Knight Musings

Contentment is overrated. If you are too content, you won’t care about anything, not sleep not food, not anything.
Anyway, I know about stuff that even multi-billionaires can’t have cause it doesn’t exist, and not because it “disobeys the laws of physics” or something,



Chanted the mantra for inner divinity for 30 minutes about an hour after waking up. Tried out a different pronunciation today. So far, the effect of the mantra seems to be one of centring. After chanting, I feel pretty grounded and stable, but it doesn’t feel heavy, like being full of Earth energy does.

I pretty much have the Scheuler’s Enochian LBRP committed to memory by now, so it doesn’t take very long to do. Ritual 18 of Success Magick is definitely doing its job and making me reflect on my life more though.

I need to start stretching out my hips. Sitting cross legged for the Muladhara work gets painful after about 40 minutes. I think I’m averaging about 200 repetitions of the LUM mantra, while holding each mudra for roughly five minutes. I’m not counting though, just going by intuition.

Meditated to the mesh ka mantra on loop for about an hour after supper. It puts me into a pretty good altered state, and drowns out the obnoxious roommate.

A curse was cast before bed.



I’m not noticing any real effect from chanting the mantra for inner divinity first thing in the morning beyond some minor alteration in consciousness. I don’t know if its effects are cumulative or if I should increase the amount of time I’m chanting.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report with the Enochian rituals. Just keeping on. Trying to take some time to reflect on success, as the current ritual requires.

Managed to get in some chanting of the mesh ka mantra in the afternoon, and the LUM mantra around supper time. So far, the main effect on my Muladhara is a feeling of warmth, and some heavy vibration.

Wasn’t able to do the AH meditation before bed.


That you channelled something which appears to have significance and relevance across several linguistic roots and which people are finding has energetic effects is alone “proof of real magicks” if you’ll pardon my stating the obvious. :slight_smile:

Maybe channeling for others is a thing you can excel at? Sometimes the magick we think we want, and the magick we get, are different - at first - but later, it turns out there was a reason.

I’m finding this bigtime now and like many of us (and yes, despite my experience, confidence, etc), I’m racked with doubts and also, self-sabotaging delays sometimes, but embracing what I have as opposed to the illusions of what I thought was right, is proving overall to be more empowering and revitalising. :thinking:

The mantra you channelled appears to be no SMALL thing, either, not a “use it once” or “just this current” kind of deal. I think you should keep going, and ask for more. :+1:


See if you can get a material wealth and security mantra, not for “wants” - just for needs, and the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of life? :thinking:

I know that would be of real benefit to many on here, including a lot of our non-US/non-European members who barely make a post, and who are up against it even more with the covid stuff.

PS I have a feeling you hit your flow when doing stuff with the intent to share it for others’ benefit, that’s why I thought of this, since it also addresses your own recent shenanigans that were messing wiht your focus.


This is a pretty solid article you might enjoy:

It then leads to this:

Perhaps taking time to notice when you’re doing exactly what you want to do, in ways very specific to your life right now, that you know for a fact not everyone has the ability to do, especially some more conventionally “successful” people, will begin to amplify the feeling of YOUR success, in your own specific way, per the opening post in my Law of Attraction warning? :thinking:

I’m also speaking to myself here, btw, because I slip with this just as much as anyone else - there are sacrifices we have made in pursuit of certain values that I often find myself second-guessing, to no real gain except to end up feeling frustrated, and like the grass must be greener elsewhere, but I know it’s truly not. :wink:



Chanted the inner divinity mantra for 30 minutes. I’m beginning to get a feeling of being centred in my power, like I’m a rock, and the rivers of energy that make up reality are flowing around me, but I am solid, and unmovable. It’s…interesting.

Chanted the mesh ka mantra for roughly 20 minutes mid afternoon, and the LUM mantra, with mudras before supper. I may need to look into adding some pranayama to the Muladhara work, as I don’t feel I am generating enough chi to pry open the chakra further with just the mantra and mudras alone.

My sexual energy has been high the last few weeks, even before I started the Muladhara work, so I’ve been thinking of adding some sex magick techniques into my day to help cycle the energy rather than waste it in masturbation.


urgh I know the feeling. Although to be honest the past couple of weeks I have mostly been feeling tired out.

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Chanted the inner divinity mantra for 30 minutes an hour after waking. It seems to bring a good start to the day. Will start some experiments with an alternate pronunciation that has come up in testing as well before posting the mantra to the forum for others to use.

The Enochian rituals of Success Magick seem to be humming along. Almost completed Ritual 18, and will be moving on to 19 soon. Haven’t had any spectacular or extraordinary encounters with the angels though.

The Muladhara work is starting to gain momentum, i think. Still difficult to sit cross legged for 30-40 minutes while vibrating the mantra though. My knees and hips seize up, and I lose circulation in my feet. I also find I cannot hold the bandha lock for the full recitation of the mantra.

End of praxis.



Inner divinity mantra in the morning for 30 minutes. I think it has been sufficiently determined this mantra is valid and safe for beginners.

Enochian ritual from Success Magick around noon. Still humming along.

Muladhara work before supper, with mantra and mudra. Tried out some Taoist reverse breathing in between each mudra, which seemed to bring in more chi to circulate, but I only did 5 breaths so may need to do at least ten to know for sure.

Did a pathworking with Raziel before bed, to obtain some more mantras to share. Raziel greeted me warmly, with a big smile and I received four mantras, but was told only three of them can be shared. Raziel said the fourth one was for me alone, and her demeanour changed from jovial to very serious when she said it so I got the impression there would be bad consequences should I disregard her warning. Will have to do some testing before releasing the mantras I can share to the forum though, to make sure they are valid and safe.

