Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him

I just saw this topic and couldn’t help but shared a bit of my experience with him, something that people should also acknowledge but is usually ignored. But I’m sure a lot people can relate.
Lucifer can give a fuck sometimes to some people for no reason at all. I spent 7 years dealing with an impostor that was pretending be him, trying contact him all way while I doubted if I was dealing with the real one or not, begging him to show me the truth and nothing. I was told that he was there at first but than left when the impostor arrived and I started to fell for the impostor’s lies. So he left me alone to deal with an impostor.
So if you’re considering work with him, be aware of this side of him. He’s not all fatherly, friend, mentor to everyone, to some people, probably who he doesn’t consider worth of his time, he will give a shit about it, and leave you to fuck yourself as a “lesson”.

I usually don’t comment on people’s experiences because I understand that everyone is different, but I do feel like asking how did you work with the impostor for 7 years without feeling any side effects?


I know spirits sometimes do not wish to work with some people, and I also know we shouldn’t push their boundaries if they have already said no. And yes, Lucifer can wish to not work with someone, but I’ve read in many places that he does not tolerate imposters. If he did leave you alone with one, ask him why. Was it a lesson for you to learn to fight for yourself because you were becoming too dependent? He leaves you alone at times when you do, he did it to me and I learned it the hard way that at the end of the day there are some things I must do myself. Michael left me with a shadow person, but that was also a lesson for me because I had become dependent.

I didn’t like being left like that, and I took it up with him.

I’m not invalidating your experience, nor am I invalidating your warning, because again, everyone should know that not all spirits will be willing to work with them.

I simply don’t understand if the experience you speak of is with the imposter or the real Lucifer.


I guess it depends what you consider side effects. I wasn’t drained of energy or anything. I posted about how the impostor acted, here:

Here I said what he did and why and how he was so convincing. But it was an impostor with not doubt.

I’d be okay if he had simple came to me and said “No, I don’t want to work with you for x and x reason” But leaving me with an impostor was a dick move. I guess I’m exception, someone who can make him tolerate impostor after all.

I can’t. Cause the experience with the impostor got me traumatized with summonings, with summoning him. For some many time I tried summon him, with the set mind that I was calling the real one and the impostor kept coming claiming be him and not sign of him that now only the thought of (try) call him make me sick. Honestly I’m not in mood to ask anyway, I understand people who worked with him and likes him when hear things like wanting to find a good reason, but to me he simple was indifferent and asshole, as human can be, also the entities can.

I don’t even know if I worked with him long enough to this happens before the impostor come and he take off. All I know is that I had no lesson at all, I spent 7 years with doubts, without learning anything, without progressing, suicidal, insane and depressed at times because of the doubts. My only lesson was that I thought he was a good guy and now I think he’s as bad as any god who don’t give a fuck about “his” children. And I pretty much don’t trust in anyone.

I understand this. Don’t worry.

Both in a way. I spent 7 years with an impostor cause Lucifer took off and didn’t bother in show me the truth.

Sorry if I sound bitter haha


Thank you for explaining

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Hey, I need to know if Lucifer reached out to me. I was chillin in my room, and I was thinking about him. All of a sudden, the room got really cold and windy, and a presence was in my closet. I was awestruck, and he pushed in my mind. He asked “Do you feel validated” and i answered. he also said “Your time to work with me has come” and the I told him he could stay and all that stuff, welcoming him into my room. I was then wondering if i could get him in my dream, and he said “Hush child. You will. Now rest.”
I really need to know if this was him
I need to know if that was him! I dont know.

Welcome @YesOfCourse It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


how do i know that the ghost I think is lucifer and sometimes with I talk is really lucifer and not a impostor.
is there a guide on how to find out?

Use Lucifer’s sigil (best within a circle) it has the power to banish false entities. The enn can empower the channelling too. There are many sigils so try a few and the one where your body vibrates is the right one. There is an european sigil and an asian sigil too and the ones from other old grimoires or try the new ones.

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What’s difference between European and Asian sigils?

what a vibration ? :thinking:

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It’s like being aligned to a certain type of energy, places or entities. The synergy of workings or/and happennings flow better and faster.

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ok thank you

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I want to get rid of the fear of KING LUCIFER.
I believe the fear cane because I grew up listening to the Christian rubbish.
I need someone without love and understand of Lucifer to make friends with so that I can listen to an “anti-Christ sermon” or an “anti-evil Lucifer” sermon.
I believe I can let go of the fear with the same way those bastards(I’m sorry …just very angry) brought it in.

By gazing into the SIGIL of my lord Lucifer and chanting he’s Enn, will it be sufficient to approximate him? I would like to get to know him more and know his nature and essence and then harness all my energies and focus to work with him and follow his instructions.

note : when i keep gazing into the SIGIL for a while and keep focusing or it I see that it starts to disappear and it seems to move sometimes.