Journal - The O.A.A from the 1st to the 18th flame



December 9, 2018

This day has been a very strange day for me indeed, I had planned to stay longer on the exercise but for some reason beyond me my mind wouldn’t let me rest until I had gone through the exercises and the innitation itself. You see it was like being pulled by a magnet from exercise to exercise until I had experienced the innitation. In hindsight this didn’t make sense to me at all and it doesn’t but you’ll see for yourself what I mean.

Exercise 2: after opening the chakras and channling the inidgo light from above, below and inside of me and direccted and pushed it to the ground and created the circle let’s see say it’s gotten more potent that’s for sure. The flames burned fiercly not as fiercly as triangle but taller than before, above the kneepcap, and more wildly, this was more than see though. As for the traingle itself I once channeled red bordering to orange light/energy from above, below and from the inside and then while keeping the circle in mind just outside of it’s border I projected he the energy and drew a triangle making I synched my breath while pushing power through the arm, projecting the energy like a laser. Once the triangle had been completed, it was fairly large and the orange flames with a red base burned very wildly internally, I kneeld in the blazing circle, feeling very much centered although I wasn’t confident about the triangle a voice said it was a fine and strong triangle and that I should move on instead. I was very skeptical but I followed the hint and moved on immediately to the next exercise.

Exercise 3: in this exercise you call the watchtowers of the cardinal directions, each guardian is associated with a certain set of attributes as for what they are, you can find that in the book or through google. I will instead focus on the calling experience itself.

Before beginning this exercise I set up four candles, one in each cardinal direction: yellow in the east, red in the south, blue in the west and black in the north. After opening the chakras in the same I’ve described previously, I created the indigo circle and from there called upon each of the watch towers starting with he one it the south, feeling the attribute of the tower, mainly clairvoyance and intellect, I noticed my thrid eye awaken more solidly and my mind becoming more focused as a result, I raised my arms to the side forming a human cross I will say that unlike what I’ve said previously I didn’t have the time to memorize the incantations, which is embarassing but true as I was rushed through this exercise. So I gave the call:

“Guardians of the watchtowers of the east I call you forth to protect and to bless it with your prescence, guardians of the watchowers of the east, upon the winds come.”

To me they manifested as three beings clad in robes with the hands in their sleeves, the had wings but not composed of feathers but of energy, honestly looked very much like the wings of a video game character named Tyriel. They watched my intently as I turned my attention to the south and then tried to feel, violence, the passion above all else - deep hissing voice reached me from somewhere I felt air crackle and becoe not warmer but more intense like it was slightly electricly charged. I then gave the calling in the book on page 45 in the O.A.A - Discourses and Innitations:

“Guardians of the watchtowers of the south, I call you forth to protect this crircle and to empower it with your prescence. Guardians of the watchtowers of the south, upon the flames come.”

Instead of hooded beings they instead appeared as an animal a wolf, bloodied from the mouth and down to it’s chest, let’s just say I had expected something else entirely. I just watched me standing in the snow that surrounded it in the vision I saw internally. There was blood in the snow like it had recently killed its prey.

The similarity with this image is rather interesting:

I then turned to blue candle (a light blue one). I stood still for a moment contemplating the attributes, mostly peace and water, as in what waters is and what if feels like, once I felt a sense of peace of washing over me I gave the calling:

“Guardians of the watchtowers of the west, I call you forth to protect this circle and to bless it with your prescence. Guardians of the watchtowers of the west, upon the waters come.”

In this case I saw an eagle sweep down into the waters and catch a fish, which is something I didn’t expect I thought that a sea serpent, a nymph just anything but not that. I later found out that the eagle according to some sources is associated with water, which suprised me and doesn’t make much sense as it floats upon the winds but anyway. I ignored my overall suprise and moved on the the black candle in the north.

I had to be still and trying to ignore the overall feeling of tiredness in my arms which comes by holding them ourstretched like a cross, I probably could use some exercise, I know. North was really easy for me to connect to for reasons I will keep to myself for now. But it didn’t take long for me to hear the sounds of birds chirping and I could see a forest mostly composed out of pine trees and I was standing in a glade were some mist had rolled in as it was dusk and green moss could be seen on the ground - all of the visual stuff is seen internally with eyes closed as I cannot project visions before me at this time. Along with the forest came a vision of some sort of bison very much like this:


Except that it had longer hair in it’s forehead and for some reason longer fur and more curly. This was rather fascinating I’ve always liked bisons as they are not helpless but strong and resilient although they know how to be lazy and enjoy life. And with that I gave the calling:

“Guardians of the watchtowers of the north, I call you forth to protect this circle and to strenghten it with your prescence. Guardians of the watchtowers of the north, upon the earth come.”

The prescences of all of the watchtowers soldified around it was like from where four lines just outside of the flaming circle made themselves known with a solid mass, not and not cold simply a energetic pressure is the best way to describe it. Returning now to the eastern point I gave the final calling, which you will have to find in the book but basically you ask them to be your guides and that they protect you, while you pledge yourself to continue on your journey. Normally you’d dismiss the watchers with a downward sweep of the hand I didn’t do this, I for some reason felt it wasn’t necessary so I banished the circle and blew out the candle and invited the guardians as they stood there into my life and blew each candle starting from the east. Their prescence dissapated one by one as I invited them in.

I then was pushed by a voice inside me that urged me to move on despite me feeling that I shouldn’t really as this was my first round and I am all about perfection, not today though. I hate saying this but its true as far as this exercise it was a stumbling block on my part yet I somehow succeded. You follow your intuion and don’t do what I did on a whim because I could screwed myself up greatly since I missed to do the dismissal and follow along with this impulse of mine, so what I’m saying is be sure that you really feel with every fiber of your being that you are ready to move if you don’t have a teacher to guide you that’s it.

Innitiation recepit of the 3rd flame

So I left the extinguished candles where they were and created the flaming circle once more in addition to calling the guardians. You give the calling with the circle as usual along with the callings outlined above, while facing the cardinal which you are narturally drawn to, for some reason felt like doing it in the south despite being more of an earth personality in general, I know weird right. I should also that the guardians of the watchtowers appeared to me once more however they were really different from the first round.

In the east they appeared as before that nothing new. In the south they appeared as one being having a hooded appearence with a cloak made out of flames and an armor akin to one that knights use to wear back in the day, it held a sword directed at me surrounded by blackness. In the west it appeard as one being as well standing upon water in what appeared to some kind of underwater cave, the water was light blue and shimmering and the being standing upon its has a composed the same water it stood like a medival monk and watched me intently. In the north there were three beings instead of just one just like the others they were dressed in robes except their robes were made out of moss and autumn leafs the forest was the same as before, their robes were black along the cloth that was actually visible of their hood whch covered their faces. They also head shoulder pads that were ornated with the fteahers of birds as well. All of the beings mentioned had no face and no hands it was like gazing into the faces of oblivion or something primordial, they had no faces they had mass.

From there I can’t remember if I vibrated Sat Nam or not but you are supposed to do it, I am pretty sure you are supposed to otherwise this likely wouldn’t have worked. above me imagined semi transluscent gates open above me, this may different to other but that’s how I saw it. They were rather ornate and it looked like they were made out of water that had all manner of strange colors running through the surface and white light spilled down from the gate, I guess liquid light would do it justice it spilled into my crown and I opened each chakrah in the same manner as before cycled energy up to the crown and with exhalation I circled the energy feeling rushing my finger tips and underneath the soles of my feet and with an inhalation I brought the energy back to the crown, feeling more than seeing it the energy made me after cycles feel not ecstacy but a great spike in energy increase, it’s like when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can feel your body tingle all over just before you gain control of your limbs and start moving them. Once that happened, that intense surge of energy throughout me I gave an incantation in the book it goes:

“Meat Solvalla, Vaskalla Trepardat”

I repeated that over and over, at first my voice rather groggy and the words really didn’t feel likt the did anything, but as I came to it, as in riding the energy and not just wallowing in it I needed to focus myself and more importantly why I did this, power without direction is useless, its just waste of energy. So quickly my voice became louder and I could and immense pressure building up above me the previous light developed into flames and the light that came from above more or prism where it channled fire made light down to my crown and it washes over my body in the shape of a intense spritual pressure. my back bent over backwards so did my head as the energy was pushing down on me it also made my hands tremble quite noticeably. The flames eventually manifested over my arms and body as I fell on to the ground, warm and tired and I didn’t wwant to move at all, the flames danced upon my skin and I remember hearing a voice saying something along the lines of:

“You think yourself unworthy. Stop using that phrase as an excuse, do you really think I would just let anyone pass through the flames and them? You are more than worthy don’t consider yourself as weak, rise and become strong.”

As I can be rather obstinate I replied: “isn’t perfection something is something to be expected, how can I be a good representative of the order when everything was up until this point was rushed?”

The voice then repeated something which made me silent and ashamed all at the same time:

“Perfection is something that can only be seen from a state of imperfection. You worry to much about what others think of you. Do not focus on perfection, worry instead about becoming better.”

