Working with an Ifrit King

Need information about working with Ifrit jinns, mostly kings, I have been searching here but haven’t found any detailed information… so if anyone has information for me I would be very grateful.
In my case I have been working with many entities and alot of them are warning me to be careful of this King.


I can provide some info but just out of curiosity why ifrit out of all the classes of Jinn ?



Do you know how to train a qareen?

I’ve been seeing lots of contradicting information on the subject…


And who says they’re supposed to be trained ?

They’re our Jinn born twins and are our equals.
We can work with them and benefit a lot but to treat them as if they’re below us or to bow to them as if they’re above us is counterproductive


Because this specific entity is an Ifrit Jinn, calls himself a King, feels very powerful atleast. Maybe I can PM you if that is okay.


This is what I mean by contradicting information I have read multiple things:

  • That they are an evil version of us

  • That they exist to tempt us (basically devil on our shoulder) assigned by a jinn king

  • That the term is an equivalent to our shadow self

Not saying you are wrong though. Just saying I’ve read multiple different things from various sources with different religious/spiritual beliefs.

Anyway I also read that one either must capture one with black magick or turn theirs to “Muslim” or otherwise to the “light”/good in order to work with them.


Sure you can PM me

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@Samael-Azazel with respect but all of the information above is total nonsense but how do I know ? experience ! people can keep coming up with theories but only hands down experience can truly get you somewhere in magick and spirituality

They are not evil they’ simply a Jinn version of us

They’re busy living their own lives not living to only tempt us and they’re not assigned to us since birth ! we have to contact them on our own

Again not true…

The shadow self is part of the subconscious not an entity separate from us

Also not true
You can just summon them and work with them IF they are willing




Muslims believe everyone has one assigned to them since birth by Iblis. I wonder if they create a thoughtform once they become aware of that teaching.


Asmodeus. I would look into him. He is an ifirit jinn. And indeed a powerful king.


Thank you! I was trying to summon them and couldn’t remember how to spell their name!


Try Amazon his dijin is basic but good.i tnk ashtar isthar from forbidden realms has good dijind ebooks cheap Amazon Kindle.and a few more all dijin .and har win Grove too.

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Muslims also believe that you will have a terrible physical life and hellish after life if you practice magick😉


There is such notion but its said children of iblis only try to tempt the righteous ones (shaytan would only try to bolt a skilled rider’s horse,if you are not skilled there is no need for that trouble,you will fall on your own)
For ordinary Muslims there is sth called nafs alammare(نفس الاماره) its like a inner voice that tells you to just do what you please and not work to get lazy immediate pleasure


Oof, this is why I don’t respond when I first wake up. I highly suggest working with the Jann, Peri, or Marid first before starting contact with the Ifrit. The Ifrit are one of the types of djinn that will be more inclined to screw you over and mess with you without any sort of background that demonstrates that you are trustworthy.

Once you establish your reputation with the djinn and work your way up to contacting the Ifrit, you will probably have to work with them for awhile before they will take you to their king. Sadly with these spirits it’s a gradual process due to them being wary of our intentions but I will say that things will be worth it in the end. (:

As for summoning these spirits, I would try to create your own sigil that you believe is a good representation of the type of djinn you want to summon and charge it with the intent to bring them to your consecrated space. As for offerings I usually give them wine, tobacco, red meat, or blood.


Also, the Qareen are essentially our spiritual double that is a manifestation or representation of our subconscious desires. This is why they are seen as “tempters”. Even if they are trying to bring what you suppress forward, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they mean harm or have malicious intentions. Like someone here posted, you have to get in touch with your Qareen in some form first before you are able to establish contact with them as well as allowing them to have some form of influence over your life. With this said though, you and your Qareen are bonded so if you ever desire to further connect with them you will be able to do so fairly easily.

In regards to Asmodeus, he is a Shedim not an Ifrit djinn. Either way, he is viewed to be one of their kings so what was said isn’t entirely wrong.

Anyway, sorry for making this response again but I felt I poorly explained things and responded way too early in my day to give an efficient reply lol.


Thank you for the clarification @Harith!


Why do you ask the same stuff over and over :eyes:

Isnt Asmodeus a Shedim?

Edit:Nevermind I just saw Hariths answer.