Lucifer doesnt respond

I think Lucifer HATES me! I have tried to call him using his enn and his sigil and nothing happens! BALG always says he is the easiest to call but he never answers he must have a dislike for me I dont know why, I guess he is pissed off with me. I want to work with the Goetia but if this is the response I am going to get does this mean they wont talk/work to me? confused

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I don’t know that he’s any easier than others. Bit why fixate on him, instead of trying someone else?

You have said what you’ve done to communicate with him. How are you attempting this? Have you done any work with your clairs, for example?


wanted a teacher to guide me on developing psychic abilities (clairs), energy body work, astral projection, divination, dreamwork (since I dont dream that often) and meditation. Constantly run across his name in the forum wanted to try, no such luck. I dont get it; I am not baptized, not overtly religious but maybe he is just not that into me and doesnt want to know me due to offending him somehow? IDK I am confused! Should I try an angel maybe they would be more understanding?

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Do you meditate on a regular basis? It’s possible that he’s there, you’re just not able to sense/feel him. Meditate with his enn or do some guided meditations, there are a few on YouTube. Doing regular meditations to develop at least some clair senses will help.

Also a mode of communication, tarot, numerology, synchronicities, anything to help.

Do you communicate with your spirit guides?

Edit: Intention also matters. Are you reaching out to him because you read a lot about him, or because you feel that you want him as a teacher/mentor? Is it in thoughts, or is it in your heart/body?


Thats my problem I dont know how to meditate I was reaching out to him to try to learn from him, no such luck! Crickets! Gods silence is at least justified as he is busy running the universe! I am beginning to feel Lucifer isnt as friendly as stated and does play favorites

Psychic exercises will work, too.


Do guided meditations from YouTube, talk to your guides first to help you out. If you can’t meditate yourself, those guided ones are the way to go. Don’t hurry and jump in, pace yourself.

I don’t think Lucifer will pick favorites, he’s very fair. He’ll be what he needs to be with you. For some he’s strict, for some he’s friendly, but I really don’t think he has favorites. You have to build a relationship with spirits too.

Again, if you work with your spirit guides or talk to your higher self, ask them. Put in the work. If you don’t talk with your spirit guides or can’t decipher their messages then work on that first. YouTube pick-a-cards are fine but you need to apply those and use discernment since they’re general.

This is the path I went to, so this is simply a suggestion- spirit guides first, other spirits next.

For me, Lucifer is my teacher, he guides me to resources and teaches me and corrects me when I’m going wrong but at the end of the day I have to put in the work. Only then, I’ll see progress.

The more you think you “can’t” do something, the lesser you’ll be able to do it. Shift your mindset too. Believe you can do it. It may not take one try but you’ll feel the progress you make as you keep trying.

For working with Lucifer, you have to believe in him too. He listens when you talk to him and he understands when you’re in pain. I have heard people not being compatible with certain spirits but isn’t that with humans too? You just don’t click. But before assuming that that’s the case, I’d suggest doing what I’ve mentioned and trying again and ask him directly.

If he doesn’t want to work with you, I’m pretty sure he’ll be direct with it. Even I couldn’t feel his energy at one point, because my senses weren’t developed and I wasn’t ready for him.

Work on yourself, believe in yourself and maybe try again.

I wish you luck :muscle::purple_heart:


Umm…how can you learn from him if you can’t communicate with spirits? He can’t teach you if you can’t hear him.

What were you expecting to happen? He’s not going to appear in front of you in a puff of smoke. It takes practice.


You probably don’t have the psychic senses yet to perceive him, you could try pathworking.
“Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” is a book that you could look into.

Good luck :+1:


I dont have spirit guides, I dont know how to find them? Does that mean no spirit will help? Do I have to be chosen to receive spirit guide or develop psychic senses?

You need to practice. Spirit communication doesn’t come easily for most people, unless you are one of the few who are blessed with developed senses at birth. The majority of people, though, have to work at it for months, even years, before they start getting anything worthwhile.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do any magick though. There are plenty of books available that don’t require the same amount of development that full evocation does. Have you tried any of the Gallery of Magick books? They are fairly straight forward and you can use them while you work on developing your abilities for evocation. I’d recommend you pick up a copy of Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield and get started with some petitions.

@Calcined also gave you a good title, Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, which uses the technique known as pathworking to make spiritual contact utilizing the imagination.


Take a look at guided meditations focusing on either finding spirit guides or your ancestors. Personally, I learned to work with my own ancestors before any other spirit in terms of learning how to communicate, which makes sense as they would already have an invested interest with you. Not to mention developing a relationship with them can provide protection from less kind spirits you may come across later.

I cannot help as far Lucifer goes as I have never attempted to work with him as of yet. I have heard good things with the Book that has been mentioned as well, worth looking into


As far I know, everybody got spirit guides, I dont think you got none. You probably unaware of them.

@Lady_Eva got a great exercise its called ¨core shamanisme¨
By doing that you are developing your psychic senses and strengthening your bond with your spirit animal (which is part of you soul)

Is this the type of thing that takes years to develop?

Its hard to say as everybody is different, I heard stories that it took 2 to 4 years for practitioners to develop their psychic senses.

I would assume that the core shamanisctic approach would not take that long, but again it depends on the energetic make up of your being

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In the mean time, you could check this thread out and maybe petition Lucifer or King Paimon with the request in their aid in the development of your psychic senses

As you could check out this thread as means to build a solid magickal foundation.

It can but not always. It is something that takes time, practice and a little patience with yourself, like any other skill.

Read that King Paimon is hard to get in touch with due to being a King and all. And isn’t King Paimon not for beginners? (im terrified of making him angry; heard he has TERRIBLE to piss off) And isnt he close to Lucifer, wouldn’t he listen to him?

What @Calcined is talking about is working in the astral, which is what core shamanism does using the World Tree as an Axis Mundi. It can help your devleopment plus bring you into spiritual contact.

The technique of pathworking works in a similar way. However, just like everything, it takes practice and patience.


Don’t get hung up on titles, their “rank” does not dictate difficulty when it comes to approaching them. Paimon can and has come to those who are beginners as much as he can to those who are experienced.