It’s extremly akin to something Baal told E.A many years ago. I needed to hear it. And with that flames entered me and the energetic surge had gone, but just about all chakras vibrated intensely. I remember the voice saying last thing to me and it was:

“You may report on your experiences if you wish, but I would rather see you focus on the process of your ascent instead.”

I replied that I would account for this as it might draw other who might want to work through this system.

With that my strength returned and I found that the circle and the guardians and everything else was just gone. I had completely forgotten about them and the room I stood in while experiencing this innitation.

With that I’ll have to leave you with a rather strange and a puzzling set of exepriences which makes about as much sense to me as it may do to you. I’ll update soon as I progress to the next exercise.



Lessons of The 4th Flame :fire:

Exercise 1: in this task you are supposed to do something extremely mundane and to some maybe even boring, your task is to get your hands on a staff or a dagger. If it’s a dagger it’s got to have a wooden handle or it needs to be be a black handle, the blade apparently needs to be 6 inches long. If you instead get a staff it needs to get cut while alove, meaning you can’t get a thing from amazon, ebay or anything the like. It should be tapered, the top should be thicker than the bottom when it’s placed on the ground. The top thick end needs to be rounded with the aid of sandpaper or a knife. When placeing it upright the thick should atleast reach you up to the chin. As for the meaning of a staff or dagger, you’ll have to find out that for yourself. Now I have a cheat code for this which will make this process much easier, I discoevered this is a great way to tune into your pshyic abillities, which will help with this exercise if you struggle with it.

You see, you’ll have to find the tool with the aid of your intuition, and one way to tap into that would be you go somehwere you’ve never been before, preferbly in a forest somewhere, you don’t need to get lost for this but it shouldn’t be to easy to find your way back either, or you can just wander in the city findign a place without the aid of GPS or a map. Once you find a place like this or you are in the forest, close your eyes and imagine the building or the place you came from. And start to feel a pull, it shouldn’t be forced and it should be spontaneous. Once you feel a pull in a certain direction as you imagine the place move in that direction and you should end up where you either wanted go ot back where you started. It works like a charm if done right. You can also do this at night.

Or if you are one of lucky ones and don’t need to above just feel the pull when you are in the forest don’t think about the staff, once it’s ready and feel you, it will draw you to it. Same thing with the dagger. - this last part my idea but E.A explains this in one of the discourses. Let’s just when the item you are meant to have you’ll know without a doubt that it’s that one.

This should suffice to aid those who are about to or are getting started with this exercise, with that I’ll return with a photo proof I’ve aquired the item. Until then, good luck if you need it.



UPDATE: I found it, I friggin found it! The staff I mean. You know I couldn’t scarecly believe it when I held but a picture as promised before I tell you how I got it.

Here’s how I got it though an image kept popping into my mind throughout the day of a place nearby where I live. A walking trail for the most part it’s an area right there where there was a nature reserve. Now as far as I was able to tell I though I needed to drag my ass all the way over there, at least a 30 minute walk plus a hike for unknown time, but for some reason it was sort of in that area. See I needed to take a walk for about 10 minutes until I arrived at the walking trail. During my journey there I just relaxed and kept the idea in mind of why I was there, and then just relaxed and allowed myself to pulled in whatever direction I needed to go. As I finally arrived at the walking trail I was pulled into directions at once I was standing in a form where I could either go left or right. After standing still for a while unable to decide where the pull came from I figured this what some sort of energetic hot spot. I stood still for a bit trying become aware of the pull again and sure enough I was pulled to the path on the right down into a slope, there was a stick there that was shorter than what was to be expected but it was a really good candidate but somehow when I touched it didn’t feel right, something just felt off about it. And with that layed it back where I picked it up. I still felt a draw down the slope and as I came down the slope there was this tail with no lights and underneath what appeared to be a pine I found two sticks one what was to small, but other one stood out to me. It had a forked bottom like a serpents tounge and when I held it it just felt right in addition to a strong surge of energy esepcially in the ajna and muladharah chakra, and I tingling moving along my legs and into my ajna. This was a sign to me that I had found it I am confident that this is meant for me and we’ll see about that in future exercises.

I had to remove some moss and the forked sticks at the bottom otherwise I won’t stand properly for the practicallity. I’ll have to invest in sand paper to make it pretty before using it.

I’ll have to make an edit: I didn’t have to cut it while it was alive or anything like I just tuned in to find it and it found me as well. When you get this far the item will give you a call, I just couldn’t ignore it when I finally found it.


December 14, 2018 4:31 PM (Europe: Paris), December 14, 2018 7:31 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 2: after completing exercise 1 what you go to do now is to consecrate the staff or dagger. The process puts a lot of the skills you’ve acquired so far to the test. And to be honest I don’t think I did it quite right. And I’ll have to find some other objects to consecrate in order to practice this form of consecration. What you do is: you meditate and open the chakras and create the flaming circle once that is done, you’ll have to feel out the magnetism in your hands in create an orb in there, once you reach critical mass with it you pick up the staff or the dagger and hold a few inches away from your chest pointing upwards and feel power circling around outside the circle as well in you, it starts to well uo through and is to be pushed through your right arm into the staff and then you seal the power you’ve called into the staff or dagger.

In this case I didn’t all that well, according to me I was not necessarily sloppy but I forgot some of the steps today, I guess I rushed the exercise I should’ve waited a while more and memorized this I’ll try again tomorrow with the same item and I’ll repeat this exercise a few times so it feels natural before moving on. But anyway here’s the details.

After meditating open the chakras I attempted to create the circle which really wasn’t hard once get it, however mistake number 1: I didn’t give the calling which you’re supposed to do after creating it. Still kneeling I felt out the magnetism in my hands and since they were cold it took me a bit longer to find the evet horizon in my hands before pushing energy from the root all the way through system and directing it through the zeal chakra through the hands and a sphere was slowly taking shape it was not as clear as the elemental one’s by a long shot, although my hands drifted a little bit further apart as a result of the sphere being created. It took a mixed color red and black, it was black part was some sort oil like substance and the red color was like the prism effect you see on a soap bubble. From there you let the energy build and grow until it reaches critical mass and sure enough it happened but again not as intensely as it was with the elements. With my hands buzzing slightly and not too intensely I grabbed my staff and held it using both of my hands and I from there I made sure to open my awareness a bit more just beyond the borders of the circle, what happened next was the energy builds on the outside didn’t circle to me but that might because I had a really bad day and perhaps my heart wasn’t in it, the energy was more like a mass that constricted the air around and near the border, it was invisible but it could be felt. As I inhaled the energy around the circle was pressing on it even more, and I then directed my attention inwards the energy rise in y spontaneously I had make use of energy reserves, it says that the energy would rise naturally, today it didn’t. I inhaled and imagined the energy beginning to rise in me and then pushed the energy with exhalation through my chakras and into my right arm and into the staff. It really didn’t didn’t do that much except that the area that I held became warmer, and I continued to push and push over and over again imagining liquid flames moving through me into the staff. The thing was that internally it was a stick surrounded with white light that eventually started to glow a bit internally, the stick was warm where I touched and the rest was icy cold. I had to push energy for quite some time until I couldn’t push more energy into it. Once that was done and I saw it glowing in the some of cracks near the top (internally I saw orange color much like the color you can see at a sundown). Once the aforementioned happened I gave the calling that’s found on page 52:

  • I changed the wording in some places so that it was referring to the staff instead of the dagger but in essence it was the same:

“Creation of wood, be the staff through which the will and power of magick may flow and cause change in this world. I seal this calling upon you, and I seal the power to perform this purpose within you, Eternal.”

After saying those words I really wasn’t feeling it, the power of the words near the energy being sealed properly for some reason so I repeated the words once more. Internally the staff was glowing before it subsided and the staff gave off a sound although very faint that was nearly identical to when you heat up water and it evaporates due to heat ( a hissing type of sound).

I put it away somewhere just like the instructions told me to, leaving this session in somewhat a doubt, annoyance and slightly puzzled, I know I missed a few things which and I should’ve been more through, I guess I just rushed and the result wasn’t as intense as I would’ve wanted it, or the fact that my heart wasn’t in it today perhaps made the results less noticeable. I truly can’t tell but I intend to repeat this exercise with the same item and then some others just to be sure I can do this. Having an off day is no excuse for a shitty peformance but we’ll see if I am right around tomorrow.

Until the next update, be well.



December 17, 2018 7:55 PM (Europe: Paris), December 17, 2018 10:55 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 2: the long gap between my posts is because I needed a break just to gather myself for a bit before continuing with this pathworking. At any rate I reconsecrated the staff as well as 8 violet candles. They are supposed to be used later. But for some reason I felt it was a good idea. But if you want some more details here’s how it went.

