Lucifer Fxcked My Life - Because Of My Mistake


We come from two seperate realities pal assholes are a neusence and a threat to the lhp assholes must be destroyed if they dont learn from their ways


Are you gonna start with yourself then because you were a homicidal asshole, now you’re a punishing asshole and you were just an asshole to a bunch of daemons?

Bane all obstacles out of your way by all means but at least be honest and apply the same standards to yourself. Daemons like honesty.


I didnt destroy this mans life before giving him a chance did i no he insulted and and betrayed the gods you and i have come to work with yet i told him how to make amends if i punish him it will be on lucifers orders so if i punish someone for an injust treachorous action that disrepects the dieties we work with how deos that make me an asshole to be honest before you start spouting your sensitivities at me consider the actions of both sides


I showed restraint while this fool disrepected the gods so the clear asshole is him


So depending on what you did rituals for, you could very well be in the deconstruction phase of the manifestation.

For smaller goals most people don’t notice it but for big goals your life will get turned upside down because that which is has to be torn down before that you have summoned can come into manifestion.


Also my subconcious atracls me constantly if i was disrespectful it was not intentional lile this asshole


Also i said assholes have to be destroyed if they dont learn i never said that they had to automatically be destroyed i said they only have to be destroyed when forgiveness is not an option


Also im not perfect but instead of punishing wrong doings i could just be out there destroying for no reason you know like a homicidal asshole but instead i try to be a good person or at minimum a better person than that


@UndeathIncarnate You showed restraint? Really, lol? You can’t control your own temper how do you expect to control magik? And what on Earth makes you think Lucifer needs you to white knight him? That’s pretty funny. I think you’re channeling something much angrier and pettier that’s got you fooled, bro. Sorry but you’re in dire need of some psychic hygiene, and stop throwing stones in glass houses.

By the way it’s against the rules to go threatening forum members; don’t be doing that.


And OMG please find the Edit button?


So your saying being disrespectful to the dieties that help us is ok and that im wrong for trying to side with the guy that was disrespected cause some asshole is impatient and whiny


Im new to the forum it takes time to figure things out


And if you knew me at all youd know i rarely feel rage as i have no need for anger in my life


Anger is poison so i try to avoid rage and anger


To be honest, what the OP describes are not life changing, they seem relatively minor bad luck things. More like a ‘hey!’ slap on the wrist than a whole life being messed up thing. If that.

Phones break all the time. iPhone and Android SIMS are different, you can call your provider and get another free, fedex overnighted if it’s Verizon. I just had exactly the same thing and didn’t flop over thinking I was cursed.
Sales are not a constant, they have ups and downs, but what’s your pipeline like? Remember the time of year and that people are starting to spend on Xmas and the holidays. Depending on what you sell this could be normal.
You lost some whiskey you shouldn’t have been stashing somewhere - you took a risk, you lost, that’s life.

I think you’re making mountains out of molehills @Afsin . You need to stop because you will manifest worse all by yourself just because you believe it.


Sphincters are needed… otherwise shit just leaks out everywhere. As to this little dickfest I’d expect the deity itself through a shard to deal with the OP. Honestly, that’s such nothing that it will probably ignore home, spread the word to its kingdoms and NOTHING will work with the OP.

The ignoring, shunning, and removal of ALL help/aid would be more than enough punish as those that fail and curse will continue to gnash their teeth like rabid dogs.

But by all means do whatever. For all my own hate and disrepectful behaviors all I ever get is their cheeky side and humor. I mean greatly bemused time and time again and I can’t understand it. And when I do an actually respectful invocation it gets even more weird. Maybe it’s because I’m goi g to hit the big 44 magnum in age this next month, I dunno.

To the OP, patience and try again. I only see dreams Er “DREAMS” and they are weird. I actually have a near impossible time cursing the cliche named “infernal demonic”. I don’t seem to have a problem bitching at the holy trinity, church, and such. Maybe I should just focus on understanding invocations of demons like the 72 journaling some do. I’m a tad more laggy in it as I try to decipher them without the hordes of tomes.

Don’t get me wrong; they are fascinating books but reading anything skews or slants my dreams a little. At this time Buer is closing over my Asmodeus and Murmur and Lilith fascinations. I should go back and review their sigils, depictions, and enns as well. Lucifer is a great one but so many are focused on him at the moment.

To others, I’d focus your “vengeance” on something positive like possession of the op by the being or aiding in understanding. Dissension amongst each other provides little except broken structure and no alliances from true threats… like a perverted church.


Im not going to cater to your sensibilities maulbeere theres a time for kindness and a time for action maybe you should meditate it seems your confused about your standing


Note the OP only made 2 posts. The rest is senseless rebuttals amongst others.


Thank you keighn for your actually insightful reply im sure maulneere could learn from you on how not to come off as a sensitive feminist


I keep forgetting who is what sex. I’m too influenced by avatars. The OP will probably punish self more than others would care to take time to do themselves. I know this because I constantly punish myself. I often say even to family I’m the most pathetic creation there is. It’s kind of like pity which most hate.

And sometimes I do t say that. I do find spirits are enthralled to be called when done. Sure I left an offering to Buer but posting about experience is an even better offering.

The “demon” which to me merely specialize in earthbound spirits like ourselves focus on humans more than the divine which like to catch the dead souls which leave the earth. I don’t see a evil/good on those fundamentals merely that the types of spirits prefer to work with human spirits at different phases.

I won’t say that’s a hard fact but a mere observation. Take note that I don’t believe the church works with the true divine but a construct very much like the borg.

After all, they are the ones that discourage us from working with any spirit other than the Jesus construct or Yahweh or trinity machine. The question is why and the answer is power and control over human masses.

Their manual is very much a lie control manual. I’d say the spirits would be more offended thrown into the mix saying they are related to the religious construct.

The mere mention that man can command the animals, spirits and angels but only through the church through Jesus and god shows me much on that. Man made in gods image or is it God constructed in religious zealot man’s image?

The Christ conundrum and the Yahweh files. Agent Scully and Moulder on the case.