Love Ritual to get any girl you desire - to conjure the moon

[Mod note: this partially comes from the Grimorium Verum for those that want to look it up]

The many or the less of you may have practiced or heard about this spell, it has worked for me, and therefore I want to share it with you.

Materials for the Ritual

  • White candle

  • Paper or parchment

The Ritual

Prepare yourself by observing the moon, 1 hour before midnight. Proceed by drawing the sigil seen here:

The first N represents the first name of the person you desire, while the second one resembles their last name(family name).

Write the name of the person you wish carefully and evident in the middle of the circle.

Now turn the paper around, write the name of Melchiael and Bareschas. This calls upon the high ceremonial princes of the moon and conjures them “…by all the divine names of God.”

Take the white candle outside. Then place the paper on the earth, with your petition against the earth and the two divine names toward the sky. Place your right foot above the paper while your left knee is bent to the earth. In this position, observe the moon.

After you got into the position, proceed on holding the white candle in your right hand and recite the following.

The Conjuration (Long)

"I salute thee and conjure thee, O beautiful Moon, O most beautiful Star, O brilliant light which I have in my hand. By the light which I have in my hand. By the air that I breathe within me, by the earth that I am touching: I conjure thee. By the names of the spirit princes living in you. By the ineffable name ON, which created everything! By you, O resplendent angel GABRIEL, with the planet Mercury, Prince, MICHIAEL and MELCHIDAEL.

I conjure you again, by all the Holy Names of God, so that you may send down power to oppress, torture and harass the body and soul and the five senses of N., she whose name is written here, so that she may come unto me. Let her then be tortured, made to suffer. Go, then, at once! Go, MELCHIDAEL, BARESCHES, ZAZEL, FIRIEL, MALCHA, and alll those who are with thee! I conjure you by the Great Living God to obey my will, and I, N., promise to satisfy you."

The Conjuration (Short)

“I salute and conjure you, O beautiful Moon, O beautiful Star, O bright light which I hold in my hand! By the air which I breathe, by the breath which is in me, by the earth which I touch, I conjure you and by all the names of the spirits who are within you! I conjure you to (state petition suitable for working with lunar energy here). I conjure you to accomplish my will and I (name) do promise to satisfy you duly.”

Having thrice pronounced this conjuration, place the candle on the paper and let it burn down. Take the paper and place it either on your altar or traditionally in your left shoe and leave it there until your petition has been answered.


If you perform this spell, as I have rewritten it, do notice the sentence at the end of the conjuration: “I conjure you to accomplish my will and I (name) do promise to satisfy you duly.” This implies that you will make some sort of offering when your petition is answered. I advise you to follow through on the offering. It is unwise to make promises to deities that you do not keep. In fact, you may choose to adapt the last statement to read, “I ask you to accomplish my will and I (name) do promise to pour out a libation of good wine to you.” Or state whatever specific thank offering you would like to make.


I don’t have any particular girl I like at the moment because the last time I checked I fall for someone was 2015 but I will test it for those around me…

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Thank you for this ritual. As in the first replier to this posting, I do not at the present time have a specific potential lover to work the ritual about.

Is it your belief that in the alternative of providing initials of a perspective lover to instead in that same area write a very short description of the qualities your seeking in a new love interest? Such as … “to be in a loving relationship with an attractive female who is compatible with my interests” ?

I’ve had success with doing some slight modifications as by the example I just provided in other types of past workings. I suppose this meets one of the definitions of what is referred to as chaos magic.

In terms of the phase of the moon, at what timing is optimal? New moon? Full moon?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.



Hello Phil,

“to be in a loving relationship with an attractive female who is compatible with my interests”

I haven’t tried this method before, only with a specific person. The only thing that you could do is try and find out for everyone and yourself if it works!

In terms of the phase of the moon, at what timing is optimal? New moon? Full moon?

Thank you for the question, the optimal time of doing this ritual is in a waning/or any crescent moon there is.