I made sure to go slower this time and after meditating and allowing myself to calm down a little bit I then opened the chakras with the aid of the golden light, peeling them open one by one. I did after coming in from a walk and for some reason the light could be more strongly than the last time, as for the reasons why, I don’t know, The walk had helped me get just about all the stress I was dealing with out of the way so that I could focus on the process of opening the chakras. As the light hit each center it was like this invisible know unwinded making each point feel brighter as well as energizing. Once the aforementioned was completed I stood uo and channeled the indigo light into my clasped hands save for the index fingers above my head. Pulling the indigo light from above below and inside of me I made sure to feel out the energy and feel it most in my right hand and then project it on the ground forming the indigo circle. Once that happened I made sure I gave the calling and then kneeled again so I sat on my heels.

Once the above was completed I felt out the energy in my hands today it didn’t took long for me to increase the size, when it’s cold it’s for me somehow but my rubbing my hands together before letting them push and pull as they wanted really helped to stave of the worst of the cold, and also increased the magentism in my hands, Once I had reached a space between my hands about the size of a ruler. I visualized almost like the transparent enegery going through my arms and inbetween my hands and pushed the energy there and created an orb and as it became more solid my hands drifted apart even more, y hands pulled even more than before and the energy resting between them became not violent but it wasn’t exacly calm either. The ball that formed took on a color of a red core, black shell, along with small stripes of violet, with some hints of green, they last color wasn’t supposed to be there according to the book.
Then once it reached critical mass (becoming hard to contain), I grabbed the staff and began pushing power into it once I had felt the energteic currents around me rest on my skin, constricting the air around me in a similar way to having a blanket tighly wrapped around you. It started glowing inbetween it’s cracks in an orange color similar to that you can see at sunset. It had a white hit on most of it and eventually after pushing enough I just didn’t feel the need to it just felt that I had done it enough as in I couldn’t push more energy into it. It’s a strange feeling a it sounds really dumb when I explain it like this. Once that happened I gave the same I guess you could call it incantation as I detailed about in my last post. This time it felt much better like I had actually completed the task. However I wasn’t done.

After repeating the part of creating the orb once more to be sure, it may be deemed unecessary but I wanted to be thorough and not miss anything. The flaming circle still could be heard in my ears as the astral fire burned around me and gave of the crackling it has done up until this point. Not loud but still noticeable enough to be heard. Once the orb had reached critical mass I grabbed 1 out of 8 candles and once again became aware of the energy me. I inhaled and let it constrict tighter around the circle as well as my skin and then allowed the my own energy to surge as a result and then pushed it out through the right arm, visualizing the energy as a white flaming light as it left me. I needed push at least three times until I the energy resting inside and around the candle was lukewarm and thick, not only that somehow the color was no longer violet internally it was white and had some cracks with some of the orange I’ve described earlier in this post. I then gave the calling but changed it again so that it said:

“Creation of wax, be the candle through which the will and power of magick may flow and cause change in this world. I seal this calling upon you, and I seal the power to perform this purpose within you, Eternal.”

I repeated the consecration with all of the eight candles in one sitting. For the duration of the exercise I had to push power in the same way as outlined above at least three times before the candle was fully charged, except for the last two where I were able to nail it with the last two in two tries. You see, you more or less use the same technique very much the same as when you did exercise 3 of the first flame, controlling your breath is hard as many of us have a tendency to tense up when pushing more power, relax and then release, the power flow much more freely than it would do if you tense, up. This ordeal It was hard but I pulled through and at the ened of it I was pretty dang beat. And I remember a voice in my head telling me once I was done:

“You give off a lot of power that’s odd for someone who’s in such a an ealy development, you don’t need blast off more power in fact you need to work on pin point precision. That’s where you current weakness lie.” For what it’s worth you should commend yourself for a job well done, few would’ve lasted the trial you put yourself through, you can go ahead to the next exercise if you want, however if you want through repeat the same thing with the other candles you have stored and then move on." - this paraphrasing so it’s not exact but it retains the essence of what was said. There were a few nuggets which is a little bit too private that I won’t share but all in all this is what was more or less said. I am pretty sure it’s not me that said that and I dont know if it was once my spirits as they weren’t anywhere to be seen during the duration of this exercise, it couldn’t have been something else, what that somethig else is we’ll see in due time.

Until the next update I hope you enjoy this journal so far it’s not my intention to bore you with my detailed posts, however I am all about transperency. And if I don’t showcase the details what prevents me from just saying I did something and passed, this war people clearly if I went through a process or not. If you are new to magick or this particular system I wish to inspire you, if you’ve walked this path or are in other ways more advanced or have ascended through some other system I hope I am able to enertain some of you with my current exploits.

I also want to take a moment to thank those friends that I’ve made on here that help me when I need it, it’s highly appreciated. The farther I’ve ventured into this path the more appreciative I’ve become of the spirits, family ( magickal or otherwise), friends (magickal or otherwise) I have so to all of you thank you. And to you who are working through this it’s tough but it’s worth it.


December 19, 2018 (Europe: Paris), December 18, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 3: this exercise is hard, at least to me it is. At any rate what you are doing after invigorating the chakras is to push the flames through either the staff or dagger, again I am just using the staff. I guess you want a more detailed description so:

I kneeled and faced south where I actually already have an altar set up not dedicated to this pathworking but to something else, at any rate. I opened the chakras in a different way than before this time, this time you pull energy from the ground below you, at least that’s what I concluded from the text when it said that you should pull energy up through youyr feet. As I pulled the energy from there I for some reaon naturally visualized it (the energy) as deep red ( not red as blood, but much more deep red, like a ruby) the red energy moved through my feet and more or less busted opened the two first chakras: the muladharah and sawtisanah chakra and these two stayed open and the energy pressed up to the manipurah chakra, it didn’t take too long until the energy in the chakra really energized and “opened” up making the chakra both emit energy while at the same time the energy went around in arch around at my back renetering the chakra from at my back, as you don’t just have one chakra at the fron it also has a rear and a side aspect to it, once that happened the energy being pulled in by me continued to grow and grow and push open the chakra and finally it made it ways as a golden strean up to the anahatah chakra, which interestingly did a very similar thing as the one resting in the solar plexus both giving and receiving its own energy. The energy moved to the vishudah chakra from what I’ve been able to tell it rests in the throat just below the Adams apple for me, the area energized rapidly before quickly moving on the ajna chakra (third eye) this felt different from the others at first it just buzzed then it vibrated on a much deeper level it’s like someone would take a pen and push it against your forehead. I felt energy around me not moving, but simply feeling and becoming very sensitive to the room’s temperature and overall energy, being in there it was like pure rested of my skin, usually experienced as disembodied pressure for me. I grabbed the staff laying next to me on my right side (this not at all mentioned but since I am right handed it makes sense to me have it like that). Once that happened, I gave the calling that’s described in the book at page 53.

After giving the calling, I inhaled deeply and visualized myself being surrounded by flames on all sides, coming towards me and on my skin and also from within, the flames to me where pure white in addition to having a slightly violet hue at times. And the once that happens the tome described it as liquid power surging around and within me with the staff pointing upwards with an inhalation I felt the flames around me coming towards me and as I exhaled I felt the rush through me and I used my will to push the flames along the staff to make them erupt out of it at the top, this is where I failed, I gave this multiple attempts but it just felt weak. I could energy leaving me that’s for sure but as far as feeling it traveling up the staff and leaving it, not so much at all. This means two things, poor control from me when directing or a weak will, which it is I guess I will have to find out in due time. This exercise will likely be a big hurdle for me as like the voice said to me: you give off great power but lack precision, I guess this exercise forces you to do that, to not waste your energy but to direct it. In one way I am thankful for this exercise in one way I really don’t like it as it exposes a glaring weakness in my abilities.

However if I already knew how to do this I wouldn’t need this pathworking and stumbling I guess should regarded as the best learning experiences as they force to look into yourself and on yourself, in order to tell you what you actually need to focus on as well as improve upon, if I can’t do this then I will likely not be able to go through the later lessons, and the next uses similar principles to this one so I guess I’ll have to hang in there. Until the next update, good luck if you need it.



December 20, 2018 5:14 PM (Europe: Paris), December 20, 2018 8:14 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise Not much to say, the effects and the experience were identical to yesterday with one exception, as I projected the flames through the staff I could atleast feel the pressure at the top as the flames left the staff. Otherwise that’s all I’ll be able to give you for now, I’ll attempt to be more detailed tomorrow if anything changes as I update around the same time, sorry to dissappoint you with this boring post.


I have quite a catching up to do, a lot of stuff has happened in really quick sucession I might add.

I repeated exercise 3 - 3 more times and on the third try I would say I passed and moved on the exercise 4, I repeated that exercise 2 times before I was ready for the inniation. I also came into contact with Belial once more, he’s been laying low in my life as of late and he had a few things to say and teach me inbetween exercise 3 and 4 but I’ll account for it nontheless. So here’s what happened, I’ll let you know I am as suprised as you will be after reading the end of this.

