Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him



I did what you said.Thank you


Greetings I’ve been having strong call with Lucifer, I evoked him with clauneck ,I want to evoke him ,but with the 4 demonic ancient gods for the 4 quarter, can you give me any pointers, in how to evoke him ,every time I think about him tears start coming down my eyes ,it a strong call


You can evoke him, using this incantation:
Lord of the night
Lucifer,I call thee bringer of Light
Father of Darkness
Father of Might
Come to my hearing
and speak to my sight.

Or just meditate and say : Lucifer,come to me!
He hears everything.:slightly_smiling_face:
Give some symbolic offer : a rose,sandalwood incense or frankincense & good luck!:wink:


No mention of Asenath Mason and The Temple of Ascending Flame.

By reaching out she sends you a ritual to contact Lucifer and has free material on the site.

I did a ritual as mentioned in other threads 3 years before I heard of the TOAF. Had a pleasant dream afterwards. When I performed the ritual given via email I feel I performed it wrong or was unneeded since I did the self made one (well with some research influence).

Asenaths might have failed as I couldn’t use a candle to meditate (wind + fire). I was using a black mirror in pitch black with glow in the dark paint instead.

It’s hard to get a pitch black area with no sound interruptions at times. I like controlled environments to rule out mental mind games.

As to enns…

I haven’t broken them down into meaning or pronounciation. What does each part mean? Latin be it? Can someone just translate the three above in the earlier posts to their meaning?


Grattidudes love ,thanks, I’ve never used the 9 kings for my circle I Use my use the lesser banishing ritual ,what do you think about using the 4 ancients gods love


Thank you some much


Should I use a magi circle !!!


Are talkingvabot the invocation of Lucifer thst she has on her sight


Yeah, that’s an email you get sent if you apply for membership I believe.


I think it all starts from how you feel about it. If you are positive and there is no fear in you, just do it but always be prepared to banish.


Do you know how to start it ,any type of phrase you might suggest


Yo7 mean ban8shi in the beginning


Greetings keighn can you send me the ritual that you are speaking of


I am trying to gather as much information that I can to do either evokation or invocation your are awsome by the way peace


With lucifer


lemme see if I can pm. Seems I can’t as I’m a basic user or totally a fool with this forums interface… hold a sec.


Let’s see if this google drive works:

And here’s a video I used as well.


Hopefully its ok I posted the pdf. I mean no harm in sharing it. If you want further info contact TOAF.

Cheers. :slight_smile:


It only matters if it is copyrighted, and I can’t see a copyright on it so it should be okay. @Lady_Eva is the final arbiter on that though, but their website says their materials are free.


I’m still trying to get the hang of this forum lol my apologies