9 Signs Is An Impostor (based on my own experience) + I'm feeling kinda hurt with Lucifer about it

Hi, so this time I came to share something. First, this is based on my experience and of some people who had the same experience, is not an absolutely truth, so if you experience any of those things and is still hundred percent sure you’re dealing with the real entity, that’s fine.
For seven years this impostor have been in my life, I had suspected many times, but I was blind and it always managed to pull me back believing in it. This impostor is not weak, it can give things and huge signs, and not be banished easily. And according to what I heard it pretend be other entities too. With me, it impersonated Lucifer.

To summarize I will simple say what now I feel is the red flags, at least when all together, that is the(or an) impostor and not the real deal:

1- It gives you everything and anything without you have to work for it.
This impostor will make things easy for you, it will give things, without asking for offerings, without asking you to work to get.

2- This impostor doesn’t teach you anything.
It will often say you already know all you need to know, it won’t push you to meditate or sometimes it will even get in the way of it. If you ask it to teach you something it won’t. It usually will come just to spend some time with you.

3- This impostor is obsessed with sex and sexual energy.
This will be a little polemic, but again is based on my experience and of some other people I’ve talked to about who went through similar. And something we noticed is that this impostor is obsessed with sex and sexual things, it acts as was completely in love with you and physically mad about you, it tries kiss you all the time, hug you all the time, wants sex, wants your sexual energy through masturbation. It won’t just talk about this, but it will talk a lot about, want this a lot. If you confront it about the reason, it will gives you some excuse that will make sense if you want it to make.

4- You’re special.
This impostor always will tell you’re special, you’re some sort of savior from the world or its soul mate or its only wife/husband or its only daughter/son. It will even try to prove to you, give you signs about it.

5- You’ll be able to talk to it without actually summoning it.
The sigil of an entity is important cause is linked with the entity, this impostor will convince you that you don’t need to actually summon it using its sigil(the sigil of the real entity) cause either you’re really good at communicating or you two have a deep connection and it is always there, and yeah I know the entities can be reached sometimes that way, but without using the sigil, just talking to it without the proper summoning is risky cause it can be an impostor, this together with the other signs is a hugely red flag.

6- It can’t show you the sigil fully.
Talking about this, whether you did a proper summoning or not, always ask the entity to flahs you their sigils. The impostor won’t be able to show you the sigil fully. A piece it will always be missing. To me and another woman I talked to, it was the bottom of Lucifer sigil, the bottom was always missing. Sometimes could be almost completely, but never fully.

7- It’ll go distances to prove itself to you.
If you doubt that it’s the real deal, it usually will do everything it can to prove you that it is the real entity or that indeed you’re special for it. And I’m talking about long distances, involving even other people. I’m not gonna detail here cause I don’t wanna it to be a too big post, bigger than already it will be haha but my dm is open to share with details to anyone who wishes to know. But one thing I share here, it can even show you other versions unknown to you of the entity that is impersonating, it showed me a peacock like beautiful being for example, I searched peacock god and I found a hindu peacock angel god, who is not other than a hindu Lucifer and I had no idea of this, never heard of such myth. Because of things like this, it can be quite convincing.

8- Contradictions and liars.
It’ll tell you things and than contradict itself, telling you something else, when confronted, it will give you an excuse, something like “I never lied to you, you presumed this and I just let you” and you won’t remember for sure if that was the case or not and you will go with it. When actually it did told you x thing just to later tell xy thing. It pretty much turns lies into truth. If you’re suspicions, I’d recommend that you write down everything that it tells you, not every single words, but answers to your questions and than days later, weeks later ask again the same question without thinking in the previous answer it gave you, than check it out both answers. The impostor will mostly like give you two different answers.

9- Jealousy and interference.
This thing pretending be your very in love being or very protective dad or whatever it will get jealousy of you. Of your human relationships and of your relationship with other entities even. And sometimes it will interfere in a way or in another.

Well this is it, that I remember now. Just a summarize of course. And again, this is based on my own experience. I’m not expert on anything. I barely consider myself a proper witch. But based on my experience with this being and of some others I decided to share, cause I’m sure we were not the only one.