Exercise 3: so here’s what happened with this exercise faced south. This time however I decided to do things a little bit differently, I pulled down bright golden light from above and into my crown, you just imagine this as an orb or a ball of golden light washing over you as it radiates on your crown, you just let flow and cascade over your chakras and then pull energy from the ground. Which I did the energy was deeply red as I saw it internally being pulled through the soles of my feet and into my body and it transmuted from red the gold as it went beyond the root and sacral chakras and into the manipurah, this happened after the previous session without any fuss. From there I had to continue to pull red energy until it was properly energized and I could feel the chakra becoming both warm and invigorated and seemingly growing a bit in size and the as I described before the energy traveled from the chakras outwards and then around me in arch and renetering the chakra from the back, this couldn’t be seen but more felt, I gathered energy in that chakra until the energy naturally moved to the anahatah chakra the chakra actually behaved in the exact same way. This chakra is supposed to be green but to me it’s always a smokey color with some green energy in it, it’s weird. Anyways, after pulling more throug my feet pumping the anahatah chakra full the energy natrually rose to the vishuddah chakra and it energized the energy rapidly moved on to the third eye, which internally gave me a sense of euphoria, it wasn’t at all a blindig flash of light as of yet, once that was done I rolled the energy up into the Sahasrarah chakra and I kept the energy there before moving on with the exercise, As in grabbing the flame staff which I had placed at my right side with both hands and I held it against while giving the calling on page 53 as described before, I’d like to add: once you memorize it - say it with convivtion otherwise the calling will just be empty words with no power behind it, at least that’s my experience for sure.

After giving the calling I payed close attention to the sensations around me and to my suprise along with the sensation of the air thickening, I quite clearly saw white viscous liquid around me that more or less morphed into bright white flames, they burned in a circle around me and quickly closed in and burned ontop of my skin, the never hurt so far, it’s just the pressure around you gets really, really intense it’s really hard to breath normally as far I’ve been able to tell, once the flames was on my skin they also rose on the inside from my root chakra , all the way up to the crown, and I knew as it rushed up I could ride the wave and direct it into my arm. The staff gave off that strange white and orange light from the natural cracks in it iternally, in addition to that once the flames rushed through the top of it, the pressure made the staff lower a few centimeters as the flames rushed to the cealing burning brightly orange, I still wasn’t convinced despite seeing and feeling this. After trying this three more times I decided to come back a bit later day to try the exercise again, this is the part where Belial comes into the picture.

You see Belial is a spirit I’ve become somewhat close to. We have had our disagreements for sure but you need him and prove to him you are willing to work for something, he’s the best friend you’ll ever have from my experience. At any rate I somehow felt the need to call upon which was odd, the thought of his name woukdn’t leave me until I actually pulled out the universal circle and set it up along with his sigil in the altar. I also felt the need to bring the scrying mirror. At the mirror’s sides I put a silver and a black candle and litt them and proceeded to use Belial’s song to call upon him: itz Ra’cha Belial. Until he manifested in the room, the posession was rather violent it threw me to the floor and my muscles and neck tensed and bent uncomfortably to make way for Belial spiritual body. He then told me that had wanted me to do something that for nine days he wanted me to devote myself to him and he would give me his secrets of power but as an additional requirement he wanted to make a pact with him at the end of the nine day set of devotion. I’ll detail this tomorrow in a more clear fashion. After agreeing to doing this he said the innitaion was close at hand and all I needed was to reach out and take it and with that he left.

And so I moved on to lesson four. I repeated lesson 3 once more and long story short I finally nailed it, though the flames were no longer white they hada more orange/red hue as the burst forward from the staff. And my right that I held the flame staff in was pushed down an inch or two due to the spiritual pressure that left as the flames came through at the end of it. Hearing it rooar through the staff they exited into this world was truly fascinating, I truly felt powerful and it is a empowering experience to be sure.

Moving onto the exercise 4, I did exereicse tree times just be sure but I don’t know if it’s just me if you are able to pull off exercise 3 than this exercise should be much easier for you to perform than the last, the last one according requires more finer precision and direction of energy than this do. You’ll see;

Exercise 4: what you do is that you call flames into this plane from above and then you direct it back up, that’s really the gist of it, but I’ll relay more detail as I go along. Still having flame staff right beside of me, the book says you should the dagger, I say it really shouldn’t matter, according it worked anyway but if you want to use the dagger go right ahead. From there I felt the need to hold out the staff with both hands arms length from my chest, then you pull the flames from within, around and above you and direct them to the top of the dagger or the staff. The first round of projecing the energy into the staff went so and so for me on the first try, I could do it, I just didn’t feel that familar rushing of lukewarm energy into the staff that associate with flames along with the sound roaring flames. But at any rate after staff finally after severl rounds of peojecting energy into it it came alive, as in it felt like it corasing with intense power it felt like a warm beacon made out of energy. Now with that I visualized the flames (white for me) rising within me and projecting onto my skin and I raised the staff towards and said the word:


And I then lowered the staffslowly so that it (the tip) pointed inbetween my feet and said:


Don’t be whimpy with this, it’s not aboud how loud or soft your voice is, it’s the intent and energy that you as the operator project through your words, which will in turn manifest outwards making you either succeed or fail, your words and intent matter, just saying. You may notice that it might be a bit difficult to pull the staff or the dagger down and point it towards the earth? Well this didn’t happen to me on the first round but after repeating this exercise a few times I noticed it to be sure, it’s like an invisible beam holding the tool in place, at any rate I digress. Once the words: “Omega!” had been spoken I took a few steps back with my eyes closed observing the pure beam of bright flaming light rushing into the floor before me, what I noticed that the beam radiates a energy that very wavy like onto my feet despite being two steps away I could a noticeble warmth from it, in addition to hearing crackling fire. This to me signaled that this ins’t just for show any longer, that I am actually have called something concrete it’s one thing hearing it’s something else when you can feel the heat of a flaming pillar of light from a few steps away. Anyways after pointing to the tip of the staff at the base of the flaming pillar, the flaming light crawled up onto the staff I called: Omega! and then began to raise the staff upwards directing the flames back where they came from. Interesting note when you raise the the pillar of flaming light above you, it can feel heavy like the beam ofpower is weighing down on the staff. On the first round I felt this but it was not super clear, on the second round it was there without a doubt. Once youhave rasied the staff or dagger above your head and are now directing the power upwards I called: Omega! Once more and flames wooshed upwards up into the sky into the clouds as the parted to make way for the flames. I should also tell that the spiritual pressure that is built when you call the flames in is rather immense, the beam of power at least from perspective felt pretty solidly, at least you are likely a thickning of air that is really tangible desite not having all that developed senses.

From here actually moved on to the innitation, now I’d like to say before accounting for it, despite it goes really fast for me, it doesn’t mean it won’t for you or will, it all depends on your development in general, but the “higher” I’ve gone the more I am ecpected to be able to pull off, and working receiving rhe fifth flame which I will account for tomorrow, it a hard ordeal because you’ve learned up until this point has to be second nature to you. I know I have felt the need to revisit some of the lessons but more on that later.

Normally I would’ve waited to the next day but that simply didn’t happen, I felt a need to do this, I couldn’t wait for some reason, which really isn’t like me. So what you do is , with rite performed you make a human cross by raising your arms to the side with the dagger or staff in your hand ( the book says dagger, I say you go with what works) and repeat an incantation going:

Itz mantantu vespacha kaltamu. Itz ranta man kala mant atzu belt tazu. Vaskalla itz ratzu kantantu velchaza!

This chant can be found in E.A’s mastering Evocation course among some of his other material, I’ve used it when I evoke entities, it works like a charm but that’s not the purpose here. It has a natrual rythm which you’ll likely hear or rather feel in your body, how it should be pronounced. It made my rock back and forth like I was sort of mad man, while standing. Also the chant began in a speaking voice but ended up being whispered, at first nothing really happened, I noticed like as if there was winds picking up in the room wight where I stood, the rocking became more violent and then a tunnel or a rather an energy vortex opened it was a small point that grew larger and the flames (white this time) came pouring through, the winds was what was noticeable to became so violent that they nearly pushed me over making my back arch making it difficult to stand it ended with me falling to he floor, the flames poured over me, it was felt like winds and power filled the room, I remenber feeling like I wanted to move but I simly lacked the strength to do so.

The flames wandered all over my skin, it washing me, felt close to a sense of being violently posessed, it was extremly uncomfortable, eventually the energy setteled and strands of white flames could be observed on chest, arms, legs. I remember I was in some sort of trance, and I would say silhouettes of people surrounding me, some had cloacks with covered faces but it was barely visible thorugh my minds eye, I believe these beings are either the sworn knights or barons. They congratulated me upon reciving the flame but informed that it may be easier to experience the innitations from now on but the lessons and trials will be much harder. They said a few more things whih releates to me personally regarding my habits which is not something I’ll post about here. But once that they had said what wanted me to hear they departed and my strength returned. And to my suprise I had fallen quite far away from the spot where the altar was. I was a suprised as you the reader might be, and I realize how it might sound like to the casual reader but I can guarantee that the experience was real enough for me.

