Asking about Lucifer

I’m new here…
I want to ask about Lucifer
I asked him for protection and guidance and other things that didn’t work out anyway
I used his sigil, candles, offering,my blood
then I felt a change in the atmosphere in the room ,like when the fan blows could,and it was warm outside ,I didn’t have any windows open ,but I don’t think it worked I feel like he heard me but it didn’t work out.Then when I somehow cut myself off, I did other things.and I had a livid dream as someone pulled me out of my body and hugged me it was so fast ,first I saw a man in a colorful dress and then a big light and when he hugged me I also felt warmth, love and security.
After the time I started ignoring it .I had other dreams of some snakes ,there was even a woman and a white snake came out of her mouth ,and also some little boy looked angry and had light gray skin black hair.As if someone had told me about that protection in dream .Only if I give up love with one man which I have long been in love with but we are not together.And then when I repeated with Lucifer evocation that dream again today that some man dressed in white who was turned his back on me he told me
“when you feel the love then I will come”
now my question: what should i do ? i need spiritual protection now .
it occurred to me that at least I would ask for protection Archangel Michael


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The little boy it’s Lucifer,and the the woman with snakes it’s lilith.
they heard you’re call but it takes time have patience and you see change


thak you

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get yourself a pendulum to get you started


pendelum i have ,how should I work with it ?

start by asking the pendulum to show you yes and no, and do the same process when you evoke lucifer.

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That’s very interesting

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thank you for the advice, i will try it

Your question about working with a pendulum:

Ground yourself with a Pendulum - Divination - Become A Living God

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Your question about protection and banishing:

Read carefully, many tips and tricks:

Learning - Just a rerun of the principles of protection and banishing for beginners - General Discussion - Become A Living God

And if you have a tv screen try to do this daily:

  1. Kabbalistic Cross
  2. LBPR
  3. Repeat Kabbalistic Cross
  4. Do the middle pilar
  5. LBRP and end with Kabbalistic Cross

Now this sounds a lot, but it’s in total 20 -30 (max) minutes. It’s a very clear instruction and this is great for protection and the middle pillar is a very good energy exercise.
It will make your day better.

Last but not least you did a very good job. Lucifer can come as a boy and he will tests you a bit. So he can look angry. Wants to see what your made off.
But if you keep this work going with respect, you will get and feel a very good energy from him.
Same with Lilith.

Get rid of stories from the church and dogma (i was a Catholic) . This brings fear and fear brings lower energies.

And I evoke Lucifer and Michael. Yes, Michael can protect you, but Lucifer (Heylel) is his brother (it’s the same energy). So it would make no sense to ask Michael to protect you from his brother. This is how i view it.

I often evoke them together. Even the three (Lilith, Lucifer and Michael) go together.
Michael can be a bit prideful a bit arrogant (and i don’t mean that in a disrepectful way, it’s his appearence) but then Lilith is a good influencer in that, it will be fun. I had that experience.
The man in white is Lucifer too in my opinion.

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Thank you Borgy ,I’ll read it and try it.
and I tried to evocation Archangel Michael
I also left him a petition,where I wrote what I was about and I felt like someone was gently grabbing my head
like gently running hands through my hair,and I saw in the mind of a man I think he was a bald man with a mustache,and quite loudly he tried to warn me that he was there,I had a mild headache for a while
and I had dreams weird ,white feathers, precious stones like ruby and many more such stones and glitters ,and the paper with the petition was so crumpled and I gave it straight untouched paper
and I live alone.And I feel positive kind energy from him ,that’s probably how it worked :innocent:

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now i remember,that boy I stroked his face :see_no_evil: