LHP and darkness thematics

I think it’s the other way around.
I think modern magickians ‘frontload’ as you put it by following each other like sheep into thinking daemons should have horns - as xtanity taught them. They see horns because they expect them,

Paying attention to how any why people think things isn’t frontloading, it’s thinking your yourself.

The only time I’ve seen horn-like structures on daemons, they where more like crowns. I’ve felt them myself during invocations, and they are not actually crowns at all, they are part of the structure of that area of the body and provide spiritual functions connecting the entity to different energies in the subtle realms.

You have to use some intelligence and ask why sometimes, really.


It was theorized he was the entity that was painted in caves in ancient gaul, which from there he became a continental God often linked to Veles. However, when Wicca came into it a lot of additions came to him which was mainly his connection to The Morrigan, their connection went from family to lovers by divine masculine and feminine.

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I disagree, my experience with demons and horns were prior to online influence and my family religious faith as baptist never spoke of demons because my family do not believe in demons yet my experience with them many of them had horns, you cannot solely blame religion for what people experience, sure it does have a hand in a lot of LHP people’s experiences but I’m personally not LHP nor do I blame everything on religion like many lhp do.

Frontload is how you despise horns and such so you reject it if a demon showed up with their true form actually having horns so your mind will reject it, it already rejects beings having true forms.

Like I said, they can have horn-like structures, but they’re not horns.
Think about it - why would a being not evolved to live physically in gravity have any aspects evolved by animals designed to exist in gravity? (Including faces and legs)

They create the forms to show you in a way they think you will accept.

That means they look that way to you because you want them to. It would be strange if you had not been exposed to this idea somehow.

If you want to accept illogicality that’s fine, whatever works for you, works for you really. I find it ridiculous.

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So in your mind because they aren’t physical here they can’t have such? I think you’ve spent too long in the astral/mental plane, probably with thoughtforms. They don’t live there they visit that plane just as we do. However, their home plane has the very same rules as our own with minor difference to the density.

They do not create the forms unless they are in the astral or being evoked to our physical to where they show you what they want to show you. However, on their plane/the etheric they are solid beings who bleed and have physical forms to that plane’s density.

I think you’re assuming I have a want for them to look a certain way, that’s your frontload of rejecting their horns. I don’t choose or care what they look like, the only aim is their true form and that is what I see when I project.

It’s fine you want to stay in the astral where they can manipulate what they want to look like to please your religious excuse of a distaste but not everyone chooses to live in that illusion.

Yes, I don’t hold the view that they are physical aliens elsewhere in the universe. There’s no such thing as “in the physical but slightly different density” that makes no sense from a scientific standpoint, in any framework I can think of. At least other dimensions can be mathematically explored. If you can explain why you think that, I’m all ears.

I am on the fence that they could be 6th dimensional or higher aliens, but in the case it’s the same thing, they’d not have physical form at all. In my conversations wit them, wanting the permanence of the physical is exactly why they want to meld the realms. They can’t keep anything without assigning beings to maintain them. In the physical, you can sing a thing into existence until it can hold itself, and then stop singing and it stays. That’s not so true in the subtle realms.

As far as I can tell, you’re the only one I’ve ever seen who seems to think they can be physical. In my experience the ‘true’ form is more like a ball of light, with it’s own unique vibrations and patterns. They can do two things - project images into human minds, and create astral and other energy bodies that humans can perceive. These are temporary, and designed to suit the purpose.

Yes, I think you do. Just as, I don’t want to see them with horns, and they don’t want to appear to me in a form I would fail to take seriously, so they don’t. It’s not that they have or don’t have horns, they don’t have bodies that do or don’t need horns, period. I’ve seen Beelzebub looking like a swamp beast from Witcher, and Azazel as a golden ball of energy, and Samael looking like Joachim Phoenix, so what - it’s irrelevant what form they take, but they take them based on the images they find in our minds.
This is a very well understood principle in Western occultism that I happen to agree with.

So the point is, I, personally have the opinion that seeing them with horns means they’ve taken the favourable image of horns from the operators mind, and run with that. They don’t care as long as they connect. I think giving them horns is copy-catting a xtian insult.

So we have the same opinion of each others experience and you’re now repeating yourself. We’ll have to agree to disagree there.


That’s where you are wrong regardless, my only desire is to see their true forms, I don’t blame religion for everything, I don’t speak from an Abrahamic standpoint as you do. You’re basically projecting your limited idea of things onto other people, which of course I expected you to so it’s not an issue to me, it’s also clear you need to work on yourself more, you clearly have this obsession with your religious upbringing that has hurt you. so yes we’ll agree to disagree, you have your astral/mental, I have my experience with the etheric/spiritual.


In Both pre Celtic and Celtic lore they have the hunter the hunter cermony depending on Celtic Orgin as in Irish , Briton or continental Or bronze age or Ironage are in honor of the horned god however reading those myth they are in honor of a creation god that some times like a Crunnous as seen in the Gundestrup cauldron . But still there are horned gods within the Celtic Parthenon!

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I don’t really interact with the spirits in an anthropomorphic way except during dream time.

I am strong in Clairsentient abilities. I also accept the fact that this is a great mystery, and I want to interact with anything in this universe as honestly as I can.

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Out of curiosity would you say the infernal nation is as big as Russia or bigger as a rough estimate?
Many call the infernal Kings gods, I believe most of them are demons like I believe Belial is a demon, they’re titled gods, not part of the godly race. I believe Azazel and Lucifer are part of the god race for example.


I would agree with you, however, with comparing it to countries I’m not sure, with my experience each king/queen Goetia within the Infernal owns their own kingdoms and the dukes/duchess/presidents own land as well within those kingdoms , and the span of their lands are large.

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Cool, thank you Velenos for the information!
If I remember correctly children of kings and queens help keep there parents Kingdoms in order, and help lead there legions as needed. I’m not sure if they’re assigned territory in they’re parents kingdoms however.

Yes, that’s correct. however, that depends on the King or Queen as not all their kids will aim for that or prefer a small place of their own.

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Oooo! You are awful, but I like you…


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