With that I’ll update tomorrow and I wish you welll.



Lessons of the 5th Flame :fire:

Exercise 1: in this exercise you make an oath to the flames and the keepers of it, namely the Grand Emissary of the 18 flames and the sworn knights themselves. You sit in a ring composed of eight violet candles and then make the oath, in this post I’ll describe the general sensations I felt but I’ll leave out a few things since this rite is very individual and therefore I cannot say it will be exactly the same for you. My oath is mine and for my own sake I won’t detail it, but before that:

  1. Open (energize) your chakras and call upon the Watchtowers in the manner has been described in previous posts. The energy surge I’ve exeprienced was there but in more detail, opening the chakras by invoking feels very much like a lukewarm energetic shower composed of bliss in addition to feeling the spirits around me as solid figures, like you’d feel a person standing next to you.

  2. I lit the candles in this step and proceeded to the feel the flames around me the candles made the effect around me more tangible, but candles usually should be looked as a form of placebo, it helps you put your mind in the right place once mastered you don’t need candles but they have their uses. In this case it is useful for the sake of immersion, at least for me that’s what they are there for. At any rate, the air became thick, in my mind I could hear the sound of the flames (I know it soundws weird to describe it like this), I can’t term the sound as sounding like when you light methanole but close initially. But more importantly it was a warm cloud gathered in the room around as the flames drew near and eventually the energy filled my entire temple eventaully my inner vision was filled with bright white flames, that had some violet in it, among the flames barely visible where hooded figures (the sworn knights) and a prescence looming over the ritual area could be felt. Once you experience this, even you can’t see the sworn knights, feel as if they are there if you can’t feel or see them yet. Once their collective precence is felt you give your personal oath to the infront of the grand emissary and trhe sworn knights, in your own words that you are - “dedictaed to your spritual growth, that it is your intent to Ascend towards limitless power and understanding and that you are pledging to use the flames to carry yourself into your own godhood.” (same source as below) - and then you finish with;

  3. This is my decree, before the guardians of this Temple, before the Sworn Knights of the Order, and before the Grand Emissary of the flames: that the heavens will move in my behalf, that the skies will clear in my wake, and that the planets will tremble at my call. This and unnamable more, I command should it be required for my Ascent. My all the hosts of heaven and fiends of the lower worlds hear this, and hearken to my call. I am Eternal. - E.A Koetting, 2014, Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis, p. 60.

And with that the rite is over, since you no longer report notes to any member of the order, you’ll have to be the judge of your success or failure. You only do this rite once and then move on to the next.

Exercise 2: consists of finding two sigils (I used more) belonging to two spirits, draw them up on paper (6X6 inches (15X15 cm)). Use a pencil and then fill in the sigil with black ink, it helps to make it stand out and keep your mind focused upon the sigil. The part about how to open it will be accounted for below as the next exericise helps you to accomplish exactly that.

Exercise 3: consists of calling the spirits you have prepared the sigils for. You begin by drawing the flaming circle around (don’t forget to bring your dagger or staff with you), I put the dagger on the ground while I drew the circle. While I did so I noticed two things, one my general internal vision has improved drastically from when I started out I am able to see things way more clearly than I’ve had any luck with when using other methods or exercises and the flow of energy from above, below and insie of my chest floating to my hands was like a stream of thicktangible energy that was indigo internally. Pushing out was easy and also pretty tangible when creating the flaming indigo circle, at the ned of your index finger and third finger it feels like small concentrated points (I like to them as holes) concentrates the energy before leaving a blazing trail as you project the nergy a few feet away from you in your minds eye. Once I had created the circle I kneeled with the dagger (which I’ve consecrated before hand). I then took a moment to feel the flames before calling them near me, around me and within me, I said:

“I call upon the flames who existed before time began to rise and come near me, to rise around me and to rise within me.”

Pretty quickly after finishing that sentence the pressure rapdily rose in the room, it was a giant cloud of lukewarm energy came down cascaded around me. I had brought the sigils of Paralda, Sastan and one more spirit which I can’t remember right now, into the circle with me. I had lain them out before me. Once you reach the state above after clalling the flames you turn your gaze at the sigil and do just that, gaze at it, not staring, or allow yourself to look through it while you create a still image of what the spirit can help you with (for example if you want to imporve you clairvoyance (which is what I did as well as seeinfg a spirit and imagine it having a voice) - create a still image of you seeing a spirit in front of you and hold that thought while you gaze at the sigil. When the lines start to dissappear you’ve made it halfway now hold that thought even hard, concentrate on it fully. Once the lines dissappear and reappear either changig color or vibrating or according to some seem to float above the paper you’ve opened it. Here’s the fun part (what you likely have been waiting for :stuck_out_tongue: )

Place your right hand above the sigil and feel the flames rise up within and move along the arm along with the still image into your hand and into then into sigil, I felt as if there was noticeable gravitational pull from the sigil as I held my hand over it, continue to channel the flames along with your desire into the sigil until you no longer can remember what you asked about in the first place, then you state:

"Spirit_, I _, Emissary of the Fourth Eternal Flame, have called you near and have opened the power of your sigil to (insert your desire here). So it is, Eternal.

An example would be:

Spirit Sastan, I (my magickal name (or personal name)), Emissary of the Fourth Eternal Flame, have called you near and have opened the power of your sigil to open clairvoyance so that I can see sprits. So it is, Eternal.

Put it away somewhere you will likely forget about it and where no one else will find it. That’s it the importance of taking of your mind of the ritual and forget about the spell is something a lot of other posts detail. While waiting for the results to happen for me I decided to move on to the last exercise which is where I have remained until now and likely will for a while more. I took quite a break I needed it to focus on my studies so I will began by detailing my experiences with the exercise tomorrow starting from the day before yesterday.

Until then apologize for the late update but it was intense but I ready to continue, good luck if you need it.



January 21, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 20, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: this exercise is simple enough in theory but in actuality it can pretty deceptively missunderstoof for being just something you pass through in no time at all. There are multiple steps that you need accomplish in order to be successful but the gist is:

  1. You open (energize) all of your chakras in one inhale and then as you exhale they are bust open. Then you begin to focus on the root and let the energy build until it can’t hold anymore energy and then along with the stream of energy that’ll rise from it, visualiuze a strand of light/energy going through all of chakras, starting from the bottom while you exhale. Once the energy reaches the top of your head it realeases through your crown/Sahasrarah chakra.

  2. You then imagine the flames just above your head and as you inhale you pull them into your crown, and as you exhale they become violet as they enter the energy center. Once accomplished you inhale to gather the energy and then direct it down the energy center in your solar plexus/ manipurah chakra, and the energy then makes it grow larger and emit a bright golden light (it feels intensely energizing in that area from my experience) when that happens direct the energy through your legs and see how the negative and emotions that you’ve carried within you becoming like drops of oil or tar gathering in a pool at your feet.

  3. You pull the flames back up (I think you pull it up to your root and then release (it’s not that clear)) with an inhalation feeling gathering and then exhale as and rlease the flames through your system and energy centers and it leaves through the crown into the ether.

  4. Pull divine from above and let it cascade down from the top down and bask in it. See if you can feel or see the others who are gathered with you.

My experience: even reading this it was somewhat daunting at first that in one breath you open (energize) everything, I simply thought that’s not something I can’t do (wrong of me). However once I got into the exercise I thought the first time was hard to remember all the steps however once you get the idea it’s not many steps at all. My main hurdle is relaxing and getting out of my own way and allow the process of the doing the exercise prove to me that it’s not just a silly thing that I am doing.

  1. So once relaxed with inhalations I could feel a slight tingling sensations through all of the chakras, I also imagined all of them glow brightly with their assigned color at each of their designated points, this was seen if you could look at yourself through a mirror but in a full body view. Once I felt it, I focused on the root chakrah since I didn’t get where you pull energy from (it wasn’t explained) I focused on the chakra itself and I viewed as ruby red instead of blood red ball that grew brighter and brighter and along with contractions in the perineum area could be felt as the energy build. Once done so for a long time it seemed I wondered if I was doing it right nothing really moved that, welll a stream of energy and pressure moved up to the next chakra and the next seemingly almost automatically in my mind it was seen as a stream of a golden but also bright white light going through each energy center and exit through the crown.

  2. Once the above had happened I then imagined the flames being above, it was more seen than felt this time around, but instead I heard the sounds of the flames burning (like the sound you get when flames burn a log). I inhaled slowly and imagined them entering my crown the flames becoming a darker shade of violet as I exhaled. I then inhaled feeling it gathering in a nice solid ball of energy and then focused all of my mind towards directing the energy down to the manipurah chakra. As the violet flames hit the golden yellow ball it transmuted and became golden as it entered the chakra and as the energy that entered increased so did it it’s size. Along with the size of it also the brightness increased and eventually small points in the golden light noted by me. I inhaled feeling tyhe gathering once more into a ball and then directed my attention at my feet and exhaled, the energy that had build up was felt as vibrational flux of energy moving through my lower body down to my feet and drops of a black fluid run down my thighs and eventually gathered into a pool at my feet. The flames was not so much seen by me as much as felt, the feeling was that there was some energetic point near my feet that them tingle in the way you might’ve experienced as your arms or legs fall asleep.

