Looking for some guidance?

I have just started looking into magick and am a little confused about where to start if I want to learn how to use it.

I have looked at a few web-sites with some spells on them (mainly SpellsofMagic.com) and have looked at a few of those spells.

But I also watched the little video that comes up if you go to buy the Become a Living God E-Book ( I did not buy that though and don’t plan on it either) and it said I needed to have a good system to make it work.

Can anyone just give me some guidance on how to begin? Where to start? How can I cast spells? etc.



This thread has alot that can help get you started.

Also take a moment to introduce yourself here and go over the rules.

Welcome to the forum :grin: enjoy your explorations.


Well go to mindandmagick YouTube channel. First meditate and do The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram followed by the middle pillar ritual to depolarize. Also learn rhythmic breathing. Breathe in for 2, Pause for 2, Breathe out for 2, Pause for 2, and repeat.