LHP and darkness thematics

Can someone, please, educate me, the profane one?

Are “demons” actually our Ancient Gods?
Are they evil-oriented or good-oriented based on our human perception of good and bad?

I have read some books from E.A. Koetting and his rituals and conversations with various demons like Azazel and they seem so “dark”, “scary” and “hell-related” and I’m actually confused.

I want to believe that demons are our ancient gods and their intentions are good towards us, but when I read such books, all I sense is: blood pacts, cemetery weird rituals, wicked ceremonials and overall darkness thematics (e.g. Hell army, Darkness Empire, Dark Lord Lucifer and so on, you get the point. All “dark things”, nothing peaceful, nothing soothing.

What I don’t understand is why everybody on the LHP when reffering to them (The Ancient Ones), they use scary words such as: infernal legions, dark, hell realms, graveyard, draconian, darkness, abyss, and basically all the words that emmanate a gory dark sensation.

I really hate organized religion from the bottom of my soul and want to follow the LHP, but unfortunately as I study more about everything, the more blurry it gets.


Who said the dark is not peaceful or soothing?


A lot of the time it is just romanticism, almost like how the New Agers romanticize Angels so heavily (but perhaps less so), but I can tell you Demons are not evil, I can’t tell you for sure if they truly care for mankind but they help so many people without asking anything in return, so it seems they do want us to ask them for their aid.


I really hate answers like this. I assume that you understand the idea behind the word “dark”, but you opt for a sarcastic reply.

Yes, I like dark also, as in sleeping or meditating in a complete dark room, but I was not reffering to this.

it is just that if they dont like you, you will not succeed in midst of them. and they are long time binded to eachothers and their ways, so they can play you on deep level if they will to use personal time to be present towards you foolish mortal dabler…

there is nothing evil in dark, if you understand.

I dont respect any male “divines” some females are okay, as belonging, but i use mainly my time to living, and their conciousnesses… must be painfull to them.

Darkness is the true light, the other light is a lie.


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No, some possibly but not all. Some names aren’t even real entities. A lot of the goetia are their own beings and not ancient gods they were simply linked together by baseless connections with no academic relevance besides some LHP person said something and everyone bandwagoned. People like to believe that all demons are ancient gods but no majority of the demons are just demons not Deities.

I find that if you mean this forum then it’s at best diet LHP not serious LHP, but even then subjectively I don’t believe in RHP or LHP.

The infernal nation is a place within the etheric that was original home to a group of demons and rules by Lucifer but over time other races also occupy that place. The infernal nation is small compared to a lot of other places, also the infernal nation isn’t the void, it’s not the abyss either. They’re separate places. The infernal exists within an underworld as the equivalent to a country. The abyss is a whole realm and the void is the “nothingness” that exists outside and between planes and realms.

All in all diet LHP is just edgy adults who have yet to let go of their teen angst.


Please, further elaborate.

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It wasnt sarcastic. I understand what you are saying and challenge it.

Because it sells. It also taps into those that gather towards the extremes in their adversarial point of view. This tends to be a younger crowd that would be awed by those same words you mentioned. It’s simply the target demographic and presented in a way that they want. Very well done for that and when you see it out into action, you admire it.

That’s not to say there isn’t useful information in it, but you have to look past the words to get what’s going to make it useful for the rest.

There is a third reason that can strike all of us, if we’re not vigilant - delusion & psychosis (magical, in this case). Think of it as going too far down the rabbit hole, too fast, without taking enough breaks to come up for fresh air often enough. I caught myself doing this and it can be easy to do. You don’t see it at the time, which is why breaks are needed as we work along our path.

You see the same thing happen to mystics on both sides, if they don’t bother to dig a new hole every so often, forcing them to come up for new air. The Divines will let you fall down this hole. Whether or not one figures it out and climbs back out is up to the individual.

For content creators, they have to be looking for their next piece of content all the time. Breaks are discouraged. They also have to follow what they’ve already done if they want to keep the same audience. Otherwise, it may invalidate their previous work, which may have involved a ton of work. I wouldn’t want to give that up.

Just my opinion. As I said, I’ve fallen down the hole in the past on both sides (Light and Dark). Once you have, it becomes easier to notice.


And what did you choose? Light or Dark? Who represents “Light” and who represents “Dark”?

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I think some are and some aren’t.
Belial is a god, Lillith is a god, Azazel is an “angel”, and so on and so forth. Some are what I call “small gods” - which is a term I stole from Terry Pratchett. These are more like Deva’s or nature intelligences, and can be egregores - higher beings, for sure, but not gods or daemonic.
The difference is in scope of influence, and you find some are more like aspects of the ‘higher’ beings themselves.

A lot of that, imo is the lens that EA uses. He likes to think of them as ‘dark’, he finds that alluring and poetic, or so he’s said in his videos, so that’s how they present to him.

I don’t find them to be dark at all. Quite the opposite, I find some Judeo-Xtian oriented saints and ‘angels’ to be very dark because of their rules restricting free will, and the whole worship thing, that’s dark as all get out. Anything that causes humans to give up power and sovereignty to another entity is frighteningly dark to me.
Which makes the entities not JCI aligned just reasonable and sensible people you can actually talk to.


Azazel is labeled as one of the Horned Gods, often seen as a Fertility Goat God, he is often tied to the current of other Horned Gods.


Do the work you feel drawn to. Forget the labels and story that any other magician calls their reality and forge your own. I love the work of EA. I also know that what unravels his knot, and unveils his path is unique, like my own, and yours.

I do feel that individual’s brought up under harsh dictator gods like Jehovah or Allah need a push from the Adversarial themes. I was raised Agnostic and allowed to think and explore as I saw fit. The LHP for me is about empowerment, and facing fear to boil it down to simplistic concepts.


These beings can manifest however they choose, usually the easiest way to be understood. If people believe them to be mystical magical horned goat demons, than they will appear as such. They just appear to me as a normal person would, albeit being taller or having other irregular traits for a human.

I think you kind of missed the point made above…“dark” is not always “evil”, this is a very western, abrahamic belief. Look at yin and yang. The “dark” is not evil, just the duality of things. Feminine to masculine, cold to heat, dark to light, etc.


That’s incorrect, historically. But he gets around and I can see why people like to add two and two and make 5.

He’s originally one of the Watchers. He had horns because of the scapegoat thing from the sacrificial story with the two goats, one being killed and one for Azazel being exiled. That’s related to horned gids more by accident of appearance. He was never a fertility god.

The Horned God idea, is completely a new age Wicca invention. There’s no such thing in pagan lore as “horned gods” per se. Fertility gods such as Pan and Cernunnos sported horns as a representation of animals society needed to reproduce to feed them.

From there, as xtianity attempted and succeeded in demonising pagan gods, they gave ‘the devil’ those gods’ horns.

Personally, that alone makes me repulsed by the idea of seeing ‘demons’ with the horns of meat animals. It’s an insult, in my mind.

  1. the are not and will never be human prey
  2. they are not fertility entities meant to engender the reproduction of prey
  3. it’s mixed up bullshit based on xtian trickery and people that couldn’t be bothered to read history

It doesn’t matter what I think about it or why, but lots of demons I have conjured up seem to think horns are cool and the way to go. Sure, they can appear without the horns, and sometimes they do, but its kinda of like an interesting continuum. I’ve seen like indentations, almost like a heart shaped head, horns on helmets, and even weirder, I actually saw eyes on the horns, as if the head were splitting in half and the eyes ended up on horns.

I’m not one of those conjurers who insists on a fair and humane shape, but I don’t want to see stuff so terrifying I’m afraid to evoke. (although to be honest, Belial and Ose kind of pushed my boundaries on that.)


So basically you in a way frontload yourself due to your own distaste for something, despite many demons actually having horns and such. So in a way regardless of your personal feelings horns is a thing demons and some other beings have, but with personal distaste it can lead to your mind removing them thus frontload. Which is another reason astral/mental isn’t the best way to interact with entities, but then with evocation they can manipulate your senses to perceive them similar to an illusion. However, meet them on their actual plane/home/etheric and you are more likely to see their true form, albeit still capable of frontload to a degree.

Also no the horned God is not a new wiccan concept, The horned God was mentioned in Gaul as well as in cave paintings but Wiccans recently linked it to many Gods with Cernunnos as the main one throughout wiccan beliefs.


If you think Azazel is purely Grigori then you have a bit more research on your hands. As for “The Horned Gods” it is a term Wiccans use but in reality there are many deities that were depicted with horns long before Christianity and the formation of Wicca itself as a religion.

  • Pashupati has been depicted with horns since BC.
  • Naigamesha has been depicted with horns since BC.
  • Khnum, Banebdjedet, and a lot of other Egyptian deities were depicted with horns since BC.
  • Silvanus and the early concept of Faunus had horned depictions even before Christianity really held its influence.
  • Enki has been depicted with goat horns since BC.
  • Cernunnos did in fact have horns before the Celts were Christianized.

All these are just male Gods, I’m not even going to get into the Goddesses. Horns did not symbolize evil or malevolence until Christianity. In the Pagan world, horns symbolized strength, power, divinity, the moon, the sun, protection, and fertility.

Also, I do want to emphasize that the connections I made in my first post are my own perceptions that I made through my own research on the subject regarding Azazel and his possible aspects. I have asked people who have done the same research or were objective in regards to this subject and a lot did parallel so I do have enough confidence to share this but am open to other interpretations as well.


Cernunnos is one of the most important and eldest Gods on this Earth. Somewhere states even is like more than 5000 years old