Love spells that worked

Just thought I would make a new thread for anyone that had actual success with getting back with an ex who wasn’t talking to them via a spell or evocation of a specific demon etc. Just for the ones who are interested please tell us what you did, who you evoked and how long it took. Might take some of the stress out of it for some


watching right now.

Pretty simple… I actually tried it yesterday and wow props…


Well, the simplest thing I remember was simply to carry Hagit’s seal and invoke his power, talisman of black pullet. It works pretty good As for more complex things we would already be talking about rituals.

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that sounds really simple and no one notices you pulling out a candle.


Yeah, draw the hagit seal in the hour and day of venus, incense of patchouly and a red candle, call him. When I felt that it was loaded, I simply took it with me and invoked his power the day I was possibly going to see this person. surprisingly it worked

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Hey, thanks for sharing. Can’t find any information about Hagit beside this, but it’s only his/her sigil. Do you have a link for more information about that spirit ?

@Verdo, is this something you have saved under your dispositary?:thinking:

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yup. pretty much any of these entities related to lust/love should help with this. Sallos for example was able to help a user get an ex back some time ago

Also, if you’re good at structuring, you can literally just give them a call in the spirit world and have them come right back to you, as evidenced here:


I’m particularly curious about entities to get someone new, instead of an ex or such :thinking:.

Well the same entities used to get an ex back can help you get someone new. Sitri, sallos…and especially gremory:


I found it un The Arbatel grimoire

"Aphorism XV.- Olympic spirits are called those who inhabit the sky and the
stars of the sky. Its function is to execute destiny, to manage events
fateful as much as it pleases God and as he allows it, without any evil devil,
No evil destiny can harm the one who is sitting in the shadow of the Most High. All
Olympic spirit teaches and fulfills what presages the presiding star; but nevertheless
He can not pass anything from power to act without divine permission. In effect, only
God gives you this power and this action. All the supraceleste, celestial, sublunar beings and
infernal obey God the creator:
So strive to undertake everything you undertake with the help of God and
Your companies will reach the desired and desirable end. This is proven by the history of the world
whole and everyday experience. The Lord has said: «Peace to men, good will,
the war for the others ».
Aphorism XVI.- Seven are the powers or offices proper to the spirits to whom
God has entrusted the direction of the world’s machine. His visible stars are Aratron,
Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, Ophiel, Pbul, in the Olympic language. Everyone has their
orders a numerous army of the firmamen

Hagith governs the things of Venus; It makes the one who is worthy to possess his
character and ornaments with all kinds of nobility. Instantly change copper into gold and
gold in copper; seeks spirits who obey their masters faithfully.
It has legions of 4,000 spirits and at the head of every thousand places kings in
fixed times


Oh it’s Hagith. Now I do find interesting things about it.
Thank you :slight_smile:
@Verdo thank you as well.


It should be noted that Sitri (or at least from my case), is much more into the lust and sex part and dosen’t put his focus on finding love for you. So you should take heat in if you ask Sitri to find you a girlsfriend, it will only last a short while.

Now don’t let this scare you thou, as Sitri is a very powerful demon and can suddenly manifest your desires quickly. But take caution that you more will seek his assistance in manifesting sex for you then a romantic relationship.

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I read nasty stuff about Sitri on this forum. Like…He turns women into whores and fucks up with them and such. Scared the shit out of me. What’s your experience with him ?

Depends on what type of whore we are talking about…:wink:

Sitri just has a way to sway woman to explore thier desires with you. So in Essence they would become your “whore”. Now Sitri can be a trickster, so be sure to lay your cards on the table for him. Be specific in your request or he will… fill out the rest for you.

Don’t let Sitri scare you, he has been a great teacher for me.

Okay. I contacted him the other day because I’m trying to build a rship with a demon. Well, I’m not after romance at all so getting a “whore” wouldn’t be unpleasant at all, lol. Hence my choice to work with him.

Do you think it’s okay if I call for regularly or will he get pissed ? Calling him regularly wouldn’t be a way to get results faster - far from it, but to build a relationship.

From my experience I only did one ritual and went to bed. The next day Sitri has already manifested a girl to show great interest in me. Give or take some days and we had sex… really hot sex.

So I go with just contact him once, let him do his job and just forget about the ritual you did for him. Magick works it’s charm when you don’t go around looking to see if it still has worked.


Yeah I know that. That’s what I’d do if I was only after the result. But I want to build a relationship with the spirit. I can’t feel spirits as for now so you can understand my wish to get better at these things…

In that case I think it better that you contact Lilith. She (at least for me) is opening up my senses simply for just talking to her.

She seems to really be grateful that you just take your time to have a conversation with her. And it’s quite simple. Just gaze into her sigil and speak with her mentally or physically.

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Great! Thank you :). That was just what I was after. A spirit that loves talking ? Count me in.