"Letter of intent" for the attention of the members of this forum

My name from this forum come from il fact that i have that “rh negativ” in my blood and…you know the story (by the way i wonder how would it go meeting a sucubus on this circumstance(look like were kin) :slight_smile: .

Us i already mention in 'Spiritual mariagge",i feel a big desire to embrace this path cose i understand that i could evolve and achieve knowledge and ability that i dream all my live to have it but…on the other side i am not shour that i could meet the “necessary conditions”,and its very clear that is no place to joke here ,so…i have few question if you wish to help me with. First think first?! I dont know if you already notice the big difference betwen how “You” describe your relationship with succubus, and how explaine “Them” the same thinks.I meen-were are that girls who come in the night to colect your semen for make demon childrens?!And…what is the interest of Lilith if the succubus sent are certanly not that sort?! 3) why all the succubus looks like a warriors (more or less) in common describe ?Now…about me.

I have a wife, we understand very well each-others and we love evan if me make very rarely sex now(lets say that we lose this interest).I also have a lot of animals in and out of my house(lot of cats)-i dont want to attract any harm on them.With my wife i already spoke about it,i dont want to hide nothink from her,still…i am affraid,i dont want to be selfish and without responsability evan if i wish so hard to proced on this direction.I remeber that one of that many persons who give sugestion about how to performe the intent letters-sead that he sugest to not use blood in that letter cose could create some sort of dangerous attraction for violence in that way(he sugest instead to use sexual oil).

I also need at list must important sugestion to protect against bad entity or other negative entity who could interfere in my ritual.I hear about Robert Bruce but…after i read your story here i could say that “i know you better than him” so i prefer your sugestion.Here are only few of my questions,certanly i have much more than this,i only try to not bother you to much,specialy that i didnt speak very well emglish either,wich i apologize once again.Be my guest also to come with new thinks if neccessary cose you definetely know better then me this subjects,i am open to all your sugestions.

Welcome to the forum. I took the liberty of fixing your formatting to make your post easier to read, as it was posted in code format, I also added some paragraph spacing. Word to the wise: “walls of text” tend to get skipped over. :slight_smile:

However this post is not a magickal introduction as it doesn’t tell us what you really practice or your experience level … Please do make your next post your Introduction here, which we need per the forum rules and please read the posting guidelines in the FAQ.

Points to cover:

  • Where are you from?

  • Do you have any practical experience in magick?

  • If so, what exactly do you practice and how long have you practiced?

  • Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

  • What are your areas of interest?

Here is a getting started with magick guide. You’ll want to get your spiritual hygiene sorted out, and start work on developing your astral senses, then when you can know you have a decent chance at avoiding impostors and parasites then try the evocation guides we have on here.

Place protections on your pet and family/friends. This is part of having “good spiritual hygiene”. You want to keep your living spaces clear of unwanted magickal energy.

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Thx. very much for your advise and sorry if i broke the rules with my intempestive 'letter".

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I know nothink about how did he look or what kind or sort of protection i could use, us i sead i am a very begginer in all this and i wish to prepare my self and my entire family first to make the first step.I could understand that when you are expert in all this-could probably be hard to put in the skin of one who are realy a white page :slight_smile: I now that i answer of your question from “introduction myself” little late and yes-for shour you didnt know that i am novice; i create this topic seeking some answer first to proceed on the ritual.I think that this is a very big moment, this chose could change my live right,so i dont wont to take it sloly.