Lucifer Fxcked My Life - Because Of My Mistake


I’m saying this guessing the examples they gave are the tip of the iceberg. As they didn’t actually say what the rituals they did were for in the original post.


Well you’re an asshole for saying “f##k you <spirit’s name>” And there’s the reason your life is going to shit… I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut off communication with you … I know if I was in their place I’d be the same way if not worse… But you have officially pissed me off… And you say that to any of the demons there will be worse problems then just your phone breaking… And trust me hon… It’s not me saying it… But seriously… Dick move… Plus why be impatient when you could just go to the rhp because sounds to me like the lhp isn’t for you… … At all… The left hand path requires patience… And lots of it… I mean… Saying sorry probably won’t work at this point for you … But I guess you can try… But from what I’m hearing right now… They aren’t going to trust you dude…


Some time ago I read here that being ignored by the entities would be worse than “aggressive reactions”.
Theoretically one could think of a last resort when all the solutions fails (only then): using a style like e.g. the Solomonic constrains, possible offences taken being a proof of responsiveness. At the same time, this case wouldn’t be necessary disrespectful because the operator would follow the teachings of past magicians. But if one of the risks may be ultimate UNresponsiveness…


Lucifer is something that is part of us all, is subordonate to the awakened human beings. Any entitie.


I completely disagree


I think we can put the swords down. Maulbeere is not a feminist, but rather a practical and rational being.


Classic shunning. My tribe practiced it all the time before they became so assimilated. Some elders still practice it. It drives the children nuts that become shunned (even for a little bit).

Think of being outcast from a protective environment and unwillingly into a hostile wilderness. If you’re a fool you won’t be prepared. In any case it’s his journey and act of free will. The spirits associating with him will or won’t deal with him on their own without others interference unless they wish. It’d be like a complicated chess game for bemusement and testing at the same time.

Repeatedly profaning them will probably end up in shunning or worse but I and us are not the spirits mentioned. For those responding you should look at your diligence to defend those spirits honor if that’s your relationship. Reinforce that relationship knowing you’d NOT EVER profane them like the OP NOVICE.

I say novice because a skilled worker is patient, collective, calm, confident, and utilizes critical thinking in situations including being a practitioner in the arts.

Now if any here specializes in cursing, harming, etc etc and that’s just your go to tool then do what you will. It’s up to you if you want to use the OP as practice. I weigh cost to profit a bit different and can’t see what I’d get for such an act … unless the spirit actually asked me on its behalf. So divine with the spirits (as some claim) but be sure it is them and not an over active self ego. EGO and delusions of grandeur imho are just as destructive to workings as having no faith in your abilities or spiritual working. There is a different fine balance and skill in the arts for every individual like walking varying balance beams.

Some people are absolute klutzes and trip on their own feet traversing wise perfectly flat ground.

  1. Sincerely apologize to the Gods/Spirits that you have offended. Your apology needs to be sincere and honest. Yes, they can read your mind and emotions.

  2. Patience, patience and more patience. This work takes a long time.

  3. This next piece of advice is counter intuitive. You’ve got to detach from wanting the results of your magik. Pour all of your desire for x into your ritual then let it go and let the spirits take over. (x= what you want from your magikal working)


Hilarious to see these dudes go crazy about this.

Chill out, the guy fucked up, so? No need for temper tantrums. And especially no need to talk for the spirits (they can do it themselves) or threaten him for it (really?).

OP, get your balls together, go digging around in your feelings, and decide what to do by yourself. Most likely, it will be to apologize properly, and start fixing things.

You fucked up, but we all fuck up. Accept it and move on. It also doesn’t have to be the spirits going at you - could just be your own emotional energy going ham and stirring shit up, which means you probably felt some guilt over it.

If so, apologizing becomes an even better solution. Either way, gotta face it head on and have a talk with them.


Great advice Fire


You have to MEAN it, and not as in “fuck you for not being vending machines while I retained all my slavery chains, I will now go back to being a mundane/believer/atheist/agnostic etc., I will be a mere Thing bobbing haplessly in an ocean of other Things, with no command, no agency, and I will let the tides push humble little me as they will, and curse them as they do.”

  • You need a rage boner that would make the very quim of creation tremble in fear … and desire.

Lookup “The Magic Story” online.

Fuck every god, every demon, bend them and make them your own, incorporate (corpus is a word) and then use them as you use your internal organs.

You either have the guts for this, or, you can kiss demonic ass until your lips turn inside out and still not have your goal.

ONLY through realising I AM (the All, the one thing, whatever) can you then communicate and have fun with demons.

Approach them like gods to be revered, and they will shit on you and laugh.

You are the ALL: the One thing, accept that intellectually for now then go get attitude and make the world bend to YOUR will.

I am NOT joking, and not taking prisoners on this. :man_shrugging:


Are we still on this this is last years topic


It’s forever maaaaaan… :crying_cat_face:


Yeah, reading that phrase of OP I thought “Actually, there are a few metaphysical concepts here”. Obviously, about “Fuck this and that entity”, avoiding the literal/insulting sense.


You are literally booboo the fool. This is what you get for fucking around like that.


Hay marilyn, hes not smarter then the average bear.


Wooow, calm down dude. I checked nearly every comments one people is saying “Fuuuccck lucifer is in mee he feels rage for youuuu” another one says “You can never do evocation” bla bla shits like that.
The thing i know i fucked up but i believe this is not something that you can not repair
these entites here in this world before us they watched our evolution, they watched the mankind growing, so i think they can understand… And I started to do evocations again , and going to start kundalini course…


Eh. I gues those that keep believing they will be punished will be. It’s like the Gaia vs Lilith choice thread where the OP says Lilith doesn’t like Gaia.

I guess if one wants to diminish their own candle so be it. I’m selfish and concerned about self. I’m in my world at ALL times and only tap into others for my benefit.

Those that give up … give up. It’s only good to reflect on others and look at self to see where self needs to improve.


I’ve been in a similar place not too long ago. Rage is as powerful and beautiful as any other type of energy and certainly has its place in the world. I was in this state too when I was filled with it and began reciting “Everything that has been taken away from me will return to me” (That came from a place where I felt that the world owed me something and had multiple near death experiences and was once actually said to be clinically dead) Anyway, there were some positive changes but also negative one’s, like bills which i hadn’t paid for in years and had been running away from which cropped up SUDDENLY a few days later lol (FML). If I were to sum it up, your choice of words and thoughts during a magickal working is elementary teaching, “Nothing but me” carries a lot of weight. For myself, lessons in gratitude are what helped pave the way forward. The kind where after the rain is done and the sun comes out and I take a look at the plants outside and see the tiny drops of water sparkling and go “OMFG, this is fantastic, Im alive!!!. I certainly wouldn’t mind a lot more $$$ but this is good too” lol.


Why are people writing things as if forgetting real facts!!! Angels and Demons are not friends. You CAN’T work with both sides, you gotta pick one. There was war in heaven, the Gods fought (angels and demons)… The spiritual war is still on. Pick the Side of life. The side of truth. Don’t decieve yourself