Lords have mercy, but is there anything for my stress


Okay, so the story goes I’m at the end of a state required English test and suddenly I’m tired and losing my grip on my thoughts. My mind works against me when I’m valuable so I try to force my attention away from bad thoughts however, this was not the case. I started breathing fast, my heart starts to freak, and I put my head down. I don’t know really how to fix this and I’m someone who just says “oh other people have this problem, not me!” so I just think it’s fine now. Tho that sucked cause I ended the test with no final response and with the teach thin’in I was asleep. I don’t need more detentions! Please let the be someone to release the tension and calm me??? :frowning:

sorry if this sucks I’m new and a more quiet person online cause people could rip my intelligent apart real quick


A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer.
This can be modified to suit you. I use it daily and I am overjoyed with the results. Anxiety and Stress is pretty much gone. I run it through everything on my property.


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