  3. I inhaled and pulled the energy back up gathering into a ball at my root chakra, the flames that I pulled off was brightly white and also viewed as such as it exited the manipurah chakra on the way down.Once I had felt it gathering enough to become solid energy I visualized the flames while I exhaled - rising through me up to my torso, along my arms and muscles while some moved towards the head the energy gathering in my arms eventually followed the rest as it exitred through my crown and into the ether.

  4. I now pulled down bright golden but bordering to become white light, down at my crown and allowed it move down from there. This part of the exercise is very similar to the very first exercise found in the Mastering Soul Travel Course, except you just pull it down and let it both relax and energize you. To me when doing this it feels really nice, my limbs becomes nice and loose and any stress or doubt usually leaves me as it reaches my feet no difference here.

Internally around I noticed other people, hooded once just barely visible internally. Once I could see them and was satisfied with the results I closed the rite by simply thankng my spirits that I follow along with a silent recognition of the Sworn Knights precense in the temple with me and went about my day.

January 22, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 21, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: today it was not much different from the first day at all, in fact visually it unsatisfying I had be snacking on lots of sugar and candy that day and I immeditaely noticed vast difference in regards how well I was able to visualize and overall sense things. But tactile imaging ( a technique taught by Robert Bruce) really helped when doing this exercise otherwise the experience was indentical.

January 23, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 22, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: same as yesterday although I’ve become better while inhale to feel the energy awakening in each chakra, that’s about it as for everything else it was nearly the same except that the last part (step 4) was felt as true bliss. I actually forgot about timw while I stood there, I thought I had been concluding this exercise in about ten minutes when infact 25 minutes had passed.

January 24, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 23, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: the intensity of step 3 and 4 has increased, meaning that once the energy was pulled back up it was pretty noticeable, it’s like an increased surge of bioelectricity through my legs and once gathered in the root once more before release it was experienced as a ball of energy that’s pretty immense in terms of pressure. As for the last part the intnesity of the experience meaning it felt like a slight euphoria and not only that I felt energized, at peace yet very alert and more focused and clear headed than I’ve done in weeks.

January 25, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 24, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: no difference from yesterday.

January 26, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 25, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: the session of today was similar yet very different from the other ones so far. Meaning that the sensations became slightly more thangible like:

  1. in this step the energy that was gathered both visually and what could be felt was more noticeable, meaning it was felt quicker and it happened faster as I inhaled than the other times. Meaning the centers are mor receptive to energetic input. Same as the above was true while building the energy in the root chakra before releasing, intially as I did this was felt but the sensations was just slightly felt, this time the “realness” of the stream of energy that rose from the bottom up was somewhat clear and not just something I could disregard as a fidget of my imagination.

  2. This is my favorite part of the exercise but if you have been dumb enough to eat sugar it’s going to take a while before decalcifying your third eye once more. So the visuals wasn’t super good but they were decent but more importantly the flames was felt, I visualize as a rind of fire (or halo if you may) at the top of my head that then entered and are pulled in and while that happens they change color to violet. This was felt as a thick ball almost that was inserted at the crown.

  3. as the energy was directed and “pushed” down through my energetic centers and into the maniourah the only thing that really changed was the intensity of the pressure in that area, as for everything else it remained the same except at the feet where visually the drops gathered into something that visually to me looks black oil (nasty stuff), along with a sensation of energy at my feet that made them feel a bit warm.

  4. Not much of change except that I could both see and feel as if there were more people in the room not just me, but at least 3-5 more, it was weird. Especially when internally the appeared to stand in the exact position that I was.

With this I have caught finally caught up and will describe the exercise once more tomorrow, until then enjoy your journey.




Encouraging to see that you have come so far already in such a short time. I have only read the first posts in this thread closely, because I don’t want to influence my expectations – I started the first lesson this Thursday and asked Lucifer to shine his Light on and in me during my working through this material.
I wish you ongoing succes.


I wish the same to you and wish you well on your journey through the flames. :slight_smile:



Exercise 4: I’d like to say I am getting better at this but yet I don’t feel satisfied with my results but that’s likely because I have never been the one to take care of my chakras properly utntil I began this particular pathworking, As for the results of the excerise it’s better in some parts and yet remains the same in others I’ll explain:

  1. The first part went about the same pace as the previous session, meaning the very first step happened as fast. As for the build up in the root it happened faster and the cobntractions as described earlier occured in a more frequent manner. As for the release through the head it wasn’t felt that clearly but was seen visually.

  2. The same as yesterday with one exception, the flames as they turned violet along with the exhale they were expanding out slightly before being pulled into the crown.
    Also along the way down through the legs the energy could be felt as a noticeable pressure all the way down at my feet. The rest was the same.

  3. Nothing new.

  4. Almost the same thing except for the last part after the light had been invoked, it felt really nice and peaceful and I noticed how my Anja and sahasrarah chakra were buzzing quite noticeably during and after the session. I saw more people but I couldn’t feel all of them.

All the best.



January 28, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 27, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: the description of today is going to be pretty short, all that I remember from doing this exercise yesterday is that it felt pretty muxh the same as the day before that only more intense.

As for the details. Before even begining I was felt as if parts of my body had increased bioelectricity, like hands, feet, along the spine, the third eye and crown. The intensity of the bioelectricity in these areas increaded even more as the exercise got going.

The only real solid difference was in the last step at the end, where as I felt the light cascaded over me like a lukewarm wave, and see the hooded figures standing in the room with me, there were many of them, the pressure around me increased quite noticeably as I recognized their prescence, meaning I really didn’t feel alone it was like the room was filled with people, which until now I haven’t really been feeling for some reason. It’s not there yet though, before moving on to the innitiation I need perfection, otherwise it’s just pointless to even begin doing something when it’s done half-assed.


January 28, 2019

I have a few posts to make for making up for the days that I haven’t updated. I’ll update once more today for the missed but I’ll begin by updating starting from the 29th.

Exercise 4: it’s getting there in someways, and in some ways the results are the same but in more detail.

  1. As far as I can remember this has begun increasing in intensity especially after not trying so hard to get every part right but allow the sensations themselves to ride me so to speak. Letting us at times the hardest thing even for experienced people. One thing that really helps according to me is if you hold your hands like;

While you stand up straight and do the exercise. The symbolism behind that mudra in that position is symbolizing the act of levitation which is also used in the very first exercise in the curriculum. It’s not said that you should do that, but I found that at least it helped me, perhaps it will help you too. At any rate at the inhale the buzzing and energizing of the chakras occurs quite naturally at the first in breath and intensified on the second. As for lettting the energy gather in the root I don’t know it always takes quite a while for me it could mean many things, like my energy centers can store a lot of energy or that I am really bad at gathering and focusing energy quickly. Which it is I can’t tell.

As far the sensation when the energy rose through the chakras it’s like a beam and is felt as lukewarm line going through each major energy center and released through the crown.

  1. Hearing the flames and seeing above my head is usually never a problem. They are pure white but they also surrounded by smoke (usually golden brown for some reason). the clarity of the flames going into the crown has become more clear, it feels like there’s a ball made out energy (it sounds so lame describing it like this) that’s gently inserted into the crown, on the exhale the flames turned violet but in addition small potions of the flame hadn’t quite entered because some spewed our from the crown (the effect visually was similar to lighting gasoline with a match on a very small scale). Once condensed through the chakra the sensations was the same up until the way back up.

  2. My feet tingled as a result of pushing the flames though my legs and the visualized pool has become clearer but not like crystal clear. It’s hard to feel the drops run down the legs. By the feeling the flames somehow feels a lot clearer it’s strange and according pretty inconsistent, but on the way up the bioelectricity as a result of the flames became very, very noticeable. Then the flames gathered in the root and singular point of condensed ball could be felt. As for the rest it felt pretty much the same up until step 4.

  3. Bathing in the divine light was different as I could feel more people in the room, my visuals showed me many, many people, standing like I did, in a tactile sense the spiritual pressure around me increased a lot as I recognized the Sworn Knights in the room with me. When bathing in the light once the you’ve cleared out the negative emotions through the other steps, did not only brought about peace of mind also a detached sense of the environment around that you really are somewhere else, standing in a sea of light. I felt a tremendous amount of power like I had it, for a split second I truly felt like I was part of the divine or rather it was a part of me and I basked before ending the session.

All the best



January 30, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 29, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: no different from yesterday.

January 31, 2019 (Europe: Paris), January 30, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)
Exercise 4: differed in step 1 and 3

January 1, 2019 (Europe: Paris), December 31, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 4: the exercise is slowly but surely coming alive, as for today everything started to fall into place as in my general sensitivty towards each step but here’s the details

  1. On the first in breath I felt the chakras clearly, I didn’t inhale fast at all it was done slowly, and on the exhale each center was felt pretty clearly, as for focusing on the root chakra the experience was the same, tension in that area as well as contractions while it filled with energy. When it couldn’t hold any more it released, I visualized this beam rising through each chakra and energized them more, however I did take my time and allowed myself to really connect with each chakra before moving on to the next. The energy that was released through the crown wasn’t seen but felt, like a pretty solid ball existed through the top of your head.

  2. Similar to the other days so far but with one exception, the sensations have become more clear as in each energy center (the crown and the manipurah) was very intense this time around, however the difference between this time and the other sessions is that I spent more time in each step, so in the crown the flames on the exhale become more vibrant like the flames was a more light violet color and the energetic pressure from them entering the crown, the sensations in this regard was the same as the previous sessions only more noticeable. As for pushing the energy down the legs it was felt as bioelecgric surge as the imagines flames was pushed from the solar plexus and out of your feet, the puddle was seen but not felt as much as I’d want. It formed a big nasty puddle at my feet, with the flames burning in a small circle at my feet in the universal circle where I stood.

  3. As for this step it was the same as the days before.

  4. This experience was a bit odd but hadn’t really changed much but I’ve noticed that little by little, my sensitivity in general is developing quite nicely, this step brings solid sense of relaxation and peace of mind, yet I felt very focused and relaxed but alert. As the other Sworn Knights appeared in the room they were many and instead of feeling each individual person in the room with me the air around me became very thick, especially around the chest and head, this is a sign that there’a Spiritual acitvity in the room. I recognized them and thanked the spirits I follow. And closed the rite but clapping my hands once I had basked in this state long enough for it to be experienced as fully as possible.

February 2, 2019 (Europe: Paris), February 1, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)
Exercise 4: same as yesterday except that every step has increased in terms of it’s realness to my senses.


February 3, 2019 2:00 PM

Exercise 4: I see I’ve been a bit sloppy in my account of the overall experience of the exercises, but the reason for this is really simple. It’s because if I don’t notice an improvement or something that differs I think it’s better that instead of forcing some sort of message it’s better to be honest about it. Sometimes it’s a gradual improvement that is so small that you may notice at first until it explodes in your face sometime later. This exercise is one of those for me. But anyway onwards to the exercise in question. The most noticeable improvement as of late in terms of this exercise was in step one which have been the hardest for me, as in I found it hard when I began to feel the buzzing sensations in all of energy centers as once. In this particular case I felt as not only did it happen on the first in breath but also the feeling of each chakra is becoming pretty distinct buzzing sensations ar specific points of the body, I could feel literally feel each center as the energy rose from the root chakra in a beam through each center that they contracted and then released and then amplified the beam quite noticeably all the way up to the crown and gathering momentum before releasing above I guess I would describe it as a warm thick smoke left the top of my head although that’s not really an apt description for the experience.

On the second part when hearing the flames was nothing out of the ordinary except for when the flames came down, through the crown the sensation of it entering was way more noticeable than usual. It was locked the top of my had a hole and somethign was pushed through it, it was visualized by me as the white fire surronded by smoke entered the crown on the inhale and on the exhale I bubbled out a bit though the crown chakra in a way that internally looked like when a dragon breaths small flames through its nose, the flames where deeply violet, bordering to purple but with a white hue. This visuals have steadily increased along with tactile ssensations with the exercise, I realized I have not pointed but when I began the exercise in terms of visuals was ok, it ok and I could see what was what but there were still internal static in the way for the most part this changed with every session, stedaily clearing up the visual clutter at this point is pretty clear but not perfect. I digress, as the flames had gathered into a ball inside my crown chakra I inhaled and felt it condense and on the next exhale I imagined going down through chakras all the way to the focus point which are the solar plexus - manipurah chakra, the flames that went down where violet and then when they entered the ball of golden light the transmuted and into the same color as that chakra as they entered it and then it grew in size and power - this chakra works as a storage for energy as far I’ve been able to tell. Once the energy had entered and it had expanded quite noticeably basically filling most of the area above the bellybutton it was felt as big condensed ball mostly. So I inhaled once more willing the energy to gather in the same manner as before (condesing it) and then releasing at the exhale the focus point where at the soles of my feet and the flames was releasd through there but on the way it was felt a very noticeable increase in bioelectricity in the legs and then at the feet. What’s odd is I never really feel those black drops running down the inside of the legs, I just see them at my feet gathering in a pool with the white flames burning around them.

The next step namely step 3 is when the flames are pulled back up through your feet and up and then released through the chakras once more, however I’ve always felt that the most natural way to so this is on the inhale you imagine the flames going back up through yout feet gathering in the root chakra, the inhale is slow and then once gathered solidly, you may need to take more than one breath, at least I needed to until the last two sessions, which I will account for soon enough. So within three inhales and exhale the energy was truly condensed and felt before I willed it along with the exhale through my energy systems and it was felt internally as a wave and visualized as a silhouette in the shape of me outside of myself visualizing the flames going up and being released through the crown, the crown chakra and ajna chakra buzzed pretty heavily as a result. As for the last there was nothing out of the ordinary.

February 4, 2019 3:00 PM

Exercise 4: as for this session honestly the only thing that was different was the speed I was able to exceute the first step as in already on the first in breath I could feel each of my chakras buzzing slightly. And as the beam rose through the chakras as a result of pumping the root chakra with energy until it ouldn’t absorb anymore it was automatic raising instead of directing the beam upwards as it had been in the as it had been in the past for the most part. As it released through the head and step two follow nothing new can be said except for the visual clarity of the experience and the sensation of the flames entering your head felt more warmer and more electric than before. I experience the flames not only as lukewarm heat and spiritual pressure but also as bioelectric surges through out my body as they pass through me. This was especially true for when the flames reached my feet as I directed them through the soles of my feet in the same manner as I did in the previous session, a general rule Wilhelm directing energy seem to be wherever your mind is focused is where your energy travel towards.

So after experiencing the tar as a visual thing but a slightly odd sensation in the root chakra (as it contracted when the energy was directed through my legs and into my feet was the only real difference in this part. As for the third step nothing new was really added to this except the sensation when the flames left my crown was pretty clear, something really think levars through there but I lack the accurate terms to describe the actual feeling.

As the light was pulled and cascaded over me and down over my feet a sensation of being really relaxed, and in a perfect harmony of balanced focus and blissful peace I kneeled and really enjoyed this state, it truly is a special place to exist. I’d like to describe the feeling as a buzzing that was like a brain massage caused by the vibration of the Ajna and crown chakras. I wouldn’t call it euphoria but it sure was close, enough. Sworn knights stood behind me and watched me, motionless and unveiling no longer copying my movements as they had in the previous sessions. I recognized their presence and thanked the spirits I worked with and clapped by hands to “wake up” and went about my day.

February 5, 2019 3:00 PM

Exercise 4: this day was nothing out of the ordinary it was basically the same quality as yesterday.

February 6, 2019 3:00 PM

Exercise 4: as for this part it was the last session before my innitiation and receipt of the 6 th flame. However before that here were some differences here and there but not much. As for inhale that envigorates the chakras nailed the first part really, really well. The second part where you feel the flames entering your crown chakra, was pretty intense especially when it hit the solar plexus, it was like having a really big ball In fact I dare say without exaggerating that it felt larger than a handball and closer to the size of a football - the European version, I believe Americans call it Soccer. When the purple flames entered from above. The sensation of having something really big in the area above your belly button really increased quite a bit when gathering it once more before sending it out through the soles of my feet. On the way down the increase of the bio electricity was really intense and not only that I could actually feel something lukewarm going through the legs and out through the feet. The flaws felt like a strange cause of tingles floating near my feet rising up and down like actual flames. In a small designated spots in the puddle of tar. As for everything else it was the same as yesterday, except at the end where the light cascaded down the light from above made me feel not only as relaxed as I have ever experienced before but I felt really free of every day like nothing really existed in that moment except for myself, everything was just something that existed alongside of me, sounds selfish but I don’t know how else to describe it, although those words don’t do this state of being any justice.

And when I saw the sworn knights in my minds eye I mentally heard a telepathic voice saying: you are ready now, go and receive the next flame. I at this time didn’t feel like I was ready and said it aloud. To which the voice replied with the same thing and left me be. However when I did other meditation the symbol of the Sworn Knights, the emblem of the sworn knights clearly manifested behind my closed eyes lids several times, even more striking in my daily meditation from the gatekeeper volume II - Amaymon. This has never happened to me before. And it wouldn’t stop until I accepted and the following day received my inntiation as for that, I’ll detail it tomorrow as for right now I have other duties to attend to.

One more thing, it seems with every initiation I need sometime to recover properly before returning. When sitting and writing this I can feel my legs, head and higher chakras vibrate as if they were electrically charged. It feels nice but strange at the same time. Somehow with this last innitiation I wonder what really happened as these effects are not something I have ever experienced before in this way, at least not so many days afterwards a spiritual experience. Sorry for not updating until now I didn’t have the energy to do so.

Thanks for reading so far.


Teras 390



Innitiation - Receipt of The 5th Flame

Experience: I would say that every single innitiation is special but this one really was. However before digging into the details I should mention it’s typo in the previous post when it said that I got innotiated the following day that’s wrong - it took a few more days before I decided I was up for the task, during that time I still did exercise 4 as and as I reached stage 4 in exercise 4 - a telepathic voice told me me that they were waiting in every session until I did it. This have never happened before.

At any rate, in this inniation I was sitting and meditating in the south, in the book they say that you should meditate until you reach the necessary state of receptivity. To me that simply means feel your breath move in and out until you feel the world spin and you’ve lost contact with the environment around you. Then you think about all of the exercises you’ve done to receive the 5th flame which has lead you up to this point, like those entities whose sigils you’ve charged, the results that are coming from that.

Some of the entities I have released from their service like Sastan, however there are a few more who still have a few tasks to complete. Once you recollect this - power should now flow into your temple. You also need to remember all of the previous lessons along with their innitiatons. The flames will stir in you and then you should perform exercise 4, and once done when you’ve become a vessel of spirit and light you will kneel in the south, and the flames will be passed on to you by the Grand Emissary himself.

As for me the first part wasn’t that hard to remember at all. I remember the oath and the sigils I have made, how I charged them and called spirits and also how I had undergone exercise 4 and rid myself of many brudens which no longer has a place inside my heart anymore. All of these exercise was seen as I was witness yet I took part and experienced tje exercises as I remembered them.

As for all the previous lessons, I will admit that I needed to remind myself of everything that’s been leading up to this point by looking into the book every now and then, as a reference which helped remember where I began, in a way I really don’t feel like the same person who began this journey he feels like an odd misplaced figure of some kind that just looked like me, but he wasn’t me, it’s silly perhaps that’s what it feels now. I won’t recount everything but some moments stood out: as in the dark with the mist swirling on all sides, how the elements where invoked and then channeled into my hands, how to the flames came down from the heavens in a beam burning the ground before me, the flame staff and how it was found, all of these steps along the way culminated inside my mind and as I had remembered all of this I was supposed how dense the atmosphere in the room had become and how very much energized I had become as a result. It was like my body was on fire or rather a really big dose of bio electricity. The energy around was like the feeling you get when you move your fingers fairly quickly through a candle flame it won’t hurt but what you feel is a solid energetic tangible thing but all around me.

The exercise 4 was performed and once I had felt the presence of the Sworn Knights while sitting, I was asked if I was ready, which I replied aloud that I was, I also added that I commit myself to serve the order as was needed and then asked me to rise and receive my in Innitiation, I somehow felt it was time for to get up and kneel like a knight but the right knee is the one that’s bent. And I saw E.A in his human form behind my closed eyelids manifesting inside the universal circle and then raised his right hand and the flames was passed onto me. If someone had come in they would have wonder what’s going on because my arms and hands shook very intensely, my back was bent backwards as a result of the pressure the flames caused the air was so dense breathing near impossible as the flames all over and my body absorbed the stream of them that came bursting out of E.A outstretched hand. Once I was able to focus and the pressure had settled I and had composed myself enough to speak I of course thanked him and he said a few things to me is something I’ll keep to myself but in essence he was pleased but I am expected to work for more perfection in the future, along with a goodbye he dissappaeared. And I thanked the Sworn Knights and E.A once more and went on with the other mediations I still needed to finish before calling it a day.

As for E.A appearing spiritually in physical appearance I think he did it not to scare the shit out of me with his actual god form. But that’s just a speculation on my part.

Finally I haven’t begun working with the exercises of the 6 th flame yet, that’s because I needed sometime to recover and rest from this before coming back.

I’ll attempt to get to it tomorrow until then good luck in your ascent.





Alright I am back and ready to continue with the O.A.A. I’ll report on the first exercise of the 6th flame tomorrow.

I haven’t been updating this journal as I should because of the reasons outlined above and today there was just no room for me to do so either. Why today was so special - I’ll have to post about in the Lucifer Amaymon Journal. I have to many journals already but I walk multiple paths at once but I am not sure most of my posts should just consist of journals but at any rate see you tomorrow.


Lessons of the 6th Flame :fire:

Exercise 1: this exercise is seemingly simple but as of right now I can’t move on. I’ll explain why but first here’s the deal you are supposed to draw the sigil of the sworn knights on a piece of paper, the symbol looks like this:

Once done you’ll have to draw a circle and then consecrate it like you did with the square and sigils from the previous flame. I drew the symbol with the aid of a pen and then filled in the line with silver, I should’ve used a black one but I actually missread the instructions and then went back and read them again and realized my misstake but I felt like it shouldn’t matter if the symbol was well done I could just fill in the lined with black ink when I was done I actually can swear I heard telepathic voices saying:

“It’s better this way, consecrate it.” and then some echo effect must’ve happened because not only did I hear that voice a few other came through and echoed: “consecrate it.”

It took a few days but today I consecrated it, and the experience was as follows down below:

I don’t know what’s been with me as of today, I was pretty scatterbrained it seems. Despite going through the instrcutions once more to remind me of the steps involved as I had apparently forgotten a few things during my time off, I still forgot a step during the first half namely the consecration and I didn’t realize until the middle of the process, shame on me.

I forgot to create the flaming indigo circle as has been accounted for in my previous post, so I went straight to the consecration aspect. It was daylight and was sitting in my favrotie meditative posture, sitting on my heels and my hands ontop one another, took a few slow breaths just lower the heartrate and get into the zone again. It didn’t take too long until I became more relaxed, calm and focused. Then I raised my hands to the sky forming the rune Algiz/Elhaz (depending in which school of thought you adhere too) and said:

“I call to the flames that existed before time began. I call upon you to rise above, to rise near me, to rise around me and to rise within me.”

After finishing the senetences above, the air immediately thickened - I had forgotten how incredibly dense the energies of the flames where. I focused on my breath and the flames burning at my skin and I could feel them rise within me. I then gazed at the seal of the sworn knights imagining an image of what I perecieve ascent looks like: me surrounded by a wormhole of indigo light and my rising throughout like it’s tornado and I am moving towards the eye of the storm with orbs of liquid liquid light coming into and fueling my astral body, empowering me to rise higher and higher continiously growing in power.

Already before forming that image in my mind when I gazed at the seal it started to glow with a light blue color, not indigo but not baby blue it also had some white sparks in it aswell. Now as the image became stronger and stronger my mind as I got away from it just being something I wanted to being perecieved as something that I had already attained. The lines became really clearly indigo blue with some small strands of white in there, like the lines where electricly charges almost, that’s the color I am looking for, the type of vlue found in high voltage electricity. Once I saw this I proceeded to saying the following:

Sworn Knights, I (my magickal name), Emissary of the 5th flame, have called you near and have opened the power of your sigil to join your ranks, so it is eternal.

Several misstakes was done in this note technically I am probationer Sworn Knight. I should’ve seen myself as one of them during the consecration process in addition to stated being a Sworn Knight instread of an emissary if I don’t view myself as a Sworn Knight I will never be. Plus it’s not a sigil it’s a seal it’s something entirely different.

I then proceeded to gaze at the seal of the sworn knights at first there was nothing special there was just lines of static filling in the lines of the seal, then something else happened in my mindsa eye, yet my eyes were wise opened I saw in flashes a small room with at first just one hooded figure holding their hands like a monk, the robe looked like medival monk type of robe but it was black. The hooded figure observed me seemingly waiting for me to do something however I didn’t I just observed and mumbled to myself what it was I saw. In the book they say that at this point you shouldn’t engage in sensory conversations but instead just feel out the energies of the seal and the flames themselves.

However I just observed the “room” which the person stood it didn’t feel very supernatural but not human either, soon others dressed just like him (yes, I believe it was a man) joined in there were seven of them but more could be felt however they were not seen the stood like a V with the man I saw first in the front and the behind him in rows of three on the left andf right side of him where the others. They all observed me and I observed them. I didn’t know if I should do something, the air wasn’t tense or anything there was just a sensation of expectance of tieht party doing something to ignite an action of some kind.

Then I could hear a laugh or rather some akin to a chuckle from one of the gathered cloaked figures, they all turned around and started to dissappear into the darkness almost like they were made of smoke, the laugh I heard wasn’t unfriendly as in mocking yet it had a slight joking tone to it it was further added aupon by a male voice sounding to one belonging to tenor saying: “he’s not quite ready yet.” I ignored that and once they had all dissappeared I closed the working and went about my other workings that I do.

I’ll continue to update this Journal along with Belial’s as of tomorrow my life has been pretty chaotic as of late but it’s been good on one hand. I wish you well in your ascent.

All the best