Although I have done several different rituals during different moon phases, and the waning or crescent moon is not a must.

Hoping to see results from you, good luck!


Even if it did not happen and the girl did not write first, you should be the first to write, it may be the case, that she is waiting for your reaction. Try to attract her attention in the first message. For example, advise her: ‘Hello, I came across her page, and now a question is torturing me.’ Do not write her anything else, leave the internet and official site for a day or two. This way, you will make the girl think about you, burn with curiosity, what you wanted to ask.

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Added to the Unofficial Tutorials: Love and Sex Collection.

My version was on a man, with the intent that he contact me and be real in his communication. This was one of those where I did not feel any great outpouring of energy on my part, but the connections and lines of contact being set up in a stellar way. Melchiael and Barechas did all the work, behind the scenes.

The performance was slightly non standard. I used a lighter rather than a candle, simply out under the last day of the waning moon on my back porch. I did not draw the usual circle as the instructions did not call for this.
It had the feeling of a spell where I really didn’t do more than activate the spell, following the instructions and only slightly modifying the Conjuration from “she” to “he”. It helped that I was not trying to go against the flow, simply putting some extra oomph into an existing situation that was good if a tad lukewarm.

At the end I had the paper, burn around the edges with the spell all set up, but not activated. I put it one side and had a think about it. Communication blockage continued.
A week later I looked at the paper, and using Kinesiology / Muscle Testing (like using a pendulum but faster) to ascertain that the princes has not yet got the ask, and the working was not activated. To do this you have to put it on your alter, or in your left shoe. I put it in my left sock as I wasn’t wearing shoes. I put it in my shoe when I went running, and I kept it in my sock otherwise, I did take it off for sleeping that night and put it back the next day. But now it was disintegrating from being run on :joy:

My man texted me that night, we texted until 5am and he completely came out of his shell and I got the true information I was interested in.

Offering of Thanks:
Two glasses of Carmeniere wine made by my own hand from the last bottle left, in precious handmade artisan pottery, placed on my alter with a candle. I will clean this away when the candle is burned down. I called Melchiael and Barechas and thanked them and formally gave them the offering with gratitude in my heart.


Did you activate it by putting the paper in your shoe/sock after doing the whole ritual and saying the conjurations? I will perform it soon and will be glad to know some important details.

Yes, it was like the spell was on hold until I activated it. I did use intention and willfully reaffirm my intent, and that in the act of placing it in my sock I set the potential energy stored up from the ritual in motion. :slight_smile:


The ritual looks very promising and I will try It.I did not understand something-you write the names of Melchiael and Bareschas on the opposite clean side of the paper and under the names-the petition. Also what do you do with the offering- you drink the wine like the offerings from DOM or do you pour it outside?

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This may be a silly question and I believe someone above basically answered this but I’m a little shaky on it- can this be used for men?

Sorry I just saw this… I used it on a man, so yes, I would say so :slight_smile:

Can someone explain this part to me?
Why torture her?

@Mulberry why torture her? Can I modify this part? :point_down:

Ah, sorry I didn’t see that before… well, I think the point of this spell is the target becomes fraught with need to contact you, if you take that bit away they can probably just ignore it.

You might want to try something else rather than this spell if you want to stay on the less baneful side of what is already baneful magick, as all love spells are, as they all cause discomfort when a person wants someone they haven’t connected with yet.

Maybe try a romance candle spell, and include the words “if it be her will” to make sure the attraction is real and not a forced, fake thing that will wear off in the end.

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Does it have to be done necessarly outside or inside my room would be also good?
The conjuring formula can be spoken mentally ?

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Thank you :heartpulse:

Today I have no desire, like Patrul Rinpoche, Love was diminished by BAAL, Nad integrated by Suphism,
Today is ISSA day. Dead/alive, what do you think?

Experiencing crowley consciousness by my own System.

This seems a lot like the intranquility spirit spell but a lot less risky. Thanks!

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