Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



I found this story on 4chan about a statue that caused many young maidens to ogle the statue of Lucifer… they got another and well…


Which metal is most suitable for lucifer? I think of making a bronze :thinking:




help thanks


Gold has always been the metal of the gods so you can’t miss with it.
In Franz Bardon books you can find fluid condensators infused with gold particles and many more.


pls help me …I have 2 candles,Lord lucifer’s sigil,coal and i don’t have incense…Can he come inside my mind when i call him??..Can he come just by lighting candles,burning coals and repeating his name??Pls is somebody familiar to lucifer pls send me his energy and sign of presence so that i can evoke him when nobody is in my room and talk with him…My life is going horrible these days…pls somebody make a connection between me and lord lucifer…My english is not so good…Thank you guys…


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Black Metal