often spent an hour or more deciphering an unexpected Sumerian, Egyptian, Norse, Greek, etc. name. I have learned to specify language and civilization.
(b*) Final version of name: Absu Uru Danias (etymology details and pronunciation off topic for this post).
(c*) Presenced = Being is present in energy-state, and easily detectable with clair-sentience.


There are several sigils… which one is than the best?


Lilith asked me to make a pact with Samael a few months ago. I had a very unpleasant, “be careful what you wish for” experience and she told me he would straighten my thinking out. At first I thought he was a jerk. Gained a lot of knowledge but still a jerk. Now we get along and yes, he has the weirdest sense of humor. I’ve trusted him, because Lilith is and has been my Matron for many years. She would not steer me wrong. Now I trust him, because he’s earned it. He keeps my thinking straight and reminds me to do my daily meditations. I tend to forget them when I’m stressed. He’s around mostly during the day but shows up when I do a ritual at night too. Kind of in the background. Lilith gave me my own sigil, so I asked Samael about one. He said I don’t need one, as we have a pact. I think the sigil above or V.K.'s sigil would work though. He told me at the very beginning he cannot be summoned, evoked or invoked. But he senses it and will show up if he want’s to. He’s also preparing a pathworking with Hecate for me. Used to work with her a lot, before Lilith picked me up. So I’m looking forward to that. I think he’s solid.


Cool :sunglasses:


thanks for sharing

Yeah that’s Samael. He even says that he can be a jerk, abusive. But he can teach a lot.