I’d like to use this post to vent about something though. I already apologize, I don’t mean offend anyone or any being, but is how I feel. I feel hurt with Lucifer, the real one I mean. I said I wasn’t the only one and that’s true, but in two cases when two people called Lucifer and the impostor came, Lucifer came too and told the impostor to fuck off. In those past seven years I suspected many times and many times I tried to summon the real Lucifer, banishing any impostors before, I wrote him intention letters asking him to show me if I was being deceived. And just to make it clear, my rituals to others entities worked just fine. In fact a goddess was the one who helped me see the truth, after I made a ritual to her with this intetion. And once I wrote a letter to Lucifer simple wishing him to be happy and well, hoping that he knew how loved he was by so many and this and that, a love letter per say, which later someone who I was working with in a group of magicians told me when comes my turn, and the work was with him, that he had a message for me and it was “I know. I got your message” So he does get my letters. He did got my letter. And I feel he only answered me this time due compassion, ya know like when you tell someone you love them and they feel compassionated about you cause they don’t love you back and treat you with kindness, kind of feeling pity of you? That’s how it feels.
And it hurts that through seven years he never, not once tried helping me see that I was being deceived, worse that this, he never came when I called him, why he didn’t came when I summoned him and told the impostor to fucked off? It makes me feel like he doesn’t want to waste time with me, that I’m not good enough or worth enough to work with him, that I’m wicked or something, anything that make him just ignore me. This hurts far more that the act of being deceived itself. And I know that if anyone answer this, if anyone answer this part in specific it will be to defend him, because this person was helped by him or this or that. And I just would like to say that I know he’s good, I know he helped you, that he helps many people, he’s a good father, a good friend, but I just want you to understand that this is for you, not for me, not for all the people deceived for years who just wanted work with him, meet him. He has never been a friend to me, even though, initially when I started that’s all I wanted, I wanted get to know him, be his friend, learn with him, just have him in my life, but I just keep thinking that I did something really wrong, it was the wrong intention or I’m just weak or not worth or whatever for him to had never came. In the end of the day to me he’s not different from “the god” that is never there for his children(I don’t mean to attack any gods or religion, it just a comparison that many does, to say how Lucifer is better, so I’m saying to me he’s not), reason why many joined the LHP. Lucifer is not a father to me. And if he’s, is absent. I know this sound boring, self pity, attacking Lucifer, etc. But I just find out about all this and right now I’m more hurt with Lucifer than with the impostor, cause to me the impostor is below me, is a pathetic thing worthless of any feeling, but Lucifer… through all those years, suspecting, I always felt rejected by Lucifer and the demons. And I never understood why. So yeah, Lucifer is great, but I don’t have/didn’t have such experience with him, therefore he’s not great to me, I believe in you all when you say he’s, but my experience with him was only with feelings of abandonment and rejection. “Not every hero is a hero to everyone” comes to my mind when I think about it. Cause I feel the way he helped, helps so many, he’s almost seen as a hero. What’s great and true to all who had been helped by him. But he’s not perfect. Not a hero for me.
Anyways sorry again for vent like that, I thought that create a post just to talk about that, wouldn’t be good.
So about the impostor, I hope is useful somehow and maybe even help someone.

Thanks, and sorry again.


Damn I just posted something and reading what u posted your sings makes sense whit my situation. I got to make some huge banishing


That’s not very parasitic. Many entities don’t want (or care) about offerings.

Many entities aren’t teachers and if you don’t ask, few will want to teach, mostly, maybe, those who need you to learn something in order to complete whatever task you gave them.

Big red flag.

Another big red flag. All the chosen ones end up crying when people lost their cool, for what I’ve seen.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a red flag…

Many entities don’t have a sigil. As far as I know, the seals only appear, traditionally, for demons, angels and custom-made, Spare style.

Then again, I’ve read they can’t “sign” a false name, so it may be related to that. Or something.

I haven’t heard of real spirits giving too many fucks about proving, so…

Lie is not necessary to be dishonest. Red flag.

Big red flag, again.

I can offend a few if nobody opposes :upside_down_face:

Because just because he is famous doesn’t mean he has to give a fuck about you or anyone, for that matter. Also, spirits can be dicks.

Stop practicing this like you would practice a religion. Ditch all the love for spirits and bullshit. Magick is the get things done. If they don’t get things done or are done but in a way that hurts you, then is not worth it and another road should be taken.