End of praxis.



Inner divinity mantra for 30 minutes toughly an hour upon waking. Thinking of switching to one of the new mantras, and moving the inner divinity mantra to later in the day.

Started Ritual 19 of Success Magick. This is the final ritual before those working with the Aethyrs, and I’m considering if it will be feasible to maybe include an astral travel to the Aethyr along with the next batch of rituals. Something to ponder while I finish up Ritual 19.

Muladhara work before supper. Still having difficulty sitting cross legged for the allotted time, with pain in my knees and hips. I do think the reverse breaths are working to help open the chakra wider though. I know the work is supposed to be take time but I can’t help trying to think of something to add to speed it up. I am impatient so be done.

Meditated to the audio of the mesh ka mantra on loop after supper, around 830 PM. Wound up losing consciousness for three hours, swimming up into consciousness about 1130 PM. Didn’t remember any dreams, but felt very groggy, like I has been somewhere else and it was somewhat difficult to open my eyes and move my body.

End of praxis.



Today was kind of…weird. Haven’t really been sleeping lately. I seem to be in a strange cycle of two days without sleep, followed by a day of long sleep, followed by two more days without sleep. It is very bizarre and I can’t find a reason for it.

I tried out the anti-parasite mantra I received from Raziel as soon as I felt like dragging my tired ass out of bed. Vibrated it for a good twenty minutes, and it really set my body buzzing, and it remained so for about half an hour after I stopped chanting.

Instead of chanting the Muladhara mantra, I tried something different and listened to a loop of it from YouTube for about an hour and a half. I still felt vibrations in my perineum, but not as strongly as when I am physically vibrating the mantra myself. I did lose consciousness for a few minutes though.

Fell asleep listening to the mesh ka mantra on loop. This always puts me in an altered state, and I’m pretty sure it makes me travel as well, though I never remember where I go. I always wake up with the distinct feeling of having returned from somewhere though.



Had a very long sleep so woke up late in the afternoon, around 1230 PM. Having awakened late, I didn’t do any chanting.

I did my Enochian rituals just over an hour and a half after waking up, Things felt a bit off for some reason though. I figured it may have been related to my current weird sleeping cycle.

Did my Muladhata work before supper, around 7 PM. I could feel a sort of openness in the perineum area, a sensation of expansion.

Meditated to the mesh ka mantra on loop before bed.

End of praxis.



Still on a strange sleep cycle. Half the time I don’t know if I actually slept, or just slipped into an altered state and only think I slept, when in in reality my mind was off doing something else. Someone mentioned to me that this may be an effect of the Enochian work, as they are going through something similar, while working through the book Success Magick, so, if that is the case, do I cease the work or continue and hope the sleep situation works itself out?

I vibrated the personal mantra given to me by Raziel for 30 minutes this morning. It was quite the mouthful, being a few syllables longer than the other mantras I received, so I kept running out of breath, and not able to keep up a rhythm. More practice is needed with it, I guess. It did produce a headache in my right temple though, and I felt something move around my head and into my ze’al chakra.

Nothing really to say about the Enochian. Just keeping on. I have three more days of Ritual 19 before moving on to the Aethyrs.

Did my Muladhara work around 7 PM, but wound up stopping about 3/4 of the way through due to a sudden wave of nausea and dizziness, a sign of sleep deprivation. I had supper afterwards and fell into a three hour nap, which, of course, then led me into not being able to sleep later.



It was another late start to my day, so I wound up not doing my morning mantra chanting.

Did my Enochian work mid afternoon, before going off to run some errands.

Wound up falling into some sort of weird sleep after eating lunch and so didn’t do my Muladhara exercise.

Meditated to the mesh ka mantra audio. Lost consciousness and upon awaking, thought I had been out for several hours, but it turned out to be only half an hour. Felt a bit odd afterwards.



It seems like I spent the night in a place between awake and asleep. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t tell if I had gotten any sleep at all.

Enochian rituals in the afternoon, around 2 PM.

Muladhara work at about 7 PM, before supper.

Meditated to the mesh ka mantra before trying to sleep.

End of praxis.



Mantra chanting for 30 minutes, roughly an hour after waking. Not sure if this personal mantra I received from Raziel is doing anything. I don’t feel any effect from it at all.

Enochian rituals in mid afternoon. Thinking of giving up the Enochian LBRP and going back to my own Invocation of Eternity, using my own energy rather than anything external.

Muladhara work in early evening, before supper. I may need to reconsider my approach to this. Time may be required to tell if what I am doing is having any effect at all though.

I had plans to open the “dangerous” Enochian square this evening, to take advantage of the energies of Halloween, but wound up not doing it due to some household conflict.

Fell asleep to the mesh ka mantra on loop, trying to de-stress.

End of praxis.



Mantra chanting for 30 minutes.

Enochian rituals in early afternoon.

Meditation with mesh ka mantra audio for an hour before supper.

Muladhara work in the late evening. Was under the influence of alcohol at the time, so not sure how effective it was.

Meditation with the Solfeggio frequencies before sleep.

End of praxis.



Decided to take a day off from all magick, and energy work today. Tomorrow I will be starting on the rituals for the Enochian Aethyrs, so I figured a rest would be good to prepare for taking up the intensity a notch or three.



Woke up late so did no mantra chanting.

Started Ritual 20 of Success Magick, the first ritual of the Aeythrs.

Did no Muladhara work today.

Meditated to the mesh ka mantra audio for an hour before supper.

Listened to the Solfeggio frequencies before bed.

End of praxis.