I have been an active practitioner for over a decade now and mostly implement energy work into my practices. However, I do use specific systems at times depending on the goals I want to achieve.

I have worked with many entities during my time as a practitioner. To give a few examples, I have worked with the Igigi, djinn, the horned gods, and the four angels of prostitution.

Another thing that I would like to add is that I am aware of my spiritual self and who I am. My energetic make-up consists of abyss, nature, and solar (fiery) energies.

I do have a name, but I think it is best for others to figure it out on their own. As an entity, people commonly view me as a djinn but some view me as a more demonic force due to my identity as a Seā€™irim.

Aside from this, I do have other hobbies and interests. I am a complete anthropology nerd and am known to always have a cup of coffee in hand. I also am a huge art enthusiast and bookworm to boot.