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Basically, I need to very strongly manipulate my own mother, and change her will on one important subject and change her attitude towards me back how it was when I was a kid.

Before anyone thinks badly of me for attempting such a thing - my mother is a HORRIBLE, selfish person. She is currently destroying both mine and my four year old child’s lives purely by her own selfishness and inability to act in the interests of absolutely anyone besides herself. However, she wasn’t always this way.

This has been going on for four years now. I had my dear son when I was 18, and I was so happy and embracing life as a mother. My son was thriving in my care, he was absolutely fine - but my mother decided that she loved my son so much that she wanted him for herself. She thus one day out ifcimpletely nowhere made up a load of total lies about me and got custody of my child.
I literally have PTSD to this day of seeing the cops come in and tell me what she’d said and that I had to leave the house and leave my son there with her. This has haunted me for all of these years and I am a broken young woman. The loss of my child, the loss of my home, the loss of my relationship with my parents as I knew it, and just the stinging betrayal of the whole thing. The INJUSTICE is what gets me more than anything.
If I had been being a bad or neglectful mother and made my child unsafe in any way I WOULD DESERVE IT. But I truly was not.
After 8 months of crying and praying on the floor and paying god knows how much money to practitioners for unsuccessful magical workings to get me back inside the house, I put everything in my heart and soul into a ritual from the necronomicon soellbook using the spirit Ziku and managed to get her to start letting me spend weekends back at home with my family. It happened in a horrible monkeys paw effect way, but I managed to get back in the house and that’s all that mattered.
Ever since then, she’s tried to get my weekends diminished and shortened and stopped several times (just because she wants it to be just her and my son in the house) but I always manage to work my way back in.
Until last year, I was so broken down by the whole situation, her kicking me out has led me in the last four years to homelessness, prostitution, living in squalor in a deep depression, eating disorders the worst things you can think of, problems I NEVER had before my life was ripped from me at the age of 18 - randomly on Christmas Eve she told me I can’t cone home for Christmas when that was all that was keeping me going for months. There had not even been any fight or anything she just decided she DIDNT want me there.
I spent the day childless and motherless and on the phone to a suicide hotline.
She hasn’t let me come home since and I haven’t seen my son in all this time. I’m physically nauseous of how much he’s growing without me. I can’t take it any longer.
The worst part of it is SHES NOT EVEN CARING FOR HIM PROPERLY AND IS INCAPABLE. He’s almost five years old and she’s got him still sleeping in a cot with a baby grow. He is mentally behind and sill not talking properly. She’s almost 60 and barely able to walk due to problems with her legs and since my dad and grandma died in the last two years she’s just ‘not able to have me coming anymore because of those two terrible losses’ LIKE SHES THE ONLY ONE THAT LOST THEM. Like MY child isn’t growing every day and needing his mother.
I am broken without my family.
The stupidest thing is that despite everything I still love her more than anything and all I want is to get back to live with both of them…: that is the best thing for me and my son but all she cares about is what she wants… she brings up any reason why it ‘cant’ happen, like stupid disagreements and arguments we’ve had YEARS AGO… just any excuse… but I don’t have time to wait for her to just get herself ready for it, it needs to happen NOW before my son gets any older
It would be unfair to take my son away from her completely after so long wth her st least not right away, so the best possible thing is for the three of us to live together, for me to just return home.
It won’t even be anything that will be bad for her.
All I need to do is make her want or allow me to be there again.
She never used to be like this. When I was a child she was a loving and attentive mother who would have died for me… right up to when I turned 18 and had my son.

I am a beautiful young woman and my son and my mum are my world… they’re all I want.’I just want to return home and get back to health, recover from all of this hell and be a good mum and good daughter… I’m completely destroyed until this happens… she says ‘you need to just stop wanting to be here and get your own life!’ Like she doesn’t understand that my son IS my life and it’s not just like, idk, like I’ve broken up with some boyfriend that I can’t get over ornsomething - there will NEVER come a day when I accept just FORGETTING my child, leaving him to grow up just five minutes down the road from me and just living as a single person like he doesn’t exist. He is mine and I will be destroyed always until I’m home to him… as soon as I’m home I can then work on thriving in so many other ways, it’s literally all I need or he’s going to have a shit childhood with someone who’s too old to take care of him, too incompetent to truly meet his needs and too selfish to accept she’s wrong and do what needs to be done.

I’ve been thinking of asking king paimon for help in this desperate situation… agh I just somehow need to have FULL CONTROL OVER HER just for a short amount of time to let me move back into the house… then even if it wears off once she realises it’s fine, that’s ok… has anyone used king paimon for anything like this before? Or is there another way that seems better?

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Don’t delude yourself over controlling her for a short amount of time. With such things it is all or nothing. If you gain control you can never relinquish that control or she will strike back even worse than before. There are times you should look real hard at whether some sympathy you carry is worth it or if it should be put aside and considered a thing for a time gone by.

I would personally go for mental domination through my own power. Start by invading dreams and subjugating her there binding with astral and telepathic mental chains made of strong energy and intent to subvert her will to your own. In person blast her mind with strong commands. Though you might not be much for that style so demons and spirits are definitely a thing you could go for depending on what you feel comfortable with. King Paimon does seem a good option but something tells me maybe Bael would also be a good choice but that is just kind of intuition there and you will want to check on that first. If they can’t help you have them give you a recommendation on a spirit that can help.

Now if you accept to give up what lingering affection you have and relegate that to her past state and not the deranged state she is likely going to be in for the rest of her life you can easily drive her away. Chip away at her sanity and health and draw focus to it showing the world her deceptions and turning them back on her. Again many methods for that you can easily browse and find many things to adapt to your needs. Be a little resourceful and don’t be afraid to cut loose on some restrictions to get what you want.


Thankyou for being possibly the only one who actually answered my question with anything helpful! Lol… checking these things out… :heartbeat:

Well I sorta have a similar issue on going but unlike you I’m wageing a total all out war plus a lot of just shear grind physically and mental just added Demonic help
Now seems in your post that you are sorta desperate and been in a bad place been there done that now my question and don’t get mad why do you deserve your son and why are you trying to move back into a horrid situation
Why not call some forces give you better job and housing get shit together than wage a war take son back ask for free legal services make calls build a network if you must go get rescued by some church group they always looking to save people I like think most people on this forum believe in saveing themselves with a bit advice or help now and again
And on a side note why ask a demon something you not willing see to bitter end

What I took from it, anmd could be wrong is the OP recognises her son is used to living with her mum and that suddenly uprooting him from that wouldn’t be the best thing.

It may be menopause and then loss of her husband that tipped the lady over the edge and she’s trying to hold onto life by “having a child” again, but not doing it in a healthy way of being there for the future, instead she’s stealing it.

Still think best course job place of your own and stability than take back your son
It might be that mom feels you are irresponsible or unable to do for yourself or boy and gets tierd of you

This, though:

Some people really are fruitcakes, and some of those people have kids, and some keep their basic fruitcakeness under wraps until a traumatic event like widowhood, ageing, means their demons come out to play, so taking the OP’s post as accurate, this lady is not the ideal carer for this child, and calling social services will just result in him being put up for adoption and the OP would never see him, and if he’s placed in a council home, those are often worse than the current situation for any kid, sadly.


One thing sticks out in this rather lengthy post. You used Ziku from the Necronomicon. He is the bestower of riches. Try Zisi, reconciler of enemies, instead.


Balg the temple of gurus,

Magick can be effective, however to truly reap the reward of it you must in fact control your emotions. This is not a shot at you it’s a fact. When you obsess on something you want to happen it’s more likely you will prevent it from happening no matter what you do.


Going to ignore the stupid shit that was said before, since Eva already took care of it.

I recommend you start focusing on yourself and advancing further as much as possible, while calling on Belial to help you out with this.

Since you’re all emotional, pour all that emotion into a ritual with Belial, tell him what’s up and what you want, then focus on yourself to get your mind off of the whole thing.

If you are able to keep your mind off of the magick, you can start devising a plan to accomplish what you desire.

Soon enough you will start getting nudges from Belial. Make sure to follow them.

King Paimon is also a good alternative, as well as Lucifer.


I’m sorry you’re right I think it was Zisi I used! Very similar names and I got mixed up lol. It was November 2014. I’ll scrually tell you guys what happened. By this point I had been away from home for 8 months solid and felt there was no hope left. I was literally hysterical on the floor screaming to this Zisi for help. It was my first ever ritual and I had always just paid people to do them for me before. I didn’t get any manifestation that I noticed but I may have just been caught up in the emotions of it all and not looking out for such a thing.
Less than a week later (bear in mind I had tried EVERYTHING to get back into the house at that point and it was NOTHING short of magick that could fix it) I was burgled in my apartment. While I was HOME. I was a lone 18 year old girl, terrified out of my mind, they broke my door down, saw I was there, panicked and assaulted me, threatened my life but I guess as I wasn’t trying to fight them they didn’t hurt me too bad and they just ran off shocked as they didn’t expect me to be there.
The police came and called my mum and she told them the situation, and said she’d pay for a hotel for me for the night. Then after trying to take me to numerous hotels that were all full as it was Friday night, the actual POLICE, TOOK me to her door and said ‘just let her stay for the night “unofficially”’ (despite knowing she’d gotten court orders saying I couldn’t be there :joy::joy::joy:) literally what were th chances. It HAD to be my working. A guy on here told me it was BECAUSE I was so hysterical during the ritual that results manifested, because so much emotion went into it.
Numerous people have also told me that the necronomicon is notorious for producing such ‘monkeys paw’ type results - you get your result but with a bad twist.
In hind sight I’m still glad I did it.
But I’m too scared to do the same thing again.
Because what would the twist be this time? Would he give me cancer and 6 months to live or something, and make her feel bad and let me ‘return home’ just to live out my final days? Or would he do something that would cause my death and thus I ‘return home’ as in my ashes would be in her house.
It seems like a no brainer, like anyone would say ‘well, that’s what worked for you last time, right? So just do that same thing again?’ But due to the turbulent nature of how it happened last time… These are the worst case scenario ‘twists’ I’m scared of happening if I try that same thing again. :frowning:

This always makes me so sad because people will always assume that that is the case. I don’t tell people in real life that I’m in this scenario because understandably, they would assume that I must have done something harmful or neglectful or been loving my life in a way that was unsafe to raise a child - for her to even have got him in the first place. But the UK ‘family courts’ are FUCKED. Check out www.forced-adoption.com and it explains it all.
I was caring for my son just fine, he was meeting all his milestones, I was taking him to all of his appointments, I was literally doing nothing wrong. My mum just decided she wanted him, and would stop at nothing to get him. And in a ‘court’ like that, where there’s only a judge and no jury, and hearsay is treated as indisputable evidence - a 50 odd year old couple with degrees who have previously raised a child, is a better fit than a single 18 year old first time mother without a job or a baby daddy in sight.
But even despite the corruption and unfairness of the UK courts, it still took her FOUR times taking me to court to actually get my son from me because they could find nothing wrong. In the end they did it ‘as a temporary basis to see how it goes’ but she managed to manipulate it into a long term order. As in, it’s POSSIBLE to overturn it. But difficult. And I think to have any chance of ever doing that, I would have to be living with my son already and he would have to be very very hard to me being a part of his every day life again. It kills me that I’m not.
As for her thinking I’m not suitable - it’s certainly not that. She knows deep down he’s better off with me, and I feel she sometimes regrets doing the whole thing. She’s tired. And never has any time for herself. She’s nearly 60, depressed as hell since losing my dad and my grandma, had diabetes, has such bad problems with her legs that she can barely walk - she cannot do ANYTHING fun with him or even walk long distances. Hes going to ha e a miserable damn life if I’m not there.
I’ve said for years that there’s a problem as ever since he went to her he hasn’t been doing stuff kids his age should - such as talking and potty training. She doesn’t push for answers at the doctors. It’s just like ‘this is the way it is’. But he needs proper care and support and a diagnosis. He will be 5 this year and he’s still not talking or fully toilet trained. I want to be there with him and teach him other ways to communicate. I have been teaching myself sign language to try to teach him when this is hopefully all sorted… things like that that she just doesn’t think of and doesn’t care about because she’s just so wrapped up in her own ‘grief’ that she doesn’t realise she’s ruining EVERYONE else’s life, neglecting my son and literally destroying me. I will NEVER get these precious years back. And the longer this goes on the more of a shit time he’s having without having a normal life :frowning:

EXACTLY. The ONLY reason I don’t report her is because that is exactly what would happen. It would go one of two ways. I would either get the full custody I should have had all along, or most likely, she would spit more lies and trouble causing to stop me getting him, and he would just be adopted out. It really is the most dire situation and I’m out of my mind over it. Things could be so much better for all of us if I was just home in the house… I would be caring for my son more than adequately, she could ya e a life as she wouldn’t have to stay in full time with no one to watch him, and eventually once he’s back to being fully used to me, we could
Move out and she could have her life to herself again. But it just cannot stay the way it is now just because that’s what ‘she wants’. She thinks only of the here and now and how she feels and what she would prefer in the here and now. I think she genuinely just doesn’t see how much harm she is causing. I like to think that if she did, she wouldn’t do it. I can only process this by telling myself she is ill and impaired by her depression and whatever other crazy shit she may have. She’s also paranoid. Always thinks people are out to get her or being dishonest towards her in some way. EVERYONE though. From me to her sister to her colleagues at work to the damn postman. She’s lost it. And I feel sorry for her. As much as she’s done and is doing, at the end of the day I still love her more than anything, I have no desire whatsoever to hurt her. But it just can’t stay her way when it’s causing so much harm to us two… it’s the worst.

sigh, I know, this is my problem every time. I have a ritual done on my behalf and then tell myself ‘it won’t work it’s hopeless it won’t work’ and then it doesn’t. How do I stop sabotaging it like that?

Do you think Belial or King Paimon is best? Oh I think I would be way too scared to try Lucifer himself lol.

You were all emotional and told Zisi to do whatever it takes to get you back in your mother’s house didn’t you?

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Maybe she kind of enjoys keeping him at baby stage? That does happen, I’ve known people who were caught up with a parent or caregiver like that.

Anyway I PM’d you, happy to give this a try and see how it goes, I know about the system here and that what may seem simple, isn’t.

Councils are incentivised through various methods to have as many adoptions as possible, the idea is to remove the burden of caring for kids and keeping them in homes, but like all targets it’s backfired, and they look to remove kids that they know they can place - if a child is held in a council home, they can be returned, but once adoption goes through, no-one from the birth family has any idea of the child’s location, even if evidence is later provided that the child was removed in error, they are never removed from the new family.

We had a famous case where a pediatrician “expert” was going round claiming more than one cot death in a family meant abuse, people who were already bereaved losing two, or more, successive babies to cot death would have their other children removed and placed in adoption, and being healthy kids and not even troubled, they’d get taken up right away.

Later his theory was proven false and medical evidence that there was a reason for the families having more than one baby die resurfaced, but the familes, some of whom had also seen the mothers sent to prison, along with social ostracism etc as suspected baby-killers, never got their other children back. One woman committed suicide, and this was someone who had done NOTHING wrong except tragically lose 2 children to a specific and known health problem.

This is our “welfare system” at work, with the sensitivity and accuracy of a wrecking ball aimed at the wrong buildings.

I think I said something along the lines of that almost word for word. Lol

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Thought so. Lack of precision will bite you in the ass nearly every time. There is no monkey’s paw effect. You got what you asked for. Kudos on getting a result and don’t be afraid of the Nec entities.