No friend o’mine.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, ditch that mentality, it serves you for nothing. There is nothing wrong with you. Magick is not playing pretend. There are always risks. So man the fuck up, you’re worthy and if any spirits doesn’t care or doesn’t like you that’s fine, they don’t have to like you. And you don’t have to like them. Stand the fuck up, soldier. That’s an order.

But Lucifer WHAT? Is someone you really don’t know, so you don’t have to care.

Good. Want to start a club or something? I don’t want to be president.

Your summary should be in our unofficial beginner’s guide. @Angelb1083?


Seconded :slight_smile: super helpful!


Anyone can add to it… I just made the post to have it with an active account nothing changed. Anything anyone finds helpful goes there. So add away.


Hmmm any idea on the identity of the imposter?

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If this is going in the tutorials area, it needs some polish and corrections.

Some of those aren’t red flags and will cause problems with legitimate interactions for newer folk. Off the top if my head, maybe half were clearly correct.

The emotional venting about Lucifer should be condensed or eliminated to make the post more about detecting parasites and imposters for a tutorial.

Edit - 3, 4, 8, 9 were correct.


Yeah in my way of thinking. A parasite or imposter isn’t going to give you shit if it can help it. The relationship there is based on what the spirit can get out of you without giving anything tangible in exchange.

The sex part I agree with that.

The instructions and teaching part, I think unless you specifically ask for instructions then don’t expect to get them.


@DragonVessel I’m glad you feel it helped you somehow :slight_smile: but sorry hear about it.


I mention this, cause I see many people saying that some entities don’t make things easy, if you wanna something they usually will give you a mean to get that, so you can work for it. And this impostor for what I can tell just give you things, make you lazy, and usually it will be just to prove that it is the real deal.

In my case (and of the people I mentioned) I did asked, and considering was supposed to be Lucifer, who many says is good teacher, I felt it was a red flag.

Yeah, this is more complicated, cause many do this, I think it only become a red flag accompanied by others signs. And if is a demons with sigil that you’re talking too, cause without the proper summoning of a demon one open space to other thing come.

Yeah, this is just if the entity is a demon or something else with a sigil.
I think so.

Yeah, I think they usually are just “believe or not is up to you”, I think hardly a real entity will try to prove themselves for us.


Yeah this is true, specially about be a dick.

Thanks for saying that, this is definitely something to think about it.

Let me correct you, “woman the fuck up” please :relieved: :sweat_smile: not, but seriously though, you’re right. Absolutely right, thanks for that haha

You’re not wrong about that either

Oh thanks, I’m glad it was found useful. :slight_smile:

@Brujo_Angelito thanks :slight_smile:


@Whoisme I do, I mean someone say they did, is an confused entity, of uncertain origin, many associate to Lucifer and many see as an entity by itself, so that’s why I choose not mention, first this person might be wrond and do be this entity and second, if there’s anyone here that is devoted to them, it won’t like and I’m not into argue with anyone.

@anon39079500 thanks for the tips, this is merely based on my experience, and it must not seen apart, I mean mostly of those signs become a red flah accompanied by others signs, like symptoms of a disease, only headache might be nothing, by with other symptoms might be some disease, I understand that some of those things are not a red flag by itself, but with others things it might be. But again, this is just based on me and what I see when comes dealing with this importor.
The vent part definitely should go in case sent in the tutorials area hahaha


Yeah this was one of the things that hold me up for so long on this, I always thought if is an impostor than why is giving me this and that, but it did so I could stay believing, I wouldn’t believe if it couldn’t give me nothing, but it gave me a lot specially to soothe me, when I was doubting. Sometimes even without I ask. And people that went with similar also went through this. But like I said above I think this is only a red flag if accompanied by others red flags.

Yeah, I should say that, it is in case asked for. Cause I did.


For what it’s worth, the venting is entirely appropriate here.

I have my own issues with Lucifer, so I’m not part of the low-key Lucifer worship that goes on.


That’s actually good to hear haha


Could it be that this was sometimes Lucifer and sometimes an imposter?

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Unlikely. I was told that Lucifer was there at first and than left when the impostor came and I started to believe on it. If was at times Lucifer he probably would, should, have said something about the impostor that was coming at times. So I guess was just the impostor after Lucifer left. Either way was a dick move from him.

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