Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



This is wonderful… I saw him as a jester type figure. It is good to know others have too as usually it is another form people report.


Kalfu is his mask as well


Inbox me.


Interesting question. I work with him. Idk if that’s why I can also do necromancy. I just seriously accidentally found out I could do that some time last yr.


I could use some help, i don’t know if i can sense energy though i can feel something when i meditate but im not sure if it’s the same


Thanks for this info.


What happens when you scry? What is a scry? Im gonna google. Black Witch Coven says to get a scrying mirror. But i haven’t researched what they are yet.


So i called out to Lucifer, is he a Prince a King? Im not sure what to address him by. I used a chant from Indigo Priestess to help open the gates. Then i said an enn i found in Black Witch Coven. Then i started crying! Like out of nowhere. Crying happiness. So i put my blood on his sigil i had drawn on some paper. I asked him to be my protector, be close to me, and to guard the gates and my space/home when i call on other Spirits for help. To only allow who i summon and no low level entity’s to pass or enter. I figured since he is most powerful, i would ask him to be my cover Spirit. Like my guardian. And i wrote down what ever came to my mind. Mostly beautiful encouraging message. But i am working on my intuitive skills and focus to be able to understand, hear and see. I mostly move on feeling.
Just sharing. Xoxo


Only thing I used was a white candle. I was also pissed off at my church for being dicks to me so I was done. That was years ago. So I guess just a candle and intent.



Scrying is used for divination. Simply put as: Ask a question to a spirit and scry for the answer. Or use it as a glass boll. Meditate on the question and than scry.

Here are some tips on making one yourself:

Personally I like to scry with my eyes closed without a tool.

Here is a step by step. I always like the step by step tutorials ;-):


What you should do is watch more videos of Lucifer by Indigo Princess & for example:

To know more about who he is. Some occult articles about him.

To me he is a Lord, God, Archangel and yes Lord (highest) in the Demonic Hierarchy. So very powerful.
That’s why you can ask him for protection but he is not your Guardian to do what pleases you. You have to threat him with utter most respect.

I know people that used his sigil for protection without consent and they got very sick.

So it’s good to work with him and if you feel safer evoking spirits with his blessing then that’s all good, he can be a protector/guardian then. But don’t order him around.


Oh i would NEVER ask him do do anything other than give me protection and accept my humility and sincerity. I guess i look as guardian as a protector. So thats why i used that word. I told him wjat was on my heart, but i didn’t ask for anything but to be close to him. But i am excited to take some classes on jow to best work with my 72, and continue to seek education on how to give them all the best forms of respect.
Thank you so much! Xoxo


Sounds all good! In writing it’s always a bit assuming how people mean something. But now it’s clear. Well he is very friendly to beginners and don’t forget we are humans, we make mistakes. Stay yourself with him an try to build a relationship. With such and entity (status) it sometimes can be difficult, but don’t forget he likes people who take initiative and stand up. Take care!


[ Lil’ Experience ] Looks like He is enjoys the fragrance of the combination of Amarillis + Red Wine oil. :black_heart::wine_glass::hibiscus:


Thank you very much, so many info here I don’t know…is first time I know Lucifer like dragon blood incense, the info I search online was always get is : sandalwood incense. And sandalwood incense doesn’t show at here, make me think is it I use wrong incense? :sweat_smile: I will keep learn, thank you :pray:


Hi, thank you for this really good info thread for the newbie like me, I appreciated it, but it come out a little question, about the incense stick, I normally see people said Lucifer love Sandalwood incense stick most, and here I get its Dragons blood, Cinnamon & Frankincense, is it Sandalwood not his favorite? And how about Lavender incense stick?

Hopefully I can get some advice from people that always work with him and always communicate/talk with him :heart:


i use sandalwood but lavender works too.

i don’t think he would mind, its the thought behind it that counts


Thank you for reply me, I so scared I use wrong incense, thanks :heart:


thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.Can you please tell me …
1.Can i ask lucifer to make someone love me ( for relationship/marriage)?

  1. Which candle color should i use?


I’ve use Black and White candles, but Kendall already wrote about other options:

Candle Color associated with Lucifer - White, Black, Red, Orange

You should read the post attentively, before you ask. :hugs: