Looking to meet magicians

Im trying to find a good place to meet local magicans. Sont judge me i am lonely.

Digging around makes me feel awkward


What location are you looking in?

I move around alot. So im not too pricky

Well great, there’s been a spate of people lately looking for meetups in Dubai. :slight_smile:


It will sound interesting on this subject, but when I’m face to face I feel that someone is dealing with esotericism.
In the market, on the road, in the pharmacy…
There is a strange feeling when I set the eye seat. And I nod my head in greeting.
Then you should see the face of the person in front of me :slight_smile:

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Anyone near Athens GA who would like to meet up?

@telgega check out the friendship thread, if your location changes a lot :slight_smile:

Otherwise I would suggest to pin your meetup wishes down to an area you frequent a lot. It gives the members on here a better insight if a physical meeting would be manageable for them :+1:

@Mulberry already suggested the Dubai thread, there is also a thread for UK based folks on here, but its pretty much dead at the moment

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I’m in Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Northwest Washington, to be exact. Is there anyone who would like to meet up? You can DM me.

I have asked this on this forum before. DC is an occult place despite it being a national, international, historical, and political center. There are other sides to this area, an egregoric feel to it. All one has to do is tap into its power. There are those who know what I’m saying. Every city has a spirit. DC literally has a pentagram (among other things) encoded into the streets of this place. And a Pentagon across the Potomac River in Arlington, VA. Thanks to the Freemasons, of course.

I have seen things walk these streets out of the corner of my eye literally appear and disappear that are not human. This is the real DC, not the tourist spots.

I know there are others. Let’s meet.


Hi. Im in Cape town south africa. Would like to meet up.

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No wayyyy i will move to dubai next few month

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This is an interesting issue. This kind of thing is very rare over here. I gather there are some other practitioners in the country, but I think very very few. Also, its not something I can be open about. No one I know knows I practice. I expect most others here are the same.

Energy workers are more open and reiki practioners are dime a dozen. But anything else, what little there likely is, is very undercover.

I did have a t shirt made as kind of a fun little experiment. It says “Need a problem solved in perpetuity? Call our friendly team on 0800 [a line of goetic sigils followed instead of numbers]” (for context free calling numbers here all start with 0800).
I was wondering if anyone would recognise them and stop for a chat. No one so far.

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Hi im living dubai, who else

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You in LA?

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I’m in San Diego.

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Anyone here in Cape town south africa?

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I’m near Greenville SC.

I want a friend who I can do magic with. :slight_smile:

I don’t tell people about what I do, they’re judgemental about this kind of stuff for the most part.



I am looking to practice magick with people in my area, I’m in LA, group rituals, circles etc.

I’m into christic magick, kemetic and dragon magick, I’m a magus level practitioner training to be ipsissimus

I work with Enki a lot, dragons, gods, sometimes demons, angels…

Lmk if you’re interested

I’m also willing to share my knowledge and take on serious adepts