Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



I have it i have that one


Same. This is my alter space.


Thanks for sharing your Alter Rose. It’s a very nice space.


Have you any crystal/gem upon your altar?


@anon50363245 Am I right that you scry with a normal mirror?


@Lady_Eva, please be noted that this is shared for download by the Temple of the Ascending flame on their website. Everyone can download it there. So this would be permitted to share.


Yes. But it’s not hard to make a Black mirror.
I use the mirror more to be seen. I don’t need to visually see them. I feel their energy, which gives a picture all of it’s own. It is more reliable than the eyes.


I know I’ve made one. And I read more often that people use a ‘normal’ mirror also, so I wondered :slight_smile:


I wonder if it would work, but I guess that spraying a transparent black paint (for glass, of course) over a round revolving table/shaving mirror is fine.


Yes, I think both work just fine. Lights out, 2 candles (don’t let them interfere).


No. It must be behind the glass…so paint with spray behind the glass. Gaze at the glass side, not paint side.


I just gave an offering to Lucifer to start the friendship. I offer him a glass of wine and red rose. How to know whether he accept the offers or not?


He has been somewhat preoccupied as of late, but I imagine he knows.


Yes of course any offering that you give the spirit will take and if it’s even one of the ones i’ve mentioned he will greatly appreciate it.




Well sounds like to me he will … He was probably there being that you felt something watching you, and if he wasn’t he definitely heard you. I hope I helped at least a little bit. :smile:
But I have to ask you if the room got sort of hot along with your face ?
Even though it is different for everyone … I guess that falls in too st least a little …


Yeah my face and the room definitely did. It felt a little suffocated yet cozy at the same time. :slight_smile: thank you.


You’re welcome :smile:


Jedan tasa hoeth naca leviathan
Jedan tasa hoeth naca orobas

For orobas its very effective to use that enn
He appear quickly


I was going through youtube looking at some groups on Lucifer and this hit my list below…

I’ve heard of the 80s show some years back and I thought of the Ashera connection. That whole MOTU lineup has a ton of mythology references. I hadnt heard a tie in to Lucifer.

So if Ashera is Lucifer then god was banging Luci and what tossed him Er… her out. I even read once God killed and absorbed Ashera. Hmmm cartoons of the 80s. I suppose GIJOE had “satanic undertones too”. And transformers.

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