Lucifer Fxcked My Life - Because Of My Mistake

I’ve been trying to practice magick for a 6-7 months, i bought online rituals & books & courses & Meditations…

I basically know how to evoke some entity, i was layering the sigil with my blood, then go through incantations
start to say enn’s, gazing the sigil, but i don’t know i feel like emptiness nothing there this feeling inside of me for a long time

Little note: i never did any meditation for raising kundalini energy or something even i bought course about this it is my mistake

I See no way out, then i feel rage i said "Fxck God, Fxck Lucifer, Fxck Paimon, Fxck Belial, there is nothing but me "

And few days later, i broke my phone iphone X, bought new phone sim didn’t match didn’t get the money which i expect to get, my online business start to go low on sales / customers, i bought whiskey take it to the some where else, and in a building they did search you know but they actually never did this before, then found my whiskey few little things happened, i never did any ritual after this, i want to make this okay, i want make things okay…


I’m confused. You did a ritual to say f*ck the demonic royalty, and now you want to make things okay?


Gold…! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I did not do a ritual to say f*ck demonic royalty, i’ve been doing rituals for a while but i can’t see any results i know this my mistake actually but, in the end i said loud these words then every thing changed…


Yea, I bet they did… :joy:

Seriously, though. Make apologies. Make offerings. Sounds to me like whatever you were asking for, you were either too impatient, or they weren’t going to help given your demands…


…Its KING Paimon



The gods hate disrespect. But I hardly think they are they who influenced your badlucks. They would rather waste their time on something else than a mortal human being who has insulted them… I bet it’s your lack of efficiency or you did things wrongly to get such mischiefs.

Why would you insult them? Do you lack faith in them? You think they don’t exist? :innocent: think again. They want to help you become powerful. So make things right with them and get on track.


It was not a mistake to buy raising Kundalini course, you may get some deep knowledge from it when you progress.

A ‘sincere’ apology can probably work, just apologize to them for your behavior when you truly realize your mistake and genuinely wanna apologize to them (not because it’s affecting your work) and never make excuses or put blame on others, for ex. I was in a bad mood, I was stressed because of work, I had not slept very well that night, etc. Because they (especially Belial) don’t like that. Accept your mistakes/faults like a man.
And don’t try to “bribe” them, they’ll not take it kindly, but if you genuinely wanna offer them something then offer them because you truly “want to” from your heart, not because you think that you have to in order to save yourself from their rage/punishment/lessons. They can also read our minds, so don’t try to fool them.

I’m not trying to scare you, just be sincere with your apologies.


You never say that shit to demons bro you need to make some offerings to earn there trust. It may take even longer to summon them now as they may test your patience but honestly make some offerings apologise like you fucking mean it and pray for the best


Without offense, you were very unscrupulous and foolish, you can apologize but after such words you can’t count on them…not seeing the results of the ritual is simply your problem because you have not developed yourself to the extent that you are able to see the results and feel the energy


You’re STILL insulting them by blaming Prince Lucifer in your title there.
You got fucked because of your lack of patience and lack of respect.
If you got a negative reaction, that’s on you man.


Honestly angels would suit you better you should try rhp stuff ignorance and impatience hold no place in lhp


Also when the spirits are disrespected i get pissed but luckily im nice the next time you piss lucifer off ill be the one fucking your life up now go make some offerings and control your dumbass ignorance and impatience


I think lu cifer might be talking through me rn i certainly feel like it


Ill be watching you motherfucker


Well that uncontrollable rage is gone now


There was also a presence in my body which walked away too ig lucifer really was talking through me it wouldnt be the first time anyways Afsin i really think uou should get your shit together cause believe me theres nothing i hate more than igmorant fools its the same with lucifer as well if i see you again hope its under good circumstances


We call that Microwave magicians. @In_Between_Worlds :wink: . If you want universal laws to change than firstly have some respect an secondly this will take time. For me a year now. And things do change for the better.

And I’m not there. It will take more and more time. But I’m growing thanks to Lucifer.


Lucifer can work through you as an Archangel, he is patient and yes he can be harsh. I respect him dearly. So it’s hard to mess that up like the OP did. Time for an apology and be more patient!


Me and lucifer are very connected often times when michael is off doing watever the guck he deos lucifer is either possessing ir protecting me also borgy if hou havnt done deep thought meditations now is the time to start