Lapis Dra'al - Aspectum Tridentum the 2nd Key

Nearly all my workings work best if you trust your intuition and instincts going into it when its fine how it is go on. When not bc you want to change something, go on.If you feel you shouldnt do it, then dont do it, maybe it isnt for you at that time. Lenghten it shorten it, just do it . Listen to your guts. When you can add something than do it. The workings will be the most powerfull how your and its nature demanded it so at the exact moment. So push nothing when you feel it shouldnt be. But proceed when when you feel it should be especially powerful in that way you intended and felt how it should be for you.

This is the second key for performing a Powerfull rite unto the Draal Devils for posibly achieving your successes and on the road the Lapis Draal with them.

But any of these tools are not a must have only a think you can add wich should be pretty helpfull in working with them.

Triangle of Draal

You start first in the left with Capella Satanas Sigil (The one with horns)

Slow and singing
Tassa Reme Laris Satan ave Satanis 13x

State with intent :
Lord Satan, thou send a lightning rod unto the cornerstone of opening Power. 2x

From your third eye a red zikzak of a lightning flash hiting and energyzing the Capella satanas sigil. Than when its ready visualize a stream of red energy wandering from Capella Satanas unto Draco Lucifers Sigil(The Above like two Fangs)and let it conect itself to it.

Got to Draco Lucifer

2.Draco Lucifer
‘’ Renich Tassa Ubaraka Biasa Ikar Lucifer’’ 13x

State with intent :
“Lord Lucifer Shine your Twillight unto the Power of Opening” 2x

A beam of light with sparkles of darkness and glitter emitting from your throat chakra unto the Sigil of Draco Lucifer and fill it. It glows Black with a hue of white and sparkles. See the stream of these black energys wander to Naga Draco Amaymon(The far right-down) and let it conect.

Than proceed to Naga Draco Amaymon.
“Elan Reija Amaymon” 13x

State with intent
“Lord Amaymon may your poisonous Shadow be transfered unto the power of opening” 2x

From your root chakra a black Smoke be transfered unto the Sigil of Naga Draco Amaymon (Right below) and fill it up. See it glowing blue. See the Blue stream of energy wandering to Capella Satanass Sigil. Let it conect it.

Se all these colors and streams of energys conected with eachother and flowing. See with time that thes a are moving like a circle, and faster and faster. These energys starting mixing together unto a deep saturated dark violet and like a whirlwind clockwhise around the middle circle. When you feel its enough let these energys setle around the circle like the sand in a stired glas of dirtwater.

After some mediation like 10-30 min.

Begin again with Capella Satanas but actually now the actuall Capella Satanas(The original Satanas must be included bc Capella Satanas is the extraction from working with Satanas)

How much repeat each enn is your choice on intuition.

. 1.Capella Satanas between 42 or 6
“Zschaen Eme Ikan Capella Satanas Ikan Moel Idi Zschen”

State with intent:
“Capella Satanas open now your gate for the Draal Devils to come. Empower it, and let it be Firm on the Blackened Earth” 2x

Visualize :
A red zizling and sparkling red sphere emerging halfway out from the sigil and out of it a red lightning rod conecting to the Draco Lucifer Sigil. Let it conect.

Unto Draco Lucifer. Chooce between these two numbers.

Draco Lucifer
“Naschan Mekan Nimina Ek Luciftian” 45-9x

State with intent :
“Draco Lucifer open now your twillight gate for the Draal Devils to come. Strenghten it, and let it be a Luminous Glory” 2x

Visualize :
The same as before only the color is Black with a hue of white sparkles.

Unto the 3th

Naga Draco Amaymon Choose between these two numbers.

“Za Za Ne Ne Boam Ka Nasan Asab Elim Mir”


State with intent:
“Naga Draco Amaymon Open Now your Gate of Shadows, for the Draal Devils to come. Let this gate be a cornerstone of Spiritual Power” 2x

Visualize :The same as with Capella Satanas only the color is deep Blue.

After some meditive minutes 5-15 Minutes.

See all these energys conecting and moving in clockwhise circles see with rhytm and smooth all these electric energy mixing together into a deep saturated dark Violet. See when the electric energys are moving see and visualize also all the previous rested Energys stiring up like a Texan Dust Devil rushing up sand particles into the air.

Now youll see a whirwind of these violet energy sof cloud Stream, and electric buzzling energys.

See the half portion of this energy gather in the middle circle into a deep violet sphere wich is buzzling of energys.

You are ready for calling the final Gatekeeper and Opener.


Choose between these numbers for repitition.


Visualize :
Let the deep dark Violet Sphere open its dark Abyss it transforms into a black hole. And see Nawans three eyes pierce trough it.

State with intent:
"Nawan the final Gatekeeper and opener, Oh thou the transmutation of Satanas Lucifer Amaymon, oh thou the refinement of Capella Satanas Draco Lucifer Naga Draco Amaymon, oh though is the Aspectum Tridentum off all these Deitys as One. Bestower of the ultimate potentiality for the realisation of the Lapis Draal. Open now the final Gate to the Realm of the Draal Devils, Skapaan, for the Draal Devils to come. "

After some time see and feel all the Clockwhise vortex of deep violet energy whirlwind and the electric energy streams be consumed in the middle sphere. Like Water into a Sink. And feel and see this deep gaping black hole into the world of the Draals. (Surprisingly it feels like a big empty dark space into a big hallway wich is filled with watching curious eyes.)
Be asured it is open and overwatched by Nawan.

After the realisation state finally.

"Now all the Draal Devils that i will call shall manifest upon this Portal, in the Name of Nawan and in the Name of myself(Insert normal Name and your magical Names). I Honor you all. Glory to Nawan. Glory to the Draals. Glory to my whole Self. So it is done.


Lapis Dra’al : Aspectum Tridentum 1 Key



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I apreciate you Rav😊

Thank you

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I have aphantasia, which means I don’t have the ability to visualise things. I don’t have a “mind’s eye”… Any suggestions?

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If you have honest desire, will, and intentions the energyzing part would be equally powerfull and the workings in general. Ive written that this isnt a must have for working with them the true think you do need is either theire name or sigil or both would be best.

Do you had practices in scrying into sigils?

It is just the same with energyzing it with your eyes trough gazing and stating the mantras and intentions. And listenting to your guts and intuition. Thats all.

This Subliminal would be helpfull with around 3 to 6 months of daily use around 2 to 3 times daily (and night for faster results) to heal and open your minds eye also empowering with much much more bonuses included.

Lapis Dra’al : Aspectum Tridentum the 3th Key

If you happen to unify the chakras. Than everything happening above can be very well be managed just by this one establisged point of yours-no problems there.