Lucifer Fxcked My Life - Because Of My Mistake


How many times do people have to tell a person to not be impatient?

People have told you how to apologise, so i’d do it if I were you. You ruined this. And no need to complain after if you dont see a sign you’re forgiven.


It looks to me that you didn’t work on your fundamental skills like meditation and visualization, and instead of actually learning how to do things, you just expected results without effort or proper technique, then you chose to blame the spirits you tried to work with when you weren’t getting any results from your poorly executed operations.

You kinda dug your own grave with this one.

I did a div to see how you could fix this. Basically, repent and accept whatever punishment you get, then work to actually get those fundamental skills you lack.


If you do a sacrifice now hell forgived you if you wait too long however well lets just say divine punishment is an understatement


Lucifer is pissed lucifer looks pretty pissed


I hope he deosnt stay mad


As in i hope i didnt feul his anger by accident


If i did that would be bad


I don’t think that would work. Those ancient Gods care about the person’s potential and character more than some mere offerings.
OP can make offerings if he genuinely wants to, but if s/he does it with a ‘bribe them and they’ll forgive me’ mentality then things can get worse.


I’m a magic noob, won’t pretend to be anything else. I have a lot of experience with my shadows though. Those hidden emotions that needs to come to the surface. Sounds like there are emotions of your own that you need to take control over before you go any further. Focus on becoming self aware- it’s a blessing and a curse. Ignorance is bliss, but it won’t get you enlightened.


Yeh well I get your point bro he must give them not as a way of bribe that would completly piss them off even more lmao… And I think the dude needs to meditate alot more because his emotions get the best of him which clearly suggests that he has Hella negative energy in his body


A long time ago i was kind of homicidal but i chamnel that into punishing assholes if i pushed some of my rage into lucifer byvaccident im afraid if the result


I don’t think thats is very nice what you think about Lucifer, you better make up to Lucifer, Lucifer Amaymon has been incredibly very thoughtful to me, all his Demons are very upset too.


I have a feeling im gonna have to drain some rage out of lucifer


Then again my subconcious loves fucking with me in ways like this


I really need to focus on mental control before my subconcious destroys me


If you want to fuck, fuck with all the Hell and demons together. Per separate will distroy you.

Infernal orgy my padawan :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t believe in punishing others. I’m not judging your actions, it’s just a path that I have found personally destructive. Anger, rage and revenge are very heavy emotions. An anchor on your soul. I have my moments but I try to release.
When someone upsets me, I try to remind myself that they are on their own journey and need to come to terms with their own shit. That doesn’t mean I’ll put up with it. I find that if I stop myself from taking it personally, I can release it easier. I then move on if I have to. Perhaps there is a lesson for myself in the equation- I try to see it.

I am learning to be open and honest about my feelings. Let them know what they did to you, why it sucks and then move on if need be. Then, hopefully when the time is right, they can start to see their own shadows. You’ll be a part of that path of healing for them, whether or not you are still in their lives and that is some nice energy that will come back to you.

Perhaps instead of ‘punishing’, you can look into spells that help make these assholes realise their mistakes, how they’ve wronged you.


Do you know he actually have just achieved that, it may take 30 years, Lucifer may wait until he ends up in his kingdom, see he had chosen the LHP, he cannot actually leave, That God of Abraham cannot take him back, so he has too what Azazel on Supernatural say he will have to sweeten the pot, he will have to find forgiveness with Lucifer Amaymon, don’t forget Lucifer watches all of us, even if he forgiven by Lucifer 30 years time, he may not be in the royal sweet, before this does get too out of control @Lady_Eva lock this off Please.


Do you think Lucifer would be okay with that, ask Lucifer Amaymon, see what the right course of action be appropriate, remember our Father Lucifer might be pissed off, if he is i don’t want to see any harm come your way, it may be better if leave punishment left to Lucifer own free will, punishment isn’t forever.


be honest, and say sorry to them