Life threatening Attack from my mother

My mother would use powder and stare at the mirror then walk over me and my siblings at midnight.
She also sends a spirit to cause sleep paralysis and molest me in my dream till I release semen.(This sexual dreams have affected reproductive system and also causes ill lucks)
I have tried to get help from many(pastors, Imam, and spiritual people)
I have fasted for 100 days straight with prayers. (Christian prayers of repeating same words over and over again)

I have had no solution to this dreams through those prayers.
The only time I got help was using Michael’s sigil and his words of power. But that only works for about 2-4 hours of sleep.
I am an absolute novice. I have read a lot of articles here but my major challenge is getting magic materials because I’m in west Africa
Please I really need and help and want to free.
Thanks in Advance


Have you thought about a cord cutting ritual? You would only need a candle, a cotton string and scissors in this case. Household items, no one would notice.

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Are you sure?

I mean, did you discard possible medical, mundane reasons for this?

Why would your own mother do this? What does she gain?

Move elsewhere. Get your own place. Rent with friends and/or siblings.

Prayers mean nothing if you don’t feel it and believe it (faith: belief in what you cannot see). If you just repeat words like a mad person without feeling anything, you won’t see much results.

You know how we always see people begging and crying when praying? They don’t believe. They beg because they hope, and they repeat words mindlessly too. Without faith, they get nothing.


Thank you very much.
I’m really grateful for your prompt response.
I can get these things.
What about the information of how to do the ritual?
How do I learn this.
Thanks again and again.

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Thanks a lot.
I really appreciate.
I am sure my mother isn’t behind all this.
I lost my father(her husband) about 12 years ago. Few months before he died some spiritual person(called baba alawo) in Benin republic revealed that she got some poison to cook for him from a friend. To my surprise she and her friend admitted…they pleaded guilty .
The spiritual person requested for the pot she used to cook and it was provided.

The pathetic thing is they are still best friends. The spiritual person said she this to get more powerful in her coven.

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I have been praying with faith and sincerity…(to my knowledge tho)
I have also mot been able to stay alone or with friends because I find it difficult to find favor from people.
When people promise me they never fulfill it.
The first time I performed an invocation or protection ritual of calling on seven angels by visualizing stars and then dropping into my heart then using the words of power of the angels.
I the night prayed fervently for victory.
I dreamt of my mother having all conversation with her that she took my money and she’s using it to build a house.
In that dream I tried twisting her neck to kill her but when I looked at her face I felt compassion on her and left her alone.

Also, whenever I pray for less than 2hours before sleeping the sexual dream happens. But if I pray for 2-3 hours before sleeping, I would either refuse to make love with the spirit( usually appearing as any woman)
Or she would refuse. But if I wake up and sleep back after 2 minutes. The same sexual dreams starts again.
Thanks a lot on advance

Being attacked by lesser entities is a very common problem… The standard practice for this is a banishing and to set up wards to drive the unwanted entity away, and prevent it from being able to get to you.

Treat it as a regular “parasite” as I call them, basically… we have a bunch of tutorials with more information here, but also search the forum for something more specific:

It doesn’t really matter who sends you what when you are strong and can hold your own.
But if you still have problems I would go with a binding on her, or anyone working against you. Try the banishings and cleansings first: deal with the immediate problem then fix the cause.


I’ve been having nightmares until I remembered to do the Sword Banishing ritual before sleeping every night. The nightmares stopped.

Try it, it’s super simple and fast. You’ll find it in the Magickal Protection book.


Oh I wish mothers would never hurt their children intentionally but sadly this happens.
Whether she does it intentionally or is under some spell herself, OP describes a problem here and while it’s never wrong to think about physical or mundane reasons first, OP seems pretty sure about what happened.

Using a prayer like a mantra can be a very powerful thing to do. Why do you assume they do it without feeling?


Magickal tools only help yourself channel your magick, which comes from within yourself. Anything will do, what matters is your intent and persistence.
If you don’t have anything at all, you can still do magick.


Thanks a lot… ready to read.
I would get back to you ASAP.

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Thank so much. I really appreciate.
I would be reading the article soon enough.
Thanks again

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Thanks you so much.
Please can you give me a link to this book?

A really reduced version of this ritual:

focus on the energy or attachment you want to cut off from yourself. In this case you should focus on the energetical link to your mother and her workings on you. You could try to imagine an energetical thread or cord of any colour that fits your impression of your mothers negative attachment.

Light the candle. Any colour does the trick, you don’t have to buy black candles or anything like that.

Take the cotton string into your hand (or both hands). This cotton string now represents the energetical link to your mother. While holding the cotton string you could think (or speak, if it helps you) something along the lines of “This energetical cord is binding me to my mothers attacks”; pour all of your negative feelings into this cotton string that comes with this thought.
Keep holding the string; now think about WHY you want to break this energetical cord. Think about how much easier your life is without your mothers attachment to your energy. Pour these feelings into the cord, as well. You can take your time with these thoughts, don’t rush it.

When you’re finished with this little meditation you can take the cord and cut it into two pieces. Think or speak “I have released the ties that bound me to my mothers energy” and burn the pieces with the candle flame, put them into a fire safe container (like an ashtray or anything similar) and let them burn to ashes. You can flush the ashes down the toilet.

There are also tool-free ways to get this done (via meditation and energy work) but I figured that you might get a better idea about how you severed the energetical link when you are watching it happen in front of your eyes :slight_smile:

You could also give this a try:


It’s on Amazon. Look up Magickal Protection by Damon Brand.

I lost access to my profile and just got this back hence the late response.
Can I just use the sigil on my phone?
I skeptical about drawing it because there are several instructions about drawing sigil and I get confused on the perfect one to use.

Yes, that’